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The Eigenmann mss., 1851-1971, are the papers of Carl H. Eigenmann, 1863-1927, ichthyologist, and of his wife, Rosa (Smith) Eigenmann, 1858-1947, ichthyologist. Both were students at Indiana University, Mrs. Eigenmann in 1880-1882, and Mr. Eigenmann, B.A. 1886, M.A. 1887, Ph.D. 1889. In 1881 Rosa Smith joined David Starr Jordan with a party of students on a tour of Europe. Following the Eigenmann's marriage in 1887, both went to Harvard University to study the Agassiz fish collection for about two years, returned to California where Mr. Eigenmann served as Curator of Fishes at San Diego and at San Francisco. In 1886 he came to Indiana University and later filled the Chair of Zoology vacated by David Starr Jordan in 1891. In 1908 he was appointed Dean of the Graduate School. Between 1908 and 1918 Eigenmann served concurrently as Curator of Fishes at the Carnegie Museum at Pittsburgh. He founded the Biological Station on Turkey Lake at Vawter Park in 1895 and served as its director until 1920. Both the Eigenmanns made extensive contributions toward the study of blind fish and other fish species. Collecting trips to Cuba and to South America were made in 1903, 1908, 1911, 1912, 1917, and in 1918. During these ventures Eigenmann took many photographs of the people and the countryside.

The early writings of Carl and Rosa Eigenmann are listed in Samuel Bannister Harding, Indiana University, 1820-1904 (Bloomington, 1904), as contributions of Faculty and Alumni. Two scrapbooks in the collection, 1894-1924, and 1927-1929, serve to point out other professional activities and affiliations of Dr. Eigenmann. In 1970 Eigenmann Center at Indiana University was named for the former Dean of the Graduate School. Mrs. Eigenmann was president of The National Science Club for Women in 1895 and was the first woman president of Sigma Xi, national honorary scientific society.

Materials in the collection include: Biographical material (with Address Book, 1925-36, and obituaries); Correspondence, 1851-1971 (473 letters); Miscellaneous materials (certificates and diploma); Photographs (family, South American scenes, university); Printed (articles, news items and scrapbooks); Writings (albums, articles/books, diaries, news stories, school essays). With the writings is the 1852 manuscript of Enumeratio Piscium Cubensicum by Felipe Poey y Aloy, 1799-1891, ichthyologist.

The correspondence includes letters with the Charles Kendall Smith family of Rosa (Smith) Eigenmann; the Eigenmann and Schuler families in Germany; the Eigenmann children as youngsters, 1898-1909, and later as adults: Lucretia Margaretha Eigenmann, 1889- , who spent the later years of her life near Butlerville, Ind., Charlotte Elizabeth Eigenmann, 1891-1959, a Stanford graduate with a career in editorial work; Theodore Smith Eigenmann, 1893-1970, who after a tour of duty in the army in 1918 became a patient of veterans' hospitals; Adele Rosa (Eigenmann) Eiler, 1896-1978, who joined her father on the Irwin Expedition to South America in 1918-1919, received her medical degree from Indiana University in 1921, later married John Oliver Eiler and resided in San Diego; Thora Marie Eigenmann, 1901-1968, a journalism graduate of the University of Missouri with a career in writing. Letters between Carl H. and Rosa (Smith) Eigenmann reflect not only family concerns but their professional activities as well, notably the Irwin Expedition in 1918-1919. Many letters are from colleagues at Indiana University, other universities, and scientific institutions and organizations. Several of the letters were damaged when stamps were removed by the family.

The correspondents are Clinton Gilbert Abbott, John True Abbott, Benjamin Franklin Adams, William Ray Allen, Frank Ayedelotte, Arthur Mangum Banta, Thomas Barbour, Ira Coleman Batman, Barton Appler Bean, Ellinor Helene Behre, Arthur J. Bierhaus, Mary (Smith) Berry, L.S. Blaisdell, Mark Frederick Boyd, Townshend Stith Brandegee, Paul Brockett, William Lowe Bryan, Charles J. Buchanan, Hermon Carey Bumpus, Amos William Butler, William Churchill, Daniel Cleveland, Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell, Melville Thurston Cook, Raymond Huntington Coon, Edward Drinker Cope, John William Cravens, Edgar Roscoe Cumings, Raymond Pillsbury Currier, Emmett Reid Dunn, Georg Egel, Augustus P. Eigenmann, Carl H. Eigenmann, Charlotte Elizabeth Eigenmann, Christiana Eigenmann, Rosa (Smith) Eigenmann, Theodore Smith Eigenmann, Thora Marie Eigenmann, Adele Rosa (Eigenmann) Eiler, Charles William Eliot, Frank Reel Elliott, Charles Phillips Emerson, Fred Engen, Barton Warren Everman, James William Fesler, Carl Graham Fisher, Florida East Coast Railway Co., Simon Henry Gage, W. M. Gilbert, Jacob Gimbel, Eugene Willis Gudger, Walter Louis Hahn, Samuel Bannister Harding, William George Willoughby Harford, Thomas J. Headlee, Arthur Wilbur Henn, Samuel Henshaw, Amos Shartle Hershey, Samuel Frederick Hildebrand, Joseph William Hobson, Charles Frederick Holder, William Jacob Holland, Carl Leavitt Hubbs, Hermann von Ihering, Fred Bates Johnson, David Starr Jordan, Chancey Juday, Richard Kendall, Alfred Charles Kinsey, Alfred Henry Lloyd, Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Waldo Lee McAtee, Norman Eugene McIndoo, Eunice A. Marsh, John Campbell Merriam, John Anthony Miller, Dwight Elmer Minnich, James Ernest Moffat, Priscilla (Braislin) Montgomery, Merrill Moores, Anita Mary Mhl, George Sprague Myers, Morton Myers, Romulo Sebastian Na¢n, Henry O'Malley, Emily R. Preston Parry, Abigail (Hutchinson) Patton, Elizabeth (Janeway) Payne, Fernandus Payne, Dorothy (Zimmerman) Perlman, Kate (Milner) Rabb, Lewis Radcliffe, Florence M. Read, W.L. Reeves, John Russell, Robert Francis Scharff, Dina (Eigenmann) Schuler, Margaretha Schuler, Naomi Florence (Crumbaugh) Scott, Will Scott, William Berryman Scott, Massimo Sella, Kate Olivia Sessions, Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber, Blanche (Good) Sillery, C. F. Skinker, John Russell Smith, Lucretia M. (Gray) Smith, Ulysses Howe Smith, Mary Angela Spink, Leonhard Hess Stejneger, Witmer Stone, Laura Osborne Talbott, John Tee-Van, Mason Blanchard Thomas, Rose (Hartwick) Thorpe, Charles Haskins Townsend, Erich Tschermak-Seysenegg, Albert Brennus Ulrey, Clara Wagner, Henry Baldwin Ward, Herman B. Wells, Frank Alexander Wetmore, Ray Lyman Wilbur, L. Susanne Wilcox-Heisley, Ludwig Wildt, Walter Williams, Charles Clarence Williamson, H. Charles Williamson, Esther (DeCoster) Willis, William S. Wright, William Jay Youmans.

Some of the materials are in oversize folders. A more detailed inventory of the collection, except for the correspondents, is located in the vertical file.

Collection size: 1,767 items

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