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The Fuchs mss., 1920-1979, consist of the correspondence, professional and teaching files, and writings of Ralph Follen Fuchs, 1899-1985, Indiana University Professor Emeritus of Law.

In addition to his long and distinguished career at Washington University in St. Louis, 1925-1945, and Indiana University since 1945, Professor Fuchs has been very active in Unitarian church and civic affairs, as well as serving many governmental agencies and commissions at both state and federal levels. In 1955 he took a leave of absence from Indiana University to serve two years in Washington, D.C. as General Secretary of the American Association of University Professors, and another leave in 1960/61 was taken in order to head the Indian Law Institute in New Delhi, then operating under the auspices of the Ford Foundation. Although University Professor Emeritus since 1969, Professor Fuchs has continued to be active in teaching, including two semesters as Visiting Professor at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, writing, consultation, and legal case work.

The collection arrangement begins with five cartons of general correspondence, 1920-1979. Following this group the files are then organized according to areas of Professor Fuchs' career and activities. The first of these consists of materials relating to national organizations in which he was most active: The American Association of University Professors, 1945-1974; the American Bar Association, 1935- 1973; American Association of Law Schools, 1946-1972; American Civil Liberties Union, 1932-1977, (including the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, of which Mr. Fuchs was a founding member, and the Indiana University Civil Liberties Union); and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1947-1955. These materials reflect and document Professor Fuchs' keen interest in civil rights and academic freedom and contain source material in particular abundance on the McCarthy-Communist hunt period, Negro Rights, especially during the 1950's, and the Vietnam War era.

Following the organizational files are those relating to Unitarian Church affairs; civil activities in St. Louis and Bloomington; professional work as a lawyer, consultant, etc.; Federal Government work, including the Federal Security Agency, 1939-41, and the Civil Service Commission, Board of Legal Examiners, 1942-43; writings and speeches, 1930's-1971; Indiana Law Institute, 1960-1965; faculty activities and course material at Washington University School of Law; and faculty activities and course development at Indiana University, centering particularly on Administrative Law and Antitrust.

A detailed box and folder list of the collection is available in the Public Services Department, Vertical File, as is a complete list of the correspondence in the Indian Law Institute section. Among the correspondents present in this one portion are: Alfred Fletcher Conard, Douglas Ensminger, John Gunther Fleming, Ralph Follen Fuchs, John Kenneth Galbraith, K. Gupteswar, Dan Fenno Henderson; Anithottam Thomas Markose, Robert Eldon Mathews, Herbert Christopher Laing Merillat, Kanailal Maneklal Munshi, Prabhakar Parsuram Panit, Robert Erwin Rutherford, Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Sinha, Carl Bernhardt Spaeth, Arthur Taylor von Mehren, and Leon Harry Wallace.

Collection size: 46,000 items

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