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The Eastman mss., 1892-1968, consist of the correspondence and writings of Max Forrester Eastman, 1883-1969, author. The earliest pieces include a few family letters from his mother, Annis Bertha (Ford) Eastman, (Mrs. Samuel Elijah Eastman), 1852-1910, minister, and his sister, Crystal Eastman, 1881-1928, lawyer. With the biographical materials is the Dutch painting that Eastman's mother brought to him from Europe. Other related family correspondence may be found in the Anstice Ford Eastman mss., of his brother, 1878-1937?, physician. Letters from friends and neighbors of Elmira and Glenora, New York, and from his classmates and acquaintances at Mercersburg Academy and Williams College also belong to the correspondence of the early period of Eastman's life.

Completing his work for a Ph.D. degree at Columbia and encouraged by John Dewey, he taught logic for three years at the University. In 1909 Eastman organized the Men's League for Woman's Suffrage. His marriage to Ida Rauh, actress and poet, occurred in 1911 and produced comment when it was learned Miss Rauh would retain her maiden name. Their son Daniel was born in 1912. A year later Eastman's first books, Enjoyment of Poetry and Child of the Amazons, were published. During this time he became editor of The Masses with its new idea in format and inclination toward then-radical causes and worked with it until its close in October, 1917. The next year with his sister Crystal Eastman as co-owner he started a new periodical with similar interests called The Liberator.

Leaving The Liberator in the hands of others in 1922 Eastman attended the International Conference at Genoa, Italy, where he met the secretary to Maxim Litvinoff, Eliena Krylenko, 1895-1956, artist and dancer. Continuing on to Russia the two met again and were married in 1924. Their correspondence may be found in the Eastman, E., mss. (The divorce from Miss Rauh had been effected in 1922). During a sojourn of five years in Europe Eastman became acquainted with Leon Trotsky, served as his literary agent in the United States, and translated some of his works. The correspondence for this relationship may be found in the Trotskii mss. Pursuing his interests in writing and lecturing on Russia, socialism, literature, humor, and poetry, Eastman became engaged as a roving editor for The Reader's Digest Association for a number of years. In several letters Eastman refuted the suggestion that he was a Jew (1929, Dec. 6; 1938, Apr. 19; 1955, Mar. 10). Following Miss Krylenko's death he married Yvette Székely, a former social worker, in 1958.

The collection is organized into the following series: I. Biographical Materials; II. Correspondence; III. Writings; IV. Printed Material; V. Printed Reviews.

The major portion of the correspondence is concerned with Eastman's writings and the response of leading figures to his books, articles, and lectures. Some of the letters are in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Swedish.

