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The Haldeman, Mrs. S. A., mss., 1839-1953, consist in the main of personal correspondence and papers of Mrs. Sarah Alice (Addams) Haldeman, (Mrs. Henry Winfield Haldeman), 1854-1915, banker.

Career of Mrs. Haldeman: born June 5, 1854 at Cedarville, Illinois, daughter of John Huy and Sarah (Weber) Addams; Oct. 25, 1875, married Henry Winfield Haldeman, 1848-1905, physician and banker; June 18, 1887, daughter Anna Marcet, born; 1890's president of the Girard (Kansas) Board of education; 1890's and 1900's active in church work and women's clubs; Jan. 21, 1899, elected first president of the Girard public library association; on death of husband in 1905 succeeded him as president of the State bank of Girard; 1914, elected as vice-president for the third district of the Kansas state bankers association; died Mar. 19, 1915 at Augustana hospital, Chicago, and buried at Cedarville, Iowa.

Career of Mrs. Anna Marcet (Haldeman) Haldeman-Julius: born, Girard, Kansas, June 18, 1887; studied at Rockford seminary, Rockford, Ill., 1902-1903, at Dearborn seminary, Chicago, Ill., 1904-1905, at Bryn Mawr college, 1905-1908, and at the American academy of dramatic arts, New York, 1908- 1910; 1910-1913, acted in stock companies in the U.S. and Canada under the name of Jean Marcet; 1915-1925, vice- president, State bank of Girard, Kansas; 1915-1917, officer of Kansas state bankers association; June 1, 1916, maried Emanuel Julius, 1889-1951, editor, who changed his name to Haldeman-Julius; several books of hers published, 1916-1931; 1931, travelled in Russia and collected funds due her and her husband from sale of translations of their books; died, Feb. 13, 1941.

The first box in the collection contains a folder of biographical and genealogical material on the family.

The bulk of the material in the collection is family correspondence, primarily letters to Mrs. Haldeman, from her daughter, Anna Marcet Haldeman, while a student at Rockford seminary, Dearborn seminary, Bryn Mawr college, and the American academy of dramatic arts; on a trip to Europe in the summer of 1908; and as an actress; and letters, 1870-1915, to Mrs. Haldeman from her sister, Jane Addams, 1860-1935, director of Hull House, Chicago, Ill. Included are papers, 1885-1913, relating to church work and the women's federation of clubs in Kansas; some correspondence and papers of Martha Addams, and a sister of Mrs. Haldeman and Jane Addams who died at the age of 16; and some correspondence and papers, 1839-1888, of the Weber family of which Mrs. Sarah (Weber) Addams, mother of Mrs. Haldeman and Jane, was a member.

The material after the death of Mrs. Haldeman consists primarily of letters, 1916-1925, from Jane Addams to her niece, Mrs. Anna Marcet (Haldeman) Haldeman-Julius, correspondence of Mrs. Anna Marcet (Haldeman) Haldeman-Julius as secretary of the Kansas state bankers association, 1915- 1917; letters pertaining to her trip to Russia in 1931; 1918 correspondence of her husband, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius in his effort to keep out of the service in World War I; and correspondence with her children, Alice and Henry.

Among the correspondents represented in the collection are: Mrs. Anna (Hostetter) Addams, Jane Addams, John Huy Addams, Mrs. Sarah (Weber) Addams, Henry Justin Allen, Philip Pitt Campbell, Arthur Capper, Charles Curtis, Frederick Eugene Farnsworth, George Haldeman, Henry Winfield Haldeman, Mrs. Sarah Alice (Addams) Haldeman, Mrs. Anna Marcet (Haldeman) Haldeman-Julius) Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, Mrs. Josephine Conger Kaneko, Julia Clifford Lathrop, Lorenzo D. Lewelling, L. A. Libel, Mary Catherine (Addams) Linn, John Alexander Logan, James Hubert McVicker, Mrs. Elizabeth (Weber) Reiff, Mary Shaw, Jouett Shouse, Upton Beall Sinclair, T. J. Sweeney, Joseph Taggart, George Weber, Jr.

Included in the collection are undated typewritten mss. of Sir Richard Burton's "The sotadic zone, edited by A. F. Niemoeller"; Hereward Carrington's "Electricity and life: physics and gravitation"; Jules Guyot's "Breviary of experimental love, translated by A. F. Niemoeller"; Joseph McCabe's "Baron d'Holbach and his age," "Judged," and "The sentimental religion of Rousseau"; Clinton A. Sanders' "[Dictionary of slang of the army, navy, and marines in World Wars I and II]"; Natalie Schretter's "I remember Clarence Darrow"; George H. Shoaf's "Fighting for freedom"; Anna Marcet and Emanuel Haldeman-Julius' "Violence"; "The singing flower" and "The pool" in the hand of Mrs. Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius; and anonymous typewritten mss. entitled "The bomb is planted," The mistress of the many windows," "The art of preserving one's manhood," "Catepillar and butterfly," "The sage," and "Shadows."

The collection contains a few photographs of members of the family and friends, and of the Haldeman-Julius company's building, workrooms, and employees.

Printed material in the collection consists principally of newspaper clippings, etc. relating to banking, and theater programs and newspaper clippings relating to the theater, particularly to Jean Marcet's performances.

Some of the material in this collection is in a folio folder.

Collection size: 5,466 items

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