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The Clemens mss., 1929-1956, consist of letters written to Cyril Clemens, 1902- , author and cousin of Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

They include:

1) Letters, 1929-1943, from George Ade, 1866-1944, to Cyril Clemens dealing with Ade's writings; literary figures; publishers and illustrators of his books; actors who appeared in his play, "The County Chairman," produced in 1903; the national elections of 1896 and 1940; and the 1912 Republican national convention.

2) Letters and tributes, 1940-1951, from prominent literary and political figures, journalists, officers in the army and navy, and educators, written at the request of Cyril Clemens for a Wendell Willkie symposium.

Among the correspondents represented in the collection are: George Ade; Hervey Allen; Winslow Samuel Anderson; Sir Norman Angell; Louis Kaufman Anspacher; Nancy Witcher (Langhorne), Viscountess Astor; Warren Robinson Austin; Temple Bailey; Hanson Weightman Baldwin; Roger Nash Baldwin; Joseph Hurst Ball; Harry Elmer Barnes; Joseph Barnes; Stringfellow Barr; Carleton Beals; Charles Austin Beard; Carl Lotus Becker; William Rose Benet; Lillian Gay Berry; Remsen du Bois Bird; Frank Learoyd Boyden; Spruille Braden; Omar Nelson Bradley; Styles Bridges; William Lowe Bryan; Maxwell Struthers Burt; Witter Bynner; Godfrey Lowell Cabot; Jefferson Caffery; Homer Earl Capehart; Mrs. Hattie (Wyatt) Caraway; Francis Higbee Case; Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st viscount Cecil of Chelwood; Oliver Lyttelton, 1st viscount Chandos of Aldershot; Stuart Chase; Ralph Edwin Church; Mrs. Olive (Ewing) Clapper; Mark Wayne Clark; Lucius DuBignon Clay; Edward Francis Colladay; Prentice Cooper; Norman Cousins; George Creel; John Curtin; Josephus Daniels; Joseph Edward Davies; James John Davis; George Bannerman Dealey; Benjamin DeCasseres; Cecil Blount De Mille; August William Derleth; Jacob Loucks Devers; John Dewey; Bayard Dodge; Theodore Dreiser; Angus Dun; Clarence Addison Dykstra; Hamilton James Eckenrode; Sir Anthony Eden; Charles Edison; Albert Einstein; Milton Stover Eisenhower; Sir Francis Edward Evans; James Aloysius Farley; Irving Fisher; Felix Frankfurter; James William Fulbright; Leigh Robinson Gignilliat; Joseph Clark Grew; Edgar Albert Guest; Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st earl of Halifax; Charles Abraham Halleck; John Hays Hammond; Paul Montgomery Harmon; Harry Bartow Hawes; George Sidney Hellman; Jean Hersholt; Charles Dewey Hilles; Spessard Lindsey Holland; John Haynes Holmes; Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st baron Hore-Belisha of Devonport; Camillien Houde; Wallace Admah Irwin; Marquis James; William Marion Jardine; Peter Jarman; Benjamin Abraham Javits; Luther Alexander Johnson; Walter Johnson; Joseph Joel Keith; Rockwell Kent; Marion Lewis Kline; Arthur Krock; Thomas William Lamont; Emory Scott Land; Harold Joseph Laski; Herbert Henry Lehman; John Avery Lomax; John William McCormack; Vance Criswell McCormick; Malcolm John MacDonald; Theodore Roosevelt McKelden; Archibald MacLeish; James O'Brien McMahon; Paul Vories McNutt; Thomas Mann; Daniel L. Marsh; Andre Maurois; Arthur Ernest Morgan; Hans Joachim Morgenthau; Christopher Darlington Morley; Ernest Melvin Morris; Wayne Lyman Morse; George Higgins Moses; Edgar Ansel Mowrer; John William Nason; Allan Nevins; Chester William Nimitz; Edward John Noble; Charles Bernard Nordhoff; Frank Brett Noyes; Alexander McCarrell Patch; Frederick Douglass Patterson; Herbert Claiborne Pell; Claude Denson Pepper; Dwight Stanley Perrin; Gifford Pinchot; Miles Poindexter; Daniel Alfred Poling; Paul Aldermandt Porter; Louise Pound; Roscoe Pound; William Ambrose Prendergast; Mrs. Helen (Rogers) Reid; Fred Rodell; Will Rogers; Leo Stanton Rowe; Leverett Saltonstall; Lew R. Sarett; Robert Hood Saunders; Mrs. Grace (Gallatin) Seton; Sumner Sewall; James Andrew Shanley; James Edward Shepard; Roger Mellor Makins Sherfield, 1st baron; Kenneth Charles Sills; Harry Jay Skornia; Earl Wilcox Snell; Donald Bradley Somervell, baron Somervell of Harrow; Harold Edward Stassen; Edward Reilly Stettinius; Irving Stone; Philip Duffield Stong; Philip Cunliffe-Lister, 1st earl of Swinton; Sidney Saul Tedesche; Lowell Jackson Thomas; Norman Mattoon Thomas; Beverley Dandridge Tucker; James Miller Tunnell; Millard Evelyn Tydings; Mark Van Doren; Robert Gilbert Vansittart, 1st baron Vansittart of Denham; Oswald Garrison Villard; David Ignatius Walsh; Franklyn Thomas Waltman; James Paul Warburg; James Eli Watson; Archibald Percival Wavell, 1st earl Wavell; William Wesley Waymack; Sumner Welles; John Neville Whelleer; William Lindsay White; John Boardman Whitton; Curtis Dwight Wilbur; Ray Lyman Wilbur; Percival Wilde; Raymond Eugene Willis, Mrs. Edith (Wilk) Willkie; Philip H. Willkie; Wendell Lewis Willkie; Thomas Bayne Wilson; John Gilbert Winant; Clement Wood, and William Cabell Bruce.

Others who wrote tributes to Wendell Willkie include: Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge, 1st earl of Athlone; Clement Richard Attlee, 1st earl Attlee; Raymond Earl Baldwin; Dixon Ryan Fox; Clayton Meeker Hamilton; Fred Ingley; Harry Francis Kelly; Robert Andrews Millikan; John Ohleyer Moseley; James Thomson Shotwell; Sigmund Spaeth; Leland Stowe; and Oswald West; James Wolcott Wadsworth.

Collection size: 369 items

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