Correspondents include: Charles David Abbott, Martin Abern, Barclay Acheson, Barbara E. Adams, Julia L.H. Adams, Leslie Pleasant Adams, George Ade, Arthur Emil Albrecht, Joseph Alderman, Richard Aldington, Fred Allen, Floyd Henry Allport, Andrew Russell Anderson, Eleanor (Copenhaver) Anderson, John Anderson, Sherwood Anderson, Juan Andrade, Paul Shipman Andrews, Sir Norman Angell, Anthony Antonakakis, Paul P. Appel, Luis Araquistain y Quevedo, Laird Archer, Egmont Arens, Richard Willard Armour, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Thaddeus Ashby, Edward Campbell Aswell, Gertrude Franklin (Horn) Atherton, Mlle Ann Avant, Laurence H. Axman, H.D. Bacon, Peggy Bacon, Jacob Baker, Angelica Balabanoff, Elbert Francis Baldwin, Roger Nash Baldwin, James David Bales, Robert Oleson Ballou, Mary Bancroft, Charles Barber, John Barber, Solon R. Barber, Henri Barbusse, Ida Barker, Virgil Barker, John Barkham, Alexander Barmine, Harry Elmer Barnes, Wilton Agnew Barrett, Sir James Matthew Barrie, William Baumrucker, Theodore M. Bayer, Joseph Warren Beach, Robert Cameron Beadle, Gweneth Beam, Charles Austin Beard, Maximilian Beck, Julia (Jones) Beecher, Clive Bell, Daniel Bell, George Wesley Bellows, Richard Bennett, Thomas Hart Benton, Bernard Berenson, Marvin Berger, Peter Berlinrut, Nathan Berman, Virginia Berresford, George Packer Berry, John Edgar Berry, Margaret Best, Herman Beukema, Pamela Bianco, Francis Biddle, George Biddle, Katherine Garrison (Chaplin) Biddle, Warren Knox Billings, Alfred Mitchell Bingham, George Holman Bishop, Isabel Bishop, Leif Bjork, John Black, Justin Blackwelder, Bruce Ormsby Bliven, Jean-Richard Bloch, Walter Hart Blumenthal, Philip L. Boardman, Franz Boas, William John Henry Boetcker, William Edward Bohn, Eugen Jan Boissevain, Margaret (Bradford) Boni, Ake Bonnier, Gleb Botkin, Louis Bouché, Frances (Schroeder) Boulton, Edward F. Boyd, Percy Holmes Boynton, Trygve Frøyland Braøty, Alexander Brailovsky, Henry Noel Brailsford, Erdmann Neumeister Brandt, Charles Breck, Abraham Arden Brill, Arthur Brisbane, Alexander Brook, Gladys (Rice) Brooks, Van Wyck Brooks, Alice Brown, Francis Brown, Harold Chapman Brown, Lewis Browne, William Crary Brownell, Howard Brubaker, Robert S. Bryan, William Frank Buckley, Louis Francis Budenz, Marie (Granes) Bullock, Franklin L. Burdette, Anna H. Burgess, Gelett Burgess, Charles C. Burlingham, James Burnham, Trigant Burrow, P.F. Butler, Charles Edward Butterworth, George Thurman Bye, Witter Bynner, Abraham Cahan, Victor Francis Calverton, Henry Seidel Canby, Cass Canfield, Jane (White) Canfield, Milton Cantor, Eddie Cantor, Emile Capouya, Ira Detrich Cardiff, Joel Carmichael, Jack Carney, Edward Clark Carter, William Horsfall Carter, Pablo Casals, Raymond B. Cattell, Bennett Alfred Cerf, John Rensselaer Chamberlain, William Henry Chamberlin, Charles Spencer Chaplin, John Bowman Chapple, Amy Charak, Stuart Chase, Julius Cherinsky, Haakon Maurice Chevalier, Eleanor Clark, John Abbott Clark, Olin H. Clark, Wilson A. Clark, David A. Clarkson, Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth, Stanton Arthur Coblentz, Everett Johnston Coil, Seward B. Collins, Gladys (Ewing) Combes, Groff Conklin, Marcus Cook Connelly, James Connolly, Robert Constans, Douglas O. Cooke, Sheldon R. Coons, Minnie (Federman) Corder, Herbert Ellsworth Cory, William Terry Couch, George Sylvester Counts, Norman