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The Daniels mss., 1869-1920, are the papers of Edward Daniels, 1854-1918, lawyer. Career: Born November 11, 1854, Greene, County, Ohio, son of Joseph J. and Clarissa J. (Blessing) Daniels; childhood spent in Rockville, Indiana, where father was a well-known contractor; 1875 graduated from Wabash College; 1876 student at Columbia University law school; 1877 located in Indianapolis entering the law firm of Baker, Hord & Hendricks as a student; 1879 admitted to the bar; 1880 formed partnership with Albert Baker; 1887 married Virginia Johnston; died June 11, 1918.

The law partnership of Thomas Andrews Hendricks and Oscar B. Hord was formed in Indianapolis in 1862. In 1866 Abram W. Hendricks, cousin of T.A. Hendricks, entered the firm, and the name, Hendricks, Hord, and Hendricks was adopted. When T.A. Hendricks became Governor of Indiana in 1873, Conrad Baker, who had been Governor of the state from 1867 to 1873, replaced him in the firm, and its name became Baker, Hord, and Hendricks. In 1876 T.A. Hendricks re-entered the firm, but no change was made in its name. He retired upon becoming Vice-president of the U.S., March 4, 1885. Between 1885-1888 saw the deaths of all of the earlier members, Conrad Baker on April 28, 1885; T.A. Hendricks, November 25, 1885; Abram W. Hendricks, 1887; and Oscar B. Hord, January 15, 1888. Upon the death of the latter Albert Baker, son of Conrad Baker, and Edward Daniels, who had previously formed a partnership, succeeded to the firm's practice under the name Baker and Daniels. Mr. Baker was an active member of the firm until 1940.

The papers of Edward Daniels consist of personal correspondence, 1869-1918; a casebook, 1880; correspondence and documents of the First Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, 1886-1918, relating primarily to music and blueprints made of the church in November, 1901; correspondence dealing chiefly with the curriculum of Wabash College, the role of the private college, and the admission of women to Wabash College, 1893-1920, of which Daniels was a trustee; and as master in chancery, 1901-1918, correspondence and documents concerned with lawsuits, 1899-1919 referring to railroads, gas companies, and a variety of companies. Among the railroads are the Chicago & Southeastern Railway Company, 1903; Chicago, Indiana and Eastern Railway Company, 1906; Evansville & Terre Haute Railroad Company, 1903; Gary Interurban Railroad Company, 1917; Indianapolis & Louisville Traction Company, 1910-1912; Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Consolidated Railway Company, 1903; Southern Railway Company, 1903. Other companies represented are Churubusco Water & Light Co., 1903-1904; Consumers Gas Trust Company, 1906; Dering Coal Company, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1915-1917; East Chicago Water Works Company, 1904; German Savings and Loan Association, 1916-1917; Horton Manufacturing Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana, washing maching patent, 1914; Indiana Natural and Illuminating Gas Company, 1906; Kokomo Fence Co., 1901; Lafayette Gas Company, 1906; Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Company, 1906; Ohio and Indiana Gas Company, 1906; Rude Bros. Manufacturing Co., Liberty, Indiana, patent on horse rakes, 1899-1903; Spencer Stone Co., 1901; Superior Machine Tool Company, 1918; Talga Mahogany Company, 1911; Timken Roller Bearing Axle Company, 1911; Wabash Cabinet Company, 1907; Wabash Chemical and Baking Powder Company, 1902; Williams Soap Company, 1906-1909.

The correspondents include: William B. Austin, Albert Baker, James Bingham, Cornelius Newton Bliss, Wells Howard Blodgett, Paul Negeker Bogart, John H. Bradley, Henry Baker Brown, Rollo Walter Brown, George Tracy Buckingham, George Stockton Burroughs, Noble Chase Butler, Scot Butler, John Lyle Campbell, Wilmer Christian, George Albert Cunningham, Joseph Johnston Daniels, William Holton Dye, Charles Warren Fairbanks, James William Fesler, William Baldwin Fletcher, William Fortune, William Dudley Foulke, Thomas Aikin Goodwin, Orpheus Milton Gregg, Otto Gresham, Addison Clay Harris, Henry G. Hogan, John Hampden Holliday, Martin M. Hugg, James Calhoun Hutchins, William Patterson Kane, James Clyde Kelly, Norton Adams Kent, Hugh Macmaster Kingery, Edward Hussey Knight, Charles Beary Landis, Wallace Rutherford Lane, Henry Zwingli McLain, George Lewis Mackintosh, Thomas Riley Marshall, Chester Bentley Masslich, Gustavus Vasa Menzies, Joseph John Mills, Charles Washington Moores, Finley Pogue Mount, Walter Olds, John Edward Parsons, William Wood Parson, William J. Pattison, Thomas Rice Paxton, John Barton Payne, Douglas Perkins Putnam, Laura Ream, Harley Thomson Ristine, Theodore Harmon Ristine, Henry App Ritter, William Findley Sharpe, Frederick Jont' Stanley, Lucius Burrie Swift, Robert Stewart Taylor, Albert Duy Thomas, William Herbert Thompson, James Gilkey Wedding, William T. Wilson, William Allen Woods, Evans Woollen, William Worthington, and Simon Yandes.

Included is printed material related to legal matters, to the First Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, and to Wabash College.

Collection size: 3,532 items

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