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I. Correspondence

  • Colleagues and friends. Arranged in chronological order. Consult Manuscripts Index for dates of letters of individual correspondents.
  • Box 1: 1901 - 1951
  • Box 2: 1952 - 1967
  • Box 3: undated (9 folders)
  • Adam Curle. Arranged in chronological order. The letters from Adam to his father Richard number 537 and are not indexed. Also includes: several letters from Richard to Adam (consult the Manuscripts Index for individual dates); letters from Adam's first wife Pamela (Hobson) Curle to Richard, dated Apr. 29, 1940, June 7, 1942 and Jan. 25, 1947; 44 letters from Adam's second wife Anne (Edie) Curle to Richard dating between 1958 and 1967 which are not indexed; and a carbon and copy of one letter from Richard to Anne, dated Nov. 30, 1961.
  • Box 3: 1924 - 1967 (15 folders)

II. Diaries

  • Box 3: 27 pocket diaries, dating from 1942 to 1968.

III. Writings

  • Arranged in alphabetical order by title. Mostly undated. Where known, "unpublished" is indicated.
Box 4
  • folder 1: American Etiquette Fifty Years Ago. Typescript. 9p. Unpublished
  • folder 2: The Bibliographies of Orders in the Revised Edition of IMMS's A General Textbook on Entomology: Some Criticisms and Suggestions. Reprint from The Entomologist's Gazette, Vol. 10, No. 3. [6p.] 2 copies, plus notice of election of Curle to the Royal Entomological Society of London, Nov. 6, 1947.
  • folder 3: The Books of the Ray Society. Typescript and carbon. 3p. each. Unpublished.
  • folder 4: The Cat, A Short Story. Radio script. Mimeo with corrections. 9p. Broadcast Aug. 19, 1948.
  • folder 5: Conrad and the Younger Generation. 10p. Reprint from The Nineteenth Century, Dec. 1929.
  • folder 6: Conrad and "Victory". 9p. [stamped 8 Sept. 1915] Proof from Fortnightly Review.
  • folder 7: Conrad's Village Unveils Porch as Memorial. Typescript. 3p. Published in New York Herald-Tribune, Nov. 13, 1927. Includes photograph of Canon Ashton-Gwatkin, rector of Bishopsbourne and chairman of the memorial committee, Curle and others at the memorial, October 1927.
  • folder 8: Corruption. Proof of novel. 1933.
  • folder 9: Criticism and Creation. Typescript and carbon. 9p. each. Unpublished.
  • folder10: Cunninghame Graham, talk by Richard Curle. Mimeo script with revisions. 5p.
  • folder 11: Dostoevsky. Typescript. 7p. Unpublished
  • folder 12-19: Echo of Voices. All holograph. Includes: Deep Down. 45p.; General Service. 68p. June 18, 1914; His Kingdom. 31p. Nov. 11, 1914; Midnight. 2 versions. 26p. each. One titled: The Stranger and dated May 18, 1914; Monsieur Clavel. 31p. Mar. 30, 1914; Nineteen. 66p.; The Two Dependents. 96p. "Fin. 23/10/15, rev. fin. 10/12/15 & 2/1/16"; The Would-be Friends. 57p. May? 7, 1914
  • folder 20: Elizabeth. Typescript and carbon. 3p. Unpublished. Includes one page: "'Elizabeth': quotations from letters."
  • folder 21: Emil's Innovation, written and read by Richard Curle, for radio program Tuesday Story. Broadcast Nov. 16, 1948. Mimeo with corrections. 16p.
  • folder 22: The Foreign Newspapers of New York. Typescript. 2p.
  • folder 23: Introduction [to a book on Robert Garnett]. Typescript. 5p. Unpublished
  • folder 24: Introduction to Nigel Maxwell's Conrad dictionary. Typescript. 4p.
  • folder 25: Introduction [to Conrad's Nostromo]. Proof for memorial edition published in 1925.
  • folder 26: Introduction [to Vol. I of T.J. Wise's Ashley Catalogue, 1922 or 1927?]. Tearsheet
  • folder 27: [Introductions to various works on Thomas Hardy], including: The Hardy Series. 4p.; The Homes of Thomas Hardy, by Evelyn L. Evans. 2p.; Hardyana. 2p.; Young Mr. Thomas Hardy, by May O'Rourke. 2p.
  • folder 28: The Isle of Sark. Two typescripts, two carbons. 2p. each. Unpublished
  • folder 29: Joseph Conrad. Tearsheets mounted on scrapbook sheets. Published in Rhythm, Nov. 1912. Includes two clippings of works by Curle mounted on the versos: 1) untitled, published in The Onlooker, Aug. 17, 1912, and 2) The Art of Joseph Conrad, published in Everyman, Nov. 22, 1912.
  • folder 30: Joseph Conrad: A Play. Typescript and carbon. 9p. each
