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The Dillon mss., 1912-1931, are the correspondence, drawings and writings of Alice Julia (Christie) Dillon, 1876-, primary teacher in the New York City public schools and author. In 1912 a contract for Story Hour Readers with co- author Ida Coe was signed with The American Book Company. Later, in 1927, Dillon endeavored to have published her manuscript for a "combination arithmetic and supplementary reader" for the primary grades, apparently without success. Royalty reports for the Story Hour Readers are present for the years 1927 and 1930.

Drawings, as separate items in the collection, include: Arithmetic Numbers 1-10, Set I, 5 leaves, n.d.; Arithmetic Numbers 1-10, Set II, 3 leaves, n.d.; Figures for Addition and Subtraction, 2 leaves, n.d.

The Writings are as follows: 1) Arith. As an Arithmetic, A.D., 6pp., n.d. Plan for a beginning arithmetic book, accompanied by a holograph draft of 5pp. 2) Arith. A Study Primer, carbon of T.D., [157]pp., n.d. Interspersed with holograph drafts of pages 6, 7, 14, 16, 31. Accompanied by ribbon copies of pages 113-147 and wrapper postmarked 1927. 3) Johnny Jingles, Book One, T.D.S., [71]pp., n.d. Includes Introduction, 10pp., ribbon copy signed by Dillon and stamped "Received Oct 5-1920 Benton," and carbon; Text, carbon of pages 1-29 and word lists (ribbon and carbon) interspersed with 6 drawings of jesters for illustrations. 4) Johnny Jingles, Book Two, T.D., [60]pp., n.d. Mixture of ribbon and carbon pages. 5) Lesson X. Story Selected - "Cold Dusk" by Lillian Barnard Gilkes, from New Copy, 1931, T.D., 6pp., n.d. Critique of short story. 6) Reddy The Tramp. Carbon of T.D., [43]pp., n.d. Pages 2-44. 7) The Study Primer: Foreword, 2 drafts, [6]pp. each; Notes, A.D., [19]pp.; Rhymes and Stories - Baby Show, accompanied by study questions, Come with me, [first line], Firefly and the Elf, Once I saw a little Bird, A.Ds., [11]pp., all n.d. 8) Use of Rhyme in Arithmetic, A.D.S., 4pp., n.d. 9) Vocabulary for Book Two, A.D., [3]pp., n.d.

The collection is accompanied by three printed copies of textbooks co-authored by Coe and Christie (later Dillon): Story Hour Readers Revised, Book One and Book Two and Manuel Story Hour Readers Revised. Other textbooks by Coe and Christie are located in the Book Department.

Collection size: 19 items

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