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The Corman mss. consist of letters, December 14, 1949- November 22, 1955, from Robert Creeley, 1926- , poet, to Sidney Corman, 1924?- , editor of the little magazine, Origin, 1951- and author.

The letters relate to poetry in general; to Creeley's writings; to the writings of other American and European authors, with particular attention to T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams; to little magazines, especially to one which Creeley unsuccessfully attempted to start and to Origin; and to Creeley's personal affairs.

Creeley's letters were written from Littleton, New Hampshire, until Apr. 24, 1951; from Fontrousse, Bouches du Rhone, France, from Apr. 26, 1951 to Apr. 27, 1952; from Lambesc, Bouches du Rhone, France, from May 2 to Oct. 9, 1952; and from Mallorca, Spain, from Nov. 4, 1952 to Nov. 22, 1955.

Many of the letters are undated but are accompanied by covers. Dating has been based on the postmarks of these covers with a perpetual calendar being used to fix the exact date of writing of those letters which carry a day of the week.

Poems or prose essays of Paul Blackburn, Sidney Corman, Robert Creeley, Frederico Garcia Lorca (translated by Sidney Corman), Rainer Gerhardt, and Charles Olson are enclosed with some of the letters.

Collection size: 354 items

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