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  • 1. 1874-1882. The Historical, Political, and Diplomatic Writings of Niccolo Machiavelli. A.D.S. 1066p.
  • 2. 1877, Feb. 6. Ceux qu'ils sont le plus attachés à la doctrine...[first line] A.D. 2p.
  • 3. 1877, Feb. 10/11. Translation of a dispatch from Mr. Harris (Lord Malmesbury) to the Earl of Suffolk, St. Petersburg, 31 July 1778. Paris. 2 drafts. A.Ds. 3p. and 4p.
  • 4. 1877, Apr. 21. Un disappointment heureux. Paris. A.D. 46p.
  • 5. undated. GallicianStories. Lieutenant Halofernes. A.D. 2p.
  • 6. undated. Rien de plus interessant que le livres/Nothing more interesting than books... 2 drafts. A.Ds. 2p. each

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