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I. General Correspondence

Box 1

  • folder 1: Miscellaneous letters, arranged alphabetically by author, ca. 1978-1982. Includes Marvin Bell, Galway Kinnell, Hilton Kramer, W.S. Merwin, Reg Saner, and Richard Shelton
  • folder 2: Letters from Latin American poets, all in Spanish, arranged alphabetically by author, ca. 1984-1987. Includes Ernesto Sábato, and Raúl Zurita
  • folder 3: Christopher Middleton, 1979-1985
  • folder 4: Correspondence re: "New Latin American Poetry Festival, Oct. 18-20, 1985." Arranged alphabetically and includes Marjorie Agosín, Laureano Albán, Homero Aridjis, Willis Barnstone, Philip Levine, W.S. Merwin, Herberto Padilla, Alastair Reid, Gonzalo Rojas, and Eliot Weinberger

II. Author files

Box 1

Armand, Octavio. [Toward an Image of Latin American Poetry. Edited with an introduction by Octavio Armand. Durango Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1982. With Dusk. Translated by Carol Maier. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1984]

  • folders 1-3: Correspondence, 1979-1986
  • folder 4: Translation and manuscript fragments and miscellaneous items relating to both volumes
  • folder 5: Toward an Image of Latin American Poetry - photographs of authors
  • folder 6: Miscellaneous printed items.

Benedikt, Michael. [Benedikt : A Profile. With Critical Essays by Louis Gallo and Alan Ziegler, an interview by Naomi Shihab and a portfolio of 18 new poems and a preface by Michael Benedikt. Tucson, AZ: Grilled Flowers Press, 1978.]

  • Correspondence, 1977-1979: chiefly Benedikt to Graziano and a couple from Naomi Shihab.

Chappel, Allen. [Aichinger, Ilse. Selected Poetry & Prose. Edited and translated by Allen H. Chappel. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1983]

  • Correspondence, 1982-1983, primarily with Allen Chappel; partial typescript marked for printer.

Cole, Michael. [Saarikoski, Pentti. Dances of the obscure. Translated from the Finnish by Michael Cole & Karen Kimball. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1987]

  • Correspondence, 1985-1987, with Michael Cole; miscellaneous notes, etc. relating to publication.

Follain, Jean. [12 Poems. Translated by Mary Feeney. Iowa City: Grilled Flowers, 1977. Follain : A Biographical Poem by Frank Graziano; Initiation: A Selection from the Prose of Jean Follain. Edited and translated by Mary Feeney. Madison, Wisc: Bieler Press, 1979. Canisy. Translated by Louise Guiney, with the assistance of Madeleine Follain; with a foreword by Robert Morgan. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1981. A World Rich in Anniversaries. With translations by Mary Fenney & William Matthews. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1981. Selected Prose. Translated by Mary Feeney & Louise Guiney. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1985]

  • folders 1-5: Correspondence, 1977-1992. Includes correspondence with Mary Feeney, Madeleine Follain, Louise Guiney, William Matthews, W.S. Merwin, and Robert Morgan.
  • folders 6-7: Canisy. Manuscript; book production materials.
  • folder 8: Initiation and Selected Prose. Photographs and book production materials. [2 mock-ups for cover of Selected Prosein an oversize folder]
  • folder 9: A World Rich in Anniversaries. Book production materials.
  • folders 10-11: Miscellaneous manuscript pages and fragments.
  • folder 12: Publication announcements (printed)

Graziano, Frank. [Homage to Robert Penn Warren: A Collection of Critical Essays, edited by Frank Graziano. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1981]

  • Correspondence, 1979-1982.Includes letters from David Brooks, Hilton Kramer, Dave Smith, Robert Penn Warren, and Rosanna Warren, all contributors to the volume.

Graziano, Frank. [New Poetry of the American West, edited by Peter Wild & Frank Graziano. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1982]

  • Correspondence, 1982. Includes John Haines, Richard Hugo, Reg Saner, Richard Shelton, William Stafford; printed publication announcement.

Hamburger, Michael. [Sorescu, Marin. This Hour. Translated by Michael Hamburger. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1982]

  • Correspondence, 1980-1985, chiefly from Michael Hamburger; one letter from Marin Sorescu; manuscript mock-up.

Simic, Charles. [White: A New Version. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1980]

  • folder 1: Correspondence, ca. 1980-1984. Letters and post cards from Charles Simic.
  • folder 2: Manuscript marked for printer; corrected page proofs; miscellaneous book production materials.

Strand, Mark. [Mark Strand: A Profile. With an Interview, and with Critical Essays by Octavio Armand (translated by Carol Maier) and David Brooks. Iowa City: Grilled Flowers Press, 1979]

  • Correspondence, ca. 1978-1982, chiefly with Mark Strand but including letters from David Brooks and Carol Maier;cassette tape and corrected typescript of interview by Frank Graziano; photograph of Strand; holograph poem that appears in facsimile in published volume.

Trakl, Georg. [Georg Trakl: A Profile. Edited with an introduction by Frank Graziano. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1983]

  • folders 1-2: Correspondence, 1981-1984.Includes letters from Michael Hamburger, Christopher Middleton, Roderick Iverson, and Siegfried Mandel
  • folder 3: typescripts and miscellaneous book production materials

Wright, Charles. [Wright: A Profile. New Poems by Charles Wright, with an Interview and a Critical Essay by David St. John. Iowa City: Grilled Flowers Press, 1979]

  • Correspondence, 1978-1983,chiefly with Charles Wright; a few notes and letters from David St. John; includes questions submitted to Wright and his written responses.

Wright, James A. [Leave It To the Sunlight. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1981. A Reply to Matthew Arnold. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1981. A Secret Field: Selections from the Final Journals of James Wright. Edited by Anne Wright. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1985. James Wright: A Profile. Edited by Frank Graziano & Peter Stitt. Durango, Colo: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1988]

  • folders 1-2: Correspondence, 1981-1987. Primarily with Peter Stitt and Anne Wright but also present are letters to and from Robert Bly, Galway Kinnell, Frank MacShane, and permissions letters from various publishers relating to the Profile volume.
  • folder 3: James Wright: A Profile. Portions of book manuscript marked for printer, including "Many Waters" by Anne Wright (T.D., 11p.); "James Wright and the Slender Woman" by Robert Bly (T.D., 21p.); "James Wright, the Search for Light" by Frank MacShane (T.D., 7p.) Some book production material; printed publication announcement.
  • folder 4: Leave It to the Sunlight. Manuscript marked for printer, etc.
  • folder 5: A Reply to Matthew Arnold. Manuscript; proofs, etc.
  • folder 6: A Secret Field.... Manuscript, proofs, book production materials.
  • folder 7: This Journey [New York: Random House, 1982] Photocopy of incomplete manuscript.[This manuscript was sent to Frank Graziano by Peter Stitt, Wright's literary executor, in December 1981, apparently without a cover letter]

III. Miscellaneous

Box 2

  • Photographs and negatives, related to Logbridge-Rhodes publications?
  • Printed materials re: Grilled Flowers Press
  • Printed: Logbridge-Rhodes publication announcements, etc. (2 folders)
  • Printed: Logbridge-Rhodes. Clippings, miscellaneous announcements.
  • Printed: re: Frank Graziano readings, etc.
  • "Felisberto Hernandez: An International Homage. Apr. 15-17, 1993." [organized by Frank Graziano?] Photographs and printed program


  • Follain. Selected Prose. Two mock-ups for cover

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