Cousins, Sidney Cox, Lucille Cardin Crain, Ronald Salmon Crane, Thomas Craven, George Creel, John Henshaw Crider, Frank Crowninshield, Ely Culbertson, Sasha Culbertson, Countee Cullen, Edward Estlin Cummings, Virginia (Kent) Cummins, William Jacob Cuppy, Mable C. Daggett, David Julievich Dallin, Clarence Seward Darrow, Jay Norwood Darling, Alfred Shepard Dashiell, Gustav Davidson, Jo Davidson, Louis Bennett Davidson, Allen Freeman Davis, Anna N. Davis, Edward Davison, Natalie Eva (Weiner) Davison, Peter Davison, Hugh Davson, Irving Deakin, Eugene Victor Debs, Ralph J. de Golier, Walter John De La Mare, J.R. Dela Torre-Bueno, Berta Marie (Gage) Dell, Floyd Dell, Leon Dennen, Thomas Derrick, Margaret (Burnham) De Silver, Clement L. Despard, Isaac Deutscher, Eamon De Valéra, John Dewey, Roberta (Lowitz) Grant Dewey, John Dietel, Margarita Dobert, John Dos Passos, Earl Leroy Douglass, Milorad M. Drachkovitch, Theodore Draper, Theodore Dreiser, James Drever, Thomas Duckworth, Pendleton Dudley, Irma Duncan, Robert Williams Dunn, Jimmy Durante, Walter Duranty, Fletcher McCullough Durbin, Hazel (West) Durbin, Annis Bertha (Ford) Eastman, Crystal Eastman, Daniel Eastman, Eliena Vassilyenva (Krylenko) Eastman, Evelyn Eastman, G. Dufay Eastman, Ida (Rauh) Eastman, Max Eastman, Samuel Ewer Eastman, Sara (Moore) Eastman, Stanley E. Eastman, Yvette (Sakay) Eastman, William Hanmer Eaton, Charles Edison, Arthur Egan, Emi Ehm, Albert Einstein, Alma Kathy (Kaye) Eisenstaedt, Helene Eliat, Guy Emerson, Ruth (Van Cleve) Emerson, Paul Hamilton Engle, Angna Enters, Julius Victor Stefan Epstein, John Erskine, Ralph Erskine, Charles W. Erwin, Kate Evans, John Rutherford Everett, Clifton Fadiman, Michel Farano, John Chipman Farrar, James Thomas Farrell, Dimitri Fedotoff White, Charles Andrew Fenton, Thomas Hornsby Ferrill, Lawrence Fertig, Arthur Davison Ficke, Sara Bard Field, W.C. Fields, Ernest Fiene, Tom Filer, Herman Finer, John Fischer, Irving Fisher, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, Roger W. Fleming, Howard Florance, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Harriet French Ford, Raymond Blaine Fosdick, Constantin Alexander Fotitch, Arne Fougner, Louise Francois, Adelaide (Schulkind) Frank, Gerold Frank, Jerome New Frank, Clara H. Frederick, Joseph Freeman, Paul R. Freeman, Sigmund Freud, Donald Friede, Lee Max Friedman, Philip Friedman, Theodore W. Friend III, Eleanor (Marsh) Frost, Grace Frost, Cynthia Fuller, Jeffrey Fuller, Joyce Fuller, Werner K. Gabler, Iago Galdston, Frank Ernest Gannett, Lewis Stiles Gannett, Ruth Chrisman (Arens) Gannett, Devin Adair Garrity, Kate Elizabeth (Crane) Gartz, Margaret Root Garvin, Arnold Francis Gates, Sumner Gerard, William James Ghent, Paul Ginestier, Mirra Ginsburg, Arturo Giovannitti, Benjamin Gitlow, Munsey S. Gleaton, Martin Henry Glynn, Oliver St. John Gogarty, Reuben Lucius Goldberg, Irving Goldman, Joel Ernest Goldthwait, Walter Goldwater, Jack Arthur Goodman, Gordon Grand, Alan G. Grant, Joseph J. Gravely, Ernest Weston Gray, Richard G. Green, Dorothea R. (Schwarcz) Greenbaum, Edward S. Greenbaum, C.G. Greenshields, William Cabell Greet, Alfred Griot, William Gropper, Milt Gross, George Grosz, Arthur Guiterman, Arthur