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The De La Ramee mss., 1879, are the letters of Louise de la Ramee, 1839-1908, the English novelist better known as Ouida. Two letters are dated: 1879, Mar. 24, to "Madame," and 1879, Mar. 25, with envelope, to the French Ambassador at Constantinople, Hughes Marie Henri Fournier. The other letters, three in number, are undated and to unidentified recipients, "Madame" and "Monsieur." Three of the letters bear the gold and blue emblem of OUIDA. Two indicate that they were written from Rome and from Florence.

The letters include mention of Sir Austen Henry Layard, Lady Walpurga Ehrengarde Helena (von Hohenthal) Paget, Queen Victoria, and Ouida's stories, Dog of Flanders, Leaf in a Storm, and Provence Rose. Some refer to the hour for the reception at Ouida's residence. Another note, a small fragment of paper, also states the hour of an invitation. All are in French.

Collection size: 6 items

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