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The Graves mss., 1914-1994, consist of correspondence and research materials collected by Richard Perceval Graves, 1945- , in preparation for writing his biography of Welsh author, Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, 1900-1976. Graves was born in Brighton, England, and educated at Oxford, where he met Hughes for the first time in the mid-1960s. Hughes had been a close friend of the Graves family since the 1910s. Following publication of his biography of A.E. Housman in 1979, Graves approached Hughes's widow, Frances, about doing a biography of her husband. Meanwhile he conducted research and corresponded with Hughes's family and friends and in 1984 was selected by Hughes's literary executor Lucy McEntee, to do an authorized biography. The resulting book, Richard Hughes: A Biography, was published by A. Deutsch in 1994. [Lilly PR6015.U35 Z6]

Included in the collection are biographical notes on both Richard and Frances Hughes, correspondence of Richard Perceval Graves with family and friends of Hughes, with Hughes's literary executor, and with his eventual publisher of the biography, Andre Deutsch, Ltd. Correspondents include: Gwenol (Satow) Heneker, Frances Catherine Ruth (Bazley) Hughes, Owain Gardner Collingwood Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, Robert Elistan Glodrydd Hughes, Peter Levi, Lucy McEntee, Penelope (Hughes) Minney, Geraint Dyfnallt Owen, Lleky (Hughes) Papastavrou, Thomas Gabriel Rosenthal, Norah Smallwood, Anthony Thwaite, and Colin Michael Wells.

Also present in the collection are several issues of The Carthusian, the school magazine of Charterhouse which Hughes attended before going on to Oxford, and a folder of clippings about Hughes or his writings. Two drafts of the full biography, including end-notes, complete the collection.

Purchase. Richard Perceval Graves. Shrewsbury, England. 1994

Box and folder list

  • Box 1: Biographical materials and correspondence.
    • folder 1: Biographical notes on Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, author unknown, n.d., A.D., 2p. and on Frances Catherine Ruth (Bazley) Hughes, by Lady Henriette Abel Smith, n.d., A.D., 2p.
    • folder 2: Brief Synopsis for A Life of Richard Hughes - 3 drafts: Jan. 1986; Apr. 1989; July 1989
    • folder 3: RPG correspondence with Hughes's daughter, Penelope (Hughes) Minney, 1979-1993
    • folder 4: RPG correspondence with other Hughes's children, 1985-1994:
      • Hughes, Owain Gardner Collingwood, 1993-1994 (10)
      • Hughes, Robert Elistan Glodrydd, 1985-1993 (2)
      • Papastavrou, Lleky (Hughes), 1993 (4)
      • Wells, Colin and Catharine Phyllida (Hughes), 1985-1992 (11)
    • folders 5-6: RPG correspondence with Hughes's secretary and literary executor, Lucy McEntee, 1979-1993
    • folder 7: RPG correspondence with publisher, Andre Deutsch Ltd., 1991-1994, including:
      • Morris, Laura, 1991 (1)
      • Rosenthal, Thomas Gabriel, 1991 (3)
      • Thwaite, Anthony, 1991-1993 (43)
    • folder 8: Miscellaneous correspondence, 1925-1984. Includes letters to and from RPG but also some earlier correspondence between others, particularly Richard Hughes, John Graves, etc., about or related to Hughes. Among the correspondents are:
      • Andrew Best, 1979, 13 Nov. To RPG
      • Gwenol Heneker, n.d. To John
      • Frances Hughes, 1979-1980. To and from RPG
      • Louisa Grace (Warren) Hughes, 1925-1926. To Mrs. [Amy?] Graves
      • Richard Hughes, 1973, and n.d. To John [Graves?]
      • Peter Levi, 1984? To RPG
      • Geraint Dyfnallt Owen, 1984, Feb. 3, 18 (enclosure). To RPG
      • Norah Smallwood, 1979, Nov. 19. To RPG
      • Rita Spurdle, 1979, Nov. 14. From RPG
    • Printed:
    • folders 9-14: The Carthusian. The school magazine of Charterhouse, to which Hughes contributed poems and other literary pieces while a student; he became editor in 1918. Some issues here include poems by Robert Graves, also editor of the magazine before WWI, as well as by Richard Hughes:
      • folder 9: 1914, Oct.; Nov.; Dec. Vol. XI, no. 379-381
      • folder 10: 1915, Feb.; Mar.; Apr. Vol. XI, no. 382-384
      • folder 11: 1915, June; July; Aug. Vol. XI, no. 385-387
      • folder 12: 1915, Oct.; Nov.; Dec. Vol. XI, no. 399-390
      • folder 13: 1916, Feb.; Apr.; June; July Vol. XI, no.391-394
      • folder 14: 1920, Oct.; Dec. Vol. XIII, no. 416-417; 1929, Nov. Vol. 15, no. 1
      • folder 15: Clippings, re: Hughes
  • Box 2: Richard Hughes biography. Original title: The Gale of Life: A Biography of Richard Hughes.
    • folder 1: The Gale of Life, Book 4, pp., 385-490. T.D. First Draft
    • folders 2-7: The Gale of Life - 1st complete draft of biography. T.D. with numerous autograph changes, insertions, and deletions.
  • Box 3: The Gale of Life. Final draft. T.D. (6 folders)

Collection size: 225 items

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