Guy, Louis Morton Hacker, Francis Hackett, Signe (Toksvig) Hackett, Hermann Hagedorn, Henriette Roland Halat, Granville Stanley Hall, Robert Hallowell, Margaret Halsey, Charles Hutchins Hapgood, Hutchins Hapgood, Norman Hapgood, Alfred Harcourt, William Hard, Marion (Choate) Harding, Thomas Swann Harding, Gelston Hardy, Floyd Arthur Harper, Harry Halstead Harper, Frank Harris, Aileen (Brenon) Harrity, Molly Harrower, Henry Hart, Merwin Kimball Hart, Huntington Hartford, Harrison Smith Hartley, Raymond Dexter Havens, Marion (Emsley) Hawes, Howard Haycraft, Hiram Haydn, Friedrich August von Hayek, Bartlett Harding Hayes, Alan S. Hays, Arthur Garfield Hays, Henry Hazlitt, Daniel Heefner, George Sidney Hellman, Ernest Hemingway, Leon Henderson, Ralph Ernest Henderson, James Henle, Josephine Frey Herbst, Don Herold, Charles Judson Herrick, Benjamin Russell Herts, William Best Hesseltine, Granville Hicks, Eugene Higgins, Stanley Hoflund High, Robert Silliman Hillyer, Trygve J. B. Hoff, Edgar F. Hoffmeier, Lancelot Hogben, Harry Levi Hollingworth, John Haynes Holmes, John Holms, Sidney Hook, Ellison Hoover, Josephine Verstille (Nivison) Hopper, Arvo Horm, Eleanor (Greenwood) Hornblower, Hal Horne, Henry Greene Hotchkiss, Henry Beetle Hough, Iskander Hourwich, Roy Wilson Howard, Quincy Howe, Charles T. Hoy, Edwin Powell Hubble, Benjamin W. Huebsch, Alice Hughes, Langston Hughes, Rolfe Humphries, Robert Nigel Carew Hunt, Zora Neale Hurston, Helen Husted, Paul Hutchinson, Aldous Leonard Huxley, Sir Julian Sorell Huxley, Ralph McAllister Ingersoll, William Mann Irvine, Wallace Admah Irwin, Cyril Lionel Roberts James, Daniel James, Pierre Marie Felix Janet, Robinson Jeffers, Belinda (Dobson) Jelliffe, Herbert Franklin Jenkins, Alexander D. Jenney, Eleanor Jewett, Alvin Saunders Johnson, Ray Johnson, William Johnson, Bertha Johnston, Mary Johnston, Eugene Jolas, Howard Munford Jones, Paul Jordan-Smith, Ben Josephson, Irene Josephson, Frederick A. Judson, Eleanor Kairalla, Horace Meyer Kaller, Hans von Kaltenborn, Olga (Von Nordenflycht) Kaltenborn, Panayotis Kanellopoulos, Justin Kaplan, David Karp, Harry Kemp, John F. Kendrick, Rockwell Kent, Alexander Fedorovich Kerenskii, John Barrett Kerfoot, Anthony Kerrigan, John Maynard Keynes, baron Keynes, William Heard Kilpatrick, Alice Mary Kimball, Husband Edward Kimmel, Margaret Pinckney (Allen) King, Stanley King, Harold Kingsley, Mrs. Harold Kingsley Watson Kirkconnell, Sidney Dale Kirkpatrick, George W. Kisker, Benjamin Hamilton Kizer, Pearl Kluger, Hubert Renfro Knickerbocker, Eric Mowbray Knight, Jere Knight, Grant Cochram Knight, Arthur Koestler, Kurt Koffka, Alfred Kohlberg, Aleksandra (Mikla_ilovna) Kollontai, Elizabeth Haven (Pratt) Koren, Samuel Jacob Kornhauser, Hans Kraus, Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Joseph Wood Krutch, Lawrence Schlesinger Kubie, J. Alvin Kugelmass, Minette (Stroock) Kuhn, Stephen A. Kurtz, Suzanne La Follette, Corliss Lamont, Jerome Barker Landfield, Cornelia Thayer (Baldwin) Lane, Rose (Wilder) Lane, Ida Langdon, Jervis Langdon, Leo Lania, Harold Joseph Laski, Melvin J. Lasky, Victor Lasky, Natalie Wales Latham, Ira H. Latimer, Adolph Andreas Latzko, David Lawrence, Stephen Butler