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I. Biographical Information

Box 1

Biographical information and notes on Dennett's writings, undated

II. Research Materials

  • Notes, Dennett's commercial activities in West Africa, undated
  • Notes, West African alphabet, undated
  • Chart, West African alphabet and language, undated
  • Notes, West African language, undated
  • Notes, Congo language, undated
  • Charts, six spiritual and linguistic, undated
  • Notes, West African culture, undated
  • Charts, Nigeria and its seasons, undated
  • Notes, African seasons, undated
  • Notes, Yoruba astrology, undated
Box 3 (Oversize)
  • Charts, African language, undated

III. Writings. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 1
  • African Male Offspring and Intelligence, undated
  • The Alphabet of Life, Light and Love, undated
  • The Alphabet and Universal Order, undated
  • Authority, Progress, and Government, undated
  • Authority, Conservation, Progress, and Government including notes, undated
  • Bibila or Notes on the Sacred Groves and Kingly Office in the Congo, rough draft, undated
  • Bibila or Notes on the Sacred Groves and Kingly Office in the Congo, undated
  • Black and White, undated
  • The Breaking Up of Nationalism and the Coming of Imperialism and Internationalism, undated
  • Change in West Africa, undated
  • The Chief Agency, undated
  • A Coronation Ceremony, undated
  • The Creative Alphabet, early draft, undated
  • The Creative Alphabet: Review in Seven Seasons, undated
  • The Creative Alphabet or The Spirit in the New Age, with revisions, undated
  • A Day in a Yoruba Town, undated
  • Diviners and Their Formula, undated
  • Diviners and Their Formula, duplicate pages, undated
  • The Elements of Primitive Religion, undated
  • The English of the Powers at the Back of the Bavili Seasons, undated (2 folders)
  • The Family of Seven Elemental Factors in Government. Includes notes and revisions, undated (2 folders)
  • A Few Notes on the Ogboni and Yoruba Forms of Government, with revisions, undated
  • A Few Notes on the Right of Way by Road or River in West Africa, undated
  • KIA: Dawn that is Light Before the Sun Rises, undated
  • Kings by God Inspired, undated
  • KuVANGA, undated
  • The Language of the Bavili, including revisions, undated
  • The List of Queries of the German Scientific Expedition for Central Africa, undated
  • Macnah in Africa, undated
  • The Mystic Seven, including notes and revisions, undated
  • The Mystic Seven or Religion in West Africa, with revisions, undated (2 folders)
  • The No. 7, undated
  • Natural or Self-Evolved Religion, undated
  • Nigeria and Its Seasons, undated
  • Notes on the Evidence of Messrs Belfield, Thompson, and Alexander on Land Tenure, undated
  • Notes on the Folklore of the Bini, including revisions, undated
  • Notes on the Language of the Bavili including the pamphlet Bavili Alphabet Restored, 1905, undated
  • O Africa!, including revisions, undated (2 folders)
  • The Order in Genesis Psychological, undated
  • The Plaint of a Scab, undated
  • The Powers in Nature and a Few Astonishing Signs in West Africa, undated
  • The Professor, undated
  • Reconciliation, rough draft includes alternate titles, undated (2 folders)
Box 2
  • A Reminiscence of Miss Kingsley, 1893
  • The Seasons, undated
  • Self and Personality, undated
  • The Seven Elemental Factors in Government, early draft, undated
  • Some Opposites, undated
  • The Soul in the Sand, including revisions, undated
  • A Story with a Moral: Philanthropy in West Africa, including revisions, undated
  • A Study in Yoruba Cosmological Philosophy, undated
  • Thoughts on the "Philosophy" of the Carpenter?s Workshop, undated
  • Various poems, undated
  • West African Genesis including notes, undated
  • West African Oil Seeds and the Oil and Margarine Trade, undated
  • West African Religions, including notes and revisions, undated
  • West African Religion, undated
  • Yoruba and Bantu Prefixes and Sir Harry Johnston's Latest Great Book, undated
  • The Yoruba Kingdom, undated
  • Yoruba Language Guide, including linguistics, vocabulary and grammar, undated
  • Yoruba numbers 1-200, including notes and revisions, undated (2 folders)
  • The Yoruba Seasons, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, a discussion on Bantu and Bavili religion against the Book of
  • Genesis, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, African religion, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, western religion, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, including various West African religious verses, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, government and religion, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, notes on the Sacred Grove of the Bavili, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, on Yoruba culture, undated
  • Untitled manuscript, undated
  • Unidentified correspondence, undated

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