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The Hapgood mss., 1915-1951, are the papers of Powers Hapgood, 1899-1949, labor leader.

Career: born, December 28, 1899; son of William Powers Hapgood and Eleanor (Page) Hapgood; graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 1917; A.B. Harvard, 1921; Sept.-Dec. 1920 on Western U.S. trip, working in iron mine, Hibbing, Minn., on Northern Pacific Railroad, in a Montana sugar beet factory, and in Montana and Colorado coal mines; investigator of Pennsylvania coal mining conditions for Bureau of Industrial Research, New York, N.Y., studying carpushing, compensation cases, the hospital and doctor situation, and digging conditions in non-union mines; miner's laborer, Wilkes Barre, Pa., Jan.-Mar. 1922; organizer for the United Mine Workers of America in Pennsylvania coal strike, Apr. 1922-Oct. 1923; worked in Pennsylvania coal fields Oct. 1923- 1924; while mining coal in South Wales, Germany, France, and U.S.S.R., studied the labor party in England and coal mine conditions there and in Wales, the Ruhr, and Siberia, July 1924-February 1926; joined Socialist Party of the U.S., 1926; worked in the Pennsylvania coal mines, May 1926-Aug. 1927; at the 1927 United Mine Workers convention managed John Brophy's campaign to succeed John L. Lewis; member, Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee, 1927; married Mary Donovan, secretary Sacco-Vanzetti defense committee, Dec. 28, 1927; worked in Pennsylvania coal mines for part of the year 1928; campaigned for his wife for governor of Massachusetts and for Norman Thomas for President on the Socialist ticket, 1928; worked in Colorado mines, 1929; went to work at his family's Columbia Conserve Company, Indianapolis, Ind., 1930, taking with him John Brophy and his brother-in-law, Daniel Donovan; left following trouble arising from a conflict between the union ideas of Powers Hapgood and his friends and the non-union ideas of his father William Powers Hapgood; organizer, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Textile Workers, and other unions, 1930-1935; socialist candidate for Governor of Indiana, 1932; organized Southern tenant farmers (Sharecroppers), 1935; drifted back to Columbia Conserve Company as migrant tomato worker; engaged in free-speech campaign in strike of employees of Columbian Enameling and Stamping Co., Terre Haute, Ind., 1935; organizer, United Mine Workers, for a few months, 1935-1936; assigned to various C.I.O. unions: United Automobile Workers, United Rubber Workers, United Steelworkers, United Shoe Workers of America, International Union of Marine & Shipbuilding Workers, Farm Equipment Workers, and others, 1936-1941; CIO regional director for Indiana, 1941-47