Leacock, Daniel Bell Leary, Mabel (Barbee) Lee, David G. Legerman, Maria Leiper, Clara Leiser, Mary Sinton (Lewis) Leitch, Vlad_m_r _l'_ch Lenin, Leo Lentelli, Arthur Eastman Leonard, Mattie (Ivey) Leonard, Morgan Eastman Leonard, William Ellery Leonard, James Henry Leuba, Albert Rice Leventhal, Isaac Don Levine, Samuel Morris Levitas, Newman Levy, Austin Lewis, Clarence Irving Lewis, Diana B. Lewis, John F. Lewis, Edith Louise (Miller) Lewis, Hobart Durbin Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, David Eli Lilienthal, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Walter Lippman, Robert Littell, Harold Albert Loeb, Jack London, Hamilton Abert Long, Battell Loomis, Julia Olivia (Langdon) Loomis, Anita Loos, Herman Lorber, Amy Loveman, Claire (Boothe) Luce, Mabel (Ganson) Dodge Luhan, Harold A. Lynch, Eugene Lyons, William Manley McBride, Virginia Armitage McCall, Spencer Jarnagin McCallie, Mary Margaret Patricia McCarran, Olivia (Rosebrook) McConnell, Katharine (Dexter) McCormick, William McDougall, William McFall, John C. Macfarlane, Frank McGrann, Ethel Marion (Peterkin) MacIver, Hugh John Coleridge Mackarness, Alexander Galt McKnight, Archibald Macleish, Eugene Joseph Magner, Charles Malamuth, Benjamin Mandel, Adra (Ashe) Mann, Baldwin Mann, William M. Mann, Leopold Damrosch Mannes, Martin Thomas Manton, Edwin Markham, Kyra Markham, Betsy Pilat Marston, Dwight Marvin, John Masefield, Gregory Mason, M. Clinton Mason, A. Mathieu, Norman Häghejm Matson, Joseph Brown Matthews, William Somerset Maugham, Marjorie M. Mayer, Harry Monroe Meacham, Daniel Mebane, Andromache (Schliemann) Melas, Harry W. Mellen, Henry Louis Mencken, Otto Julius Merkel, Charles Edward Merriam, Wallace Meyer, Eva Meyerovitch, Sir Francis Meynell, Scudder Middleton, Dra_a Milhailovi_, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Lois (Mattox) Miller, William Robert Miller, John Procter Mills, Robert Minor, Jonathan Mitchell, Leon W. Mitchell, Alice-Leone Moats, Raymond Moley, Lucien Monod, Harriet Monroe, William Pepperell Montague, Ann Leslie (Nichol) Moore, Ernest A. Moore, Marianne Moore, Merrill Moore, Robert Thomas Moore, Ward Moore, Harrison Smith Morris, Robert C. Morris, Joseph Laffan Morse, Asa Henry Morton, John Chaplin Mosher, Armand Mossé, John Harold Moyer, Norbert Muhlen, Arthur Laurence Muir, Lewis Mumford, Charles Samuel Mundell, Katharine D. Murdoch, Frank Murphy, Gilbert Murray, Robert Hammond Murray, Abraham John Muste, Edward Frederick Mylius, Robert Nathan, Alla Nazimova, Adelaide W. Neall, Frederic Cook Nelson, Charles Neider, Louise Townsend Nicholl, Leonora Nichols, Sterling North, Vernon C. Norton, William Warder Norton, Alice Effingham (Hopkins) Nott, Charles Cooper Nott, Ernesto Novelo Torres, W. S. Nyland, Liston M. Oak, Joseph Ely O'Carroll, Victor Wentworth Odlum, Edwin Patrick O'Donnell, Gullbrand Øverbye, William Fielding Ogburn, William Laurence O'Neill, Ivan Opffer, Alexander Orlov, Elwin Lawrence Page, Paul Palmer, George Andreas Papandreou, Helen Huss Parkhurst, H. S. Parsons, Betty Patterson, Alice Paul, Betty Paul, Maurice Eden Paul, Dennis J. Pauly, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Kenneth Wilcox Payne, George Foster