  • folder 31: Joseph Conrad As I Remember Him. Carbon typescript. 13p.
  • folder 32-38: Life is a Dream. All holograph. Includes: Blanca Palillos. 72p. Finished 10/1/13, revision 10/1/13; Going home. 40p. Finished [early?] draft 3/9/12; The look-out. 15p.; A memory. 18p.; Old Hoskyns. 20p.; A remittance man. 46p. 28/5/13; The velvet suit. 14p.
  • folder 39: Links in the Chain. Carbon typescript. 10p.
  • folder 40: Men of the 16th Century. Typescript. 3p.
  • folder 41: Monsters of the Past. Carbon typescript. 7p.
  • folder 42: My Conrad Collection. Tearsheet from The Mermaid, Oct. 1926.
  • folder 43: My Impressions of the Conrad Centenary Celebrations. Two carbons. 3p. each. Three reprints
  • folder 44: My Youth in Scotland. Carbon typescript. 4p. "This [was for] a radio talk"
  • folder 45: The New Life. Carbon typescript. 11p.
  • folder 46: Panama Fifty Years Ago. Typescript and carbon. 6p. each
  • folder 47: The Personality of Joseph Conrad. Tearsheets. Jan. 1925
  • folder 48: The Ray Society. Typescript. 7p. Unpublished.
  • folder 49: The Ray Society: A Bibliographical History. Draft holograph and typescript pages.
  • folder 50: Richard Curle: A List of His Books, Pamphlets and Introductions. Draft holograph and typescript pages, galleys, clipping.
  • folder 51: Robert Browning and Julia Wedgwood. Typescripts of some letters, notes, and lists of expenses
  • folder 52: Romance of Contrast. Proof of article
  • folder 53: Stories I. Unpublished stories. All typescripts or carbon typescripts. Proposed title: Strange Things in Hand: Tales of the Macabre and the Unusual. Includes: Who Guards the Custodians? 5p.; Guests of the House. 8p.; Enigma. 3p. (Verso of page three: The Courage of Women 1p.); Mrs. Froy. 6p.; Heart of My Heart. 2 copies. 3p. and 4p.; The Other Doctor. 2p.; The Best-Laid Schemes. 5p.; Behind the Mask. 9p.; Links in the Chain. 10p.; Emblems of Nullity. 10p.; The Suppressed Edition. 6p.; The New Life. 11p.; The Cat. 5p.; The Way Things Happen. 22p.
  • folder 54: Stories II. Unpublished stories. All typescripts or carbon typescripts. Includes: Behind the Mask. 9p.; The Best-Laid Schemes. 5p.; The Cat. 5p.; A Comedy of a Day. 27p.; The Count. 13p.; Emblems of Nullity. 10p.; Emil's Innovation. 2 copies. 6p. each; Enigma. 2p.; Guests of the House. 8p.; Heart of My Heart. 3p.; Mrs. Froy. 6p.; The Other Doctor. 2p.; The Suppressed Edition. 6p.; Two Methods of Using Eggs. 6p.; The Way Things Happen. 22p.; The Wedding Present. 16p.; What Lived in the Wood? 5p.; Who Guards the Custodians? 5p.
  • folder 55: The Strange Life of Dostoevsky. Typescript. 6p.
  • folder 56: Walter Fish. Carbon typescript. 2p.
  • folder 57-59: Wanderings. Holograph.
  • folder 60: Warsaw Under Communism. Typescript. 7p.
  • folder 61: Watching Geese With Hudson, talk by Richard Curle. Mimeo script. Broadcast 29 October 1944, B.B.C. Home Service
  • folder 62: What Lived in the Wood?, written and read by Richard Curle, Stories from Studio Five. Corrected mimeo script. Broadcast 5 December 1949
  • folder 63: What Not to Read. 1p. "Published but not in this final form in Stevens-Cox's Literary Repository"
  • folder 64: Where!, Why!, When!, or the Hectic Hours of a Dorset Day. Printed. 1p. 1963
  • folder 65: Untitled writings and fragments

IV. Miscellaneous

  • Arranged alphabetically by subject after Curle, Richard.

Curle, Richard

  • Box 4
  • folder 66: Book contracts
  • Box 5
  • folder 1: Financial papers, such as: bank statements, correspondence concerning his will, estate, and investments
  • folder 2: Lists of Curle's Library
  • folder 3: Marriage certificate and divorce papers
  • folder 4: Medical papers, such as: discharge papers from Anti-Aircraft Corps, Royal Naval Air Service due to illness; affidavits from doctors concerning fitness to travel, visa for travel to Brazil.
  • folder 5: Miscellany

Clemens, Cyril

  • Box 5
  • folder 6: Pamphlets and reprints with dedications by Clemens to Curle, including seven issues of the Mark Twain Journal and a reprint of Father Prout and the Brownings by Clemens.

