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I. Correspondence

Box 1
  • 1914-1954. Arranged chronologically. Not indexed (10 folders)

II. Writings

Box 1
  • Addresses, lectures, sermons, 1909-1952. Arranged chronologically. May also contain church bulletins for date sermon was given. (22 folders)
Box 2
  • Addresses,... (cont.) (6 folders)
  • Articles. 1. "Final Authority in Religion" for Newton Theological Institute, 1908; 2. "There is Room for the Christ-Child" for The Muncie Star, Dec. 22, 1921; "The World and War" for The Muncie Press, Nov. 28, 1923. (1 folder)
  • Book. Forever as the Stars (unpublished). Draft pages, holograph and typescript (2 folders)
  • Diaries. 1. May 5, 1917-May 4, 1918 (1 folder); 2. May 25, 1918-Apr. 6 1919 (5 folders)
  • Notebook. Contains chronology of career, 1892-1899, poem, notes for sermons, etc.
  • Radio broadcasts. Typescripts, 1931-1934, for broadcasts in Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon
  • Writings by others. 1. Notebook of messages from friends of Everson's upon his departure from Richmond, Indiana in 1897 to attend Franklin College and from friends in Franklin, Indiana, 1899; 2. poem "Abraham Lincoln," by Richard L. Johnson. typescript. (1 folder)
Box 5
  • Index cards concerning various subjects for sermons, talks, etc.

III. Career

  • Arranged by College, Military and Pastorates. Completing this section is a folder of mostly printed items concerning talks and sermons given elsewhere by WGE.


Box 2
  • Franklin College, Franklin, Indiana (student). Yearbooks for 1899 and 1902; handmade calendar with photographs of WGE; miscellaneous items, including commencement invitation and grades (2 folders)
  • Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon (president, 1938-1943). Including student Handbook, bulletins, Linfield College Songs


Box 2
  • Certificates. Mostly concerning various advancements in rank and one certificate of distinction from the Italian military delegation dated 1916 (see also: Box 8)
  • "The Company Log from September 7th 1917 to May 2nd 1919" 332nd Infantry A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Forces). Bound Personal Orders, Oct. 1, 1929-Sept. 30, 1930. Includes orders from The War Department and itineraries
  • Miscellaneous. Includes: Officer's identity card, American Expeditionary Forces, ca. 1919; Officer's Record Book, 1918-1919; record of service in the Indiana National Guard, 1898-1919


  • Following Everson's bible, this section is arranged by the dates Everson served as pastor, and the name and location of the church. Mostly printed materials.
Box 3
  • The Holy Bible... (New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1901)
  • 1911-1915. Fourth Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky. Postcard; church bulletin; materials and clippings concerning Missionary Exhibit, Oct. 21-23, 1914
  • 1915-1921. Norwood Baptist Church, Norwood, Ohio. "Dedication Services...Oct. 14-15-16-17-19, 1919" (2 copies); Seventy-fifth anniversary, 1866-1941, pamphlet.
  • 1921-1930. First Baptist Church, Muncie, Indiana. Church bulletins and various printed items related to the mortgage burning and dedication service
  • 1931-1933. First Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado. "1932 Directory of the First Baptist Church"; "A Century of Baptist Faith, First Baptist Church of Denver, 1964-1964" (2 copies); announcement of Special Revival Services, Sept. 18-Oct. 2, 1932
  • 1933-1939. The First Baptist Church, "The White Temple," Portland, Oregon. Handbook and Visiting List, 1893; church bulletins; announcement of Special Revival Services, Mar. 18-Apr. 1, 1934; brochure for "The World in the White Temple, February 19, 20, 21, 22, 1935; various tracts and other printed materials; financial - lists of donations and moving expenses to Richmond, Indiana (2 folders)
  • 1946-1948. First Baptist Church, Richmond, Indiana. Church bulletins; printed items
  • Miscellaneous church bulletins, announcements, programs concerning sermons, talks, etc. by WGE, 1926-1954

IV. Photographs

Arranged by subject.
Box 3
  • Buildings. Total: 15 (see also: Box 6)
  • Everson, William Graham. 11 portraits. Total: 18 (see also: Box 6)
  • Everson, William Graham in military uniform. 14 portraits. Total: 25 (see also: Box 6)
  • Everson, Mary Coon. 13 portraits. Total: 25 (2 folders)
  • Everson, William Graham and Mary Coon. 7 portraits. Total: 17 (see also: Box 6)
  • Everson, William Graham, Mary Coon, and children. Mostly snapshots. Total: ca. 48. Some may be duplicates.
  • Everson, John. Mostly snapshots. Total: ca. 62. Some may be duplicates.
  • Family and friends. Portraits, including two tintypes. Total: 80. Some may be duplicates (4 folders) (see also: Boxes 4, 5, 6 and 8)
  • Military-related. Including several of WGE and airplanes he flew cross country. Total: 11 (2 are duplicates) (see also: Boxes 5 and 6)
  • Official American Expeditionary Forces photos by the Signal Corps. Includes index. Total: ca. 124 (2 folders)
Box 4
  • Official A.E.F. photos... (cont.) (2 folders)
  • Photographic assignment by Mary Louise Everson for New York Institute of Photography
Box 5
  • Snapshots. Total: ca. 385
Box 6
  • Large photographs. Total: 38 (3 are duplicates)
Box 8
  • Two large group photographs

V. Scrapbooks

Box 4
  • 1916-1944. Mostly clippings. Loose items removed (2 folders)
  • 1931-1944. Mostly clippings
  • 1937-1941. Photographs, clippings and printed items
  • 1943. Loose pages. Mostly clippings concerning resignation from presidency of Linfield College

VI. Miscellaneous

Box 4
  • Everson, Mary Coon. Includes invitation to Richland Township [High] School commencement exercises; program for senior class play, Franklin College, 1904
  • Obituary and memorial materials
  • Religious tracts. Printed
  • Clippings (3 folders)
  • Miscellany
Box 7
  • Certificates, diplomas, etc. Includes marriage certificate, diplomas for both WGE and Mary Coon, various certificates relating to the military and his membership as a freemason, etc.

VII. Artifacts

Box 5
  • Flags:
    • Three United States flags. Two with 48 stars, one with 50 stars
    • One United States Yacht Ensign flag
    • One flag signifying WGE as Major General of the United States Militia Bureau
    • Indiana State Police badge inscribed to "Major General Wm G Everson...Nov. 1, 1929"
    • Medal encased in glass: "Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Class Graduation, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon, incorporated Jan. 30, 1858"
    • Plaque: "...Commemorating Four Years Inspiring Linfield Leadership, Class of '42"
    • Purple Heart, three dog tags and various military ribbons and patches
    • Vial of ashes from burned mortgage, First Baptist Church, Muncie, Indiana, Jan. 2, 1944

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