Peabody, Josephine Preston Peabody, Charles A. Pearce, Donald Culross Peattie, Samuel M. Pedrick, Waldo Peirce, Maxwell Evarts Perkins, Bliss Perry, Anne Persov, Peter II, Mirtalla (Kardinalovska) Petrov, Vladimir N. Petrov, John Sanburn Phillips, Thomas Wharton Phillips, Elsie Leonora (Gowdy) Picon, Harriet (Fleischl) Pilpel, Amos Richards Eno Pinchot, Ruth (Pickering) Pinchot, Werner Plant, James Plunkett, Philip Pollack, Channing Pollock, Carlo Posselt, Frederick Albert Pottle, Ezra Loomis Pound, James Bissett Pratt, Margery Wilerd (Davis) Pratt, Frederic Prokosch, Anne (Eisner) Putnam, Arthur James Putnam, Bogdan Radica, William McLeod Raine, Robert M. Rainey, Albert Rapp, Charles Rappoport, Fanny Rappoport, Samuel Kerkham Ratcliffe, Leonard Edward Read, Ben Ray Redman, John Reed, Robert Rush Reed, William Marion Reedy, Gustav Regler, Vernon Reyman, Ivy Jean (Baird) Richards, Victor Riesel, Richard Stanton Rimanoczy, Diego Rivera, Ruby (Altizer) Roberts, Bill Robinson, Boardman Robinson, Frederick Bruce Robinson, Henry Morton Robinson, James Harvey Robinson, Wilhelm Röpke, Rochester Hart Rogers, John William Rogers, Romain Rolland, H. Henry Roloff, John Roosa, Theodore Roosevelt, Edward Merrill Root, Mrs. Valentine Rosen, Roswell P. Rosengren, Jacob Rosin, Michael Ross, Charles B. Roth, Constance Mayfield Rourke, Vermont Connecticut Royster, Harold Goddard Rugg, Edward Aloysius Rumely, Bertrand Russell, 3rd earl Russell, Frances Theresa (Peet) Russell, Mary (House) Ryskind, Morrie Ryskind, Jack Salzman, Clara Langhorne (Clemens) Samoussoud, Carl Sandburg, Margaret (Higgins) Sanger, Clive Sansom, George Santayana, Edward Sapir, Hélène Sardeau, Lew R. Sarett, Siegfried Lorraine Sassoon, Eugene F. Saxton, Harry Truax Saylor, Bernardine (Kielty) Scherman, Harry Scherman, Thomas Scherman, Justus Julius Schifferes, William Siegmund Schlamm, Karl Schoenenmann, Max Lincoln Schuster, Louis Herbert Schwartz, Solomon R. Schwarz, Elmer Scott, Edward Wyllis Scripps, Anderson M. Scruggs, Vida Dutton Scudder, William Buehler Seabrook, Eustace Seligman, Arthur W. Seligmann, Victor Serge, Herbert Howard Sergeant, William Ward Seward, Max Shachtman, Nathan D. Shapiro, George Bernard Shaw, William Shawn, Julia Florence Sherbourne, Editta (Rinaldo) Sherman, Joseph Twadell Shipley, Charles B. Shuman, Richard Leo Simon, Robert Simpson, Mary Craig (Kimbrough) Sinclair, Upton Beall Sinclair, Tess Slesinger, John French Sloan, Thomas O'Conor Sloane III, Amos Smalley, Chard Powers Smith, Harrison Smith, Jean (Hoyt) Smith, Jessica Smith, Preserved Smith, Thomas Vernor Smith, Boris Sokoloff, Herbert Solow, Sylvia Solow, Glja Sonnenschein, William Soskin, Re Soupault, Etienne Souriau, Boris Souvarine, Mme Francoise (de Bidart) Souvarine, James V. Spadea, Theodore Spencer, Leonora (von Stosch) Speyer, Harriet Chapman (Jones) Sprague, Harold Sproul, Barbara Stanwyck, E.F. Staral, Monroe Mather Stearns, P. Werner Stecher, Joseph Lincoln Steffens, Ruth (Walgreen) Stephan, Juliet (Lit) Stern, Julius David Stern, Maurice Sterne, Doris Stevens, Wallace Stevens, Ada Stewart, Donald Odgen Stewart, Mary T. Steyn, Fred Holly Stocking, Benjamin Stolberg, Rex Todhunter Stout, Edward Streeter, Clarence Krishman