Conrad, Joseph

  • Box 5
  • folder 7: A pen and ink drawing by Conrad, agreement with RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. for the film rights to Heart of Darkness,comments by Curle on his various works on Conrad, articles by writers other than Curle about Conrad, copies of correspondence concerning or to Conrad
  • folder 8-9: Materials concerning the Conrad Centenary held in Warsaw, Poland in 1957.
  • folder 10: Writings by others about Conrad
  • folder 11: Clippings about Conrad

Cunninghame Graham, Robert Bontine

  • Box 5
  • folder 12: Transcripts of his letters to Curle.

Curle, James Herbert

  • Box 5
  • folder 13-14: Copy of will, correspondence between Richard and lawyers concerning estate, two holograph fragments from his book This World of Ours, clippings

Stevens-Cox, John

  • Box 5
  • folder 15: Two pamphlets edited by JSC News from Canada, 1628, introduction by C.V. Wedgwood (Dorset: Toucan Press, 1964) and The wigmaker's art in the 18th century (London: Hairdressers' Registration Council, 1965); six issues of The Registered Hairdresser, 1960-1962 with a review by Curle of The art of the wigmaker by JSC in No. 8, January 1962, plus a typescript of a fragment of this article.

Wedgwood, C.V.

  • folder 16: Program and addresses for Encaenia at Oxford University, 23 June 1965 at which Wedgwood was given an honorary degree, invitations to functions connected with Encaenia and clipping marking that occasion.

Wise, T.J.

  • Box 5
  • folder 17: Notes by Curle mostly concerning his correspondence with Wise; two catalogs: Wise After the Event: A Catalog of Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts and Letters Relating to Thomas James Wise Displayed in an Exhibition in Manchester Central Library, September 1964, edited by G.E. Haslam (Manchester: Libraries Committee, 1964) and Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection Formed by Sir Maurice Pariser, of Manchester, of the Notorious Nineteenth Century Pamphlets and Other Important Wiseiana Manuscript and Printedâ (London: Sotheby & Co., 1967).


  • Box 5
  • folder 18-19: Includes a pencil drawing possibly of Curle by an unknown artist.


Box 5

  • folder 20-23: Contains 97 photographs. There are 22 of Curle. The remaining photographs are of family, friends and a few buildings. There are inscribed portraits from Jessie Conrad, John Conrad, and C.V. Wedgwood. Most are unidentified.


Articles By Curle. Mostly clippings from the following newspapers:

Box 5
  • folder 24: American and Commonwealth Visitor. Apr. 1946 - Sept. 1954. Articles about stamp collecting
  • folder 25: Bpeme. Czechoslovakian newspaper which ran in serial form Curle's Who goes home, 1935.
  • folder 26-29: Daily Mail. 1922-1928.
  • folder 30: Daily Mail. 1932-1934. Under pseudonym John Blunt
Box 6
  • folder 1: Time and Tide. 1944-1956. Book review
  • folder 2: Everyman. 1912-1913; 1935, Jan.-Feb.
  • folder 3: John O'London's Weekly. 1929, 1937, 1945, 1946.
  • folder 4: The Literary Repository. 1954-1964
  • folder 5: Outspan. 4 issues of magazine containing Curle's series: Woman--The Great Mystery.
  • folder 6: Pretoria News. 1918
  • folder 7: Rangoon Times. 1920-1922
  • folder 8: The Star (London evening paper). In 1956 reprinted a portion of Curle's Reflections on Woman
  • folder 9-14: Articles for various newspapers and reviews, including a group on travel, 1923-1952; on Conrad; misc. topics

Articles By C.V. Wedgwood

Box 6
  • folder 15: Clippings, mostly written for the Daily Telegraph

Articles by others about Curle.

Box 6
  • folder 16: Clippings from various newspapers

Reviews of Curle's books

Box 6
  • folder 17-30: Clippings from various newspapers, reviewing the following books: Caravansary and Conversation; Characters of Dostoevsky; Collecting American First Editions; Corruption; Into the East; Joseph Conrad: A Study; Joseph Conrad and His Characters; Last Twelve Years of Joseph Conrad; The One and the Other; Oriental Trail; Robert Browning and Julia Wedgwood: A Broken Friendship as Revealed By Their Letters; Stamp Collecting; Who Goes Home?; Women: An Analytical Study

Scrapbooks. Contain clippings from various newspapers

Box 6
  • folder 31: Articles concerning American Art Galleries sale of Curle's Conrad collection
Box 7
  • Scrapbook 1: Articles written under pseudonym John Blunt, 1926-1928
  • Scrapbook 2: Reviews of Curle's books and articles about him, 1908-1930

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