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The Fellini mss., 1968-1983, consist of drawings, film scripts, and other writings by Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, 1920- . An inventory of the collection is available. A finding aid is also available.

For additional and related materials see Pinelli mss.

Purchase. Federico Fellini, Rome, Italy. 1988


  • Box 1
    • 1. Fare un film. October 1976. The original typescript manuscript of Fare un film, (Turin: Einaudi, 1980; Zurich: Diogenes Verlag, 1980). Signed by director. Contains corrections in Fellini's hand. Includes a color sketch of Gelsomina, the protagonist of La Strada on the cover, which was eventually used as the cover for the Italian edition of the book.
    • 2. Block-notes di un regista: Appunti di Federico Fellini (the first version of the script for the film, Intervista, 1987)
    • 3. Ginger e Fred. 1985. The original typescript manuscript. Bound and signed on the front page by Federico Fellini
    • 4. Ginger and Fred (English translation). Xerox copy. Contains some corrections by Fellini.
    • 5. Prova d'orchestra. 1979. The front page contains Fellini's drawing of an orchestra director's arm, a baton, and a music stand. Last page is a color sketch that contrasts Fellini as he dreams of himself to Fellini as he actually is.
    • 6. Notes on Prova d'orchestra. Xerox copy. Color drawing (orange) of orchestra director with outstretched baton and music stand.
  • Box 2
    • 7. Script of television commercial for Campari Soda. 1983. Xerox copy. Signed by Fellini.
    • 8. E la nava va. Typescript first copy but with no corrections. Original story idea for the film by Fellini and Tonino Guerra upon which the original shooting script was based. Contains a color drawing on the cover, with Fellini's signature, of the ominous battleship of the film.
    • 9. Juliet of the Spirits. Original English translation of the screenplay.
    • 10. Roma. 1972 (6 notebooks). All Xerox copies.
      • 1. Introduzione/Inizio Roma (opening sequence). Sequence #1. First page is color drawing of principal and young scholar dressed in black uniform. Titled "Il preside Bosch, detto 'Zeus'"
      • 2. L'arrivo a Roma (protagonist's arrival in the city). Sequence #2. First page is color drawing of heavyset woman carrying bag of groceries with a cigarette in her mouth and a soldier holding a shield wearing an elaborate helmet with long black tassel.
      • 3. Raccordo anulare (traffic jam on the autostrads). Sequence #3. First page is color drawing of the back of a heavyset person in motion.
      • 4. Il defile. Sequence without number. First page is color drawing of a cardinal, front and side views.
      • 5. I casini. Sequence #7. First page is a brothel scene showing the legs of a heavyset woman walking down a stairway.
      • 6. gli aristocratici e il defile (the aristocrats and the fashion show). Sequence #8. First page is color drawing of cardinal hat with sketching of cardinal in design of hat.
    • 11. Toby Dammit. 1968. Carbon copy. Numerous corrections in Fellini's hand. Notations in director's hand referring to various shots on location, plus numerous changes in dialogue and shots. Small sketch on cover, cancelled in pencil but clearly visible. Color drawing on last page 75 of decapitated head and beach ball on a deck.

Collection size: 11 items

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