Streit, Charles H. Studin, Aloysius Michael Sullivan, Francois Susanna, Oscar H. Swede, Edgar James Swift, Raymond Gram Swing, Herbert Bayard Swope, John Vernon Taberner, Genevieve Taggard, Frank Tannenbaum, Harry Taylor, Booth Tarkington, Marian (Young) Taylor, Warner Taylor, Norman Mattoon Thomas, Dorothy Thompson, Mary (Clark) Thompson, James Grover Thurber, Charles Sanford Tippetts, Edward Bradford Titchener, Elon Farnsworth Thompkins, Frederic Ridgley Torrence, Muriel Tourrenc, Charles Hanson Towne, Charles L. Tranter, Horace Traubel, Iris Tree, Emma Gray (White) Trigg, Gene Tunney, Robert Charles Tucker, Jean (Starr) Untermeyer, Louis Untermeyer, Sir Stanley Unwin, Fritz William Updegraff, William Hazlett Upson, Amy Vanderbilt, Carl Clinton Van Doren, Mark Van Doren, Hendrik Willem Van Loon, Carl Van Ness, Joseph S. Van Why, Harold Lord Varney, Eleanor Veraude, David Victoroff, H. H. Vernon, Peter Robert Edwin Viereck, Oswald Garrison Villard, John Nathaniel Vincent, Fritz August Voigt, Ludwig Edler von Mises, Charmion von Wiegand, Mary Marvin (Heaton) Vorse, Robert Churchill Vose, Betty Vytlacil, Elizabeth Waddell, Irene (Chadwick) Wagenaar, John Allan Waite, Rosie (Goldschmidt) Waldeck, Louis Waldman, Agnes (Schjoldager) Knickerbocker Walker, DeWitt Wallace, Lila Belle (Acheson) Wallace, Anna (Strumsky) Walling, E. Clayton Walton, Aileen Ward, Margaret Floy Washburn, Stanley Washburn, Charles Henshaw Ward, Fred D. Warren, David Lindsay Watson, Forbes Watson, Franklin Mowry Watts, Hugo Weber, Annie Clemens (Moffett) Webster, Harold Tucker Webster, Henry Kitchell Webster, Albert Coady Wedemeyer, Edward Augustus Weeks, George L. Weissman, George Anthony Weller, Herbert George Wells, Glenway Wescott, Frank Westenkamp, Walter Edward Weyl, James P. Whedon, Willard W. Wheeler, John Hall Wheelock, Elwyn Brooks White, Grace (Hoffman) White, Lawrence Grant White, Paul F. White, Sarah Parker White, William Lindsay White, Stella Muse Whitehead, Helen Whittier, Charles W. Whittlesey, James Lester Wick, Rowse Babcock Wilcox, Albert Rhys Williams, Calder Baynard Willingham, Edmund Wilson, J. Kenneth C. Wilson, Rufus Rockwell Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, William Kurtz Wimsatt, Rosalind Mae (Guggenheim) Winslow, Sophus Keith Winther, Frances Winwar, Stephen Samuel Wise, Samuel W. Witte, Ester (Schiff) Wittfogel, Karl August Wittfogel, M. Adella Wolcott, Bertram David Wolfe, Charles Erskine Scott Wood, Sidney B. Wood, Sidney B. Wood, Jr., Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge, Homer Edwards Woodbridge, William Edward Woodward, Marjorie (Muir) Worthington, Russell Wright, Francis Lewis Wurzburg, Robert Mearns Yerkes, Robert A. York, Annis (Fuller) Young, Arthur Henry Young, William Bernard Ziff, Friderike Maria (Burger) von Winternitz Zweig, Stefan Zweig.

Further materials in the Eastman mss. include letters from Wladslaw M. Besterman, Viktor Mikhailovich Chernov, Jan Ciechanowski enclosing an address to the Cooperative Forum in Washington, D.C., Boris Ivanovich Nikolaevskii, a letter from an anonymous Polish sociologist about the occupation of Poland in 1940, the State Organization Publishing House in Moscow, and Nikolai Vladislavovich Volskii.

