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The Dunn mss., 1834-1850, are papers of George Grundy Dunn, lawyer and congressman of Bedford, Indiana.

Career: born on December 20, 1812, in Washington county, Kentucky, and came to Indiana as a boy, settling in Monroe county. He entered Indiana University but left college his junior year due to difficulties with President Andrew Wylie. After teaching school in Switzerland county, Ind., for a time, he moved to Bedford, Indiana, in 1833, where he continued to teach while studying law. In 1835 he was admitted to the bar and formed a partnership with Richard Wigginton Thompson at Bedford.

He held the following public offices: prosecuting attorney, Lawrence county, Indiana, 1842; U.S. congressman, 1847-1849 (as a Whig) and 1855-1857 (as a Republican); Indiana state senator, 1850-1852. He died in Bedford in September 4, 1857.

The papers in this collection consist of law office correspondence on claims and collections, and political and congressional office correspondence during Dunn's first term in Congress.

Among the correspondents are: John B. Abbett, Thomas M. Adams, Jesse Ianthus Alexander, Cyrus McCracken Allen, James Anderson, John W. Anderson, William Goforth Armstrong, William T. Banks, John Barbee, Theodore Barnett, C.L. Barrackman, Lloyd I. Bealle, John Beard, I.G. Berret, Matthew L. Brett, Joseph W. Briggs, Austin Haymond Brown, W.W. Brown, William Bruce, R.R. Bryant, S.S. Bucklin, Henry Massie Bullit, Richard Y. Caddington, Hugh Carey, Robert N. Carnan, James W. Carter, Samuel Casseday, Alfred Y. Clagett, Asahel Clapp, Gustavus Clark, John M. Clark, Richard Andrew Clements, John G. Clendenin, Schuyler Colfax, Andrew Collins, Henry Collins, James Collins, Henry Cooper, John Cowgill, W.H. Craig, John Finley Crowe, George William Crump, William S. Culbertson, Courtland Cushing, J.H. Cutter, Joseph B. Danforth, Henry Davis, John Steele Davis, John Wesley Davis, Clarendon Davisson, A.V. Dayton, Marcus L. Deal, Hiram Decker, John Dougherty Defrees, Jesse Kilgore Dubois, John Dumont, William Duncan, Alexander H. Dunihue, Daniel R. Dunihue, James Wilson Dunn, William McKee Dunn, Williamson Dunn, Paris Chipman Dunning, Thomas P. East, James L. Edwards, Abner T. Ellis, James W. Emison, Samuel N. Evans, Robert Henry Fauntleroy, Cornelius Fellowes, William Fellowes, George G. Fetter, Winthrop Foot, William C. Foster, William M. Franklin, A.H. Gainey, William Garvin, Willis Arnold Gorman, Robert C. Gregory, John R. Hadden, William P. Hall, S. T. Hardesty, George W. Hardin, Hedden, Day & Co., David Heran, William Herod, Craven P. Hester, James Scott Hester, Wallace Hight, Abraham Hite, Ormsby Hite, Lucien Q. Hoggatt, Tilghman Ashurst Howard, Joseph McDonald Howe, James Hughes, William Humphreys, Elisha Mills Huntington, Samuel F. Irwin, Isaac E. Johnson, George H. Johnston, Daniel D. Jones, Ambrose Kern, Nathan Kimball, William Kimmel, Kinney, Wright & Gookins, Charles B. Lasselle, John Law, Henry Lingle, Emory Low, James Low, Jacob B. Lowe, Daniel Lunderman, John M. McCalla, Daniel W. McClure, David McDonald, Edward W. McGaughey, John McMahan, Joseph Glass McPheeters, Thomas Marks, Joseph Glass Marshall, John Young Mason, Isaac Mass, James M. Mathes, David Hervey Maxwell, Samuel Miles, John A. Millen, Robert Mitchell, Benjamin F. Morse, Morton & Griswold, Morton and Smith, George Holibird Munson, Michael Murphy, George W. New, Benjamin Newland, William Newland, John S. Newman, William Ellis Niblack, William C. Nutt, James O'Boyle, John Orchard, William Tod Otto, Pearson and Anderson, George M. Phillips, William Piatt, Daniel Darwin Pratt, George Denison Prentice, William Quarles, Joseph Rawlins, Daniel Read, James Reed, Joseph Reed, Samuel Reid, Gilbert James Rice, Harlan Richards, John Robb, Lovell Harrison Rousseau, Richard H. Rousseau, S.D. Ruckle, Alfred Ryors, John S. Scobey, Harvey D. Scott, William A. Scribner, Stephen P. Seall, Horace B. Shepard, Henry B. Shields, John M. Sluss, Ballard Smith, Hamilton Smith, Samuel W. Smith, Truman Smith, Joseph Somes, Benjamin O. Spencer, Milton Stapp, A. Sutherland, Henry Tanner, William E. Taylor, Zachary Taylor, Elias S. Terry, Frederick A. Thomas, John D. Thomasson, John H. Thompson, Richard Wigginton Thompson, John Harbison Thornburgh, George A. Thornton, Thomas V. Thornton, H.H. Throop, George E. Tingle, Nathan Towson, J.W. Tucker, John Van Trees, John Vestal, Gideon Walker, John Sebrie Watts, George W. Weissinger, Isaac Westfall, James Whitcomb, Asa Whitney, Elisha Whittlesey, Sherrod Williams, Vinson Williams, Delano Eccles Williamson, Martin Wines, George W. Wood, Andrew Wylie, Simon Yandes, and Richard Montgomery Young.

Collection size: 1,398 items

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