The writings of Max Eastman present in the collection include: Poems, with titles, 1906-1930; Dancer through life: Isadora Duncan, 1928; Lenin's letters to his family: report, 1936, Aug.; A case in point (Ernest Hemingway), 1937, Aug.; The end of Socialism in Russia, 1937; Enjoyment of Living: readers' reports, 1938, Nov. 14-Dec. 5; Memo on having dined with Pound and Cummings, 1939, May 24; It takes a poet...(Edmund Wilson), 1942; Lot's wife (galley), 1942, Child welfare in the Soviet Union, 1945, Dec.; What the Russians learn about us: notes, 1945; Yugoslavia: notes, 1945; Are we heading for war with Russia: notes, 1946; Cummings at breakfast, 1949, Aug. 29; Conversation with a Queen (Queen Frederika of Greece), 1949; Food of the Future: notes, 1949-1952; The Kremlin, 1953; How Human are animals, 1957; Two Bertrand Russells, 1957; Ignorance at Washington, 1968; About Sherwood Anderson, n.d.; The Anatomy of a Dictator (Lenin), n.d.; Art Young: profile and notes, n.d.; Conversation with Alexander Barmine, n.d.; Eliot himself speaks...of poetry, n.d.; Ely Culbertson: notes for a portrait, n.d.; Enjoyment of Laughter, n.d.; Enjoyment of Living, n.d.; Enjoyment of Poetry, n.d.; Every statement that Scott Nearing makes...n.d.; For Summer Days, n.d.; Hart Crane: notes, n.d.; Heroes I have known, n.d.; Keys to the Moscow Murder Mystery, n.d.; Lenin Expurgated: review, n.d.; Mark Twain's experiences, n.d.; Marxism, Is it science, n.d.; Mencken, n.d.; Poems: fragments, n.d.; Poems, with titles, n.d.; Poems of Five Decades, n.d.; Poetry and Science: notes, n.d.; Re Bob Minor, n.d.; Re Marx: an informal note, n.d.; Reflections on the failure of Socialism, n.d.; Robert Burns, n.d.; Russian War Relief Society: notes, n.d.; Seven kinds of goodness, n.d.; Song of the sea, n.d.; Stalin's American Power, n.d.; Stalin's American Press, n.d.; Stalin's Purposes, n.d.; Stalin's Russia and the crisis in Socialism, n.d.; Tom Paine: notes, n.d.; Tzar to Lenin: copy of remarks, n.d.; Unnecessary fog: review, n.d.; Walt Whitman: notes, n.d.; Who threatens cultural freedom in America, n.d.

Writings by other authors include: Anonymous, Guacho, 1925, Mar.; Anonymous, Reader's opinion of Science of Revolution, 1926, Mar. 5; Anonymous, Albania...n.d.; Anonymous, Le Marxisme comme Science et comme Philosophie, n.d.; Anonymous, The prophet of social relations, n.d.; Barclay Acheson, ...about Antonio Francisco Lisbòs, 1944; Alexander Barmine, The new communist conspiracy, n.d.; Alexander Barmine, Russian policy in Europe, n.d.; Percy Holmes Boynton, The Literary Mind by Max Eastman: review, n.d.; John Abbott Clark, Enjoyment of Living by Max Eastman: review, n.d.; Floyd Dell, Notes on Max Eastman's poems, n.d.; Sergei Kurilov with Gene Tunney, Sports in the Soviet Union, n.d.; League for Peace and Democracy, Collected papers about..., 1941; League of American Writers, Collected papers about..., n.d.; Eugene Lyons, The Red Decade, Chapter 31 and materials for the book, n.d.; Marjorie Mayer, Poems, n.d.; Andromache (Schliemann) Melas, My most unforgettable character, 1949; Robert Minor, What happened in Russia, n.d.; Waldo Peirce, Poems, n.d.; Vladimir N. Petrov, Soviet Gold Rush, n.d.; Victor Riesel, Innocents at large...n.d.; Victor Riesel, Hollywood fellow travelers, n.d.; Jacob Rosin, The Road to Abundance, 1952-1953; Karl Schriftgiesser, Max Eastman and the Literary Mind, 1931, Nov. 28; Leopold Schwarzschild, The real Karl Marx, 1951; Paul Wohl, Cagliostro of the underworld or the real story of Soviet agent Krivitsky, n.d.

Among the printed materials are clippings and notes arranged by subject which were collected by Eastman for the preparation of his writings and the newspaper or periodical reviews of his books, articles, and lectures arranged by title.

Other collections related to the Eastman mss. are the Deshon mss.; Eastman, A.F., mss.; Eastman, E., mss.; McKay mss.; Norton mss.; and the Trotskii mss.

An inventory is available.

Acquired: Max Eastman and Mrs. Yvette (Székely) Eastman, Chilmark, Massachusetts. 1958, 1971, 1985, 1986

Collection size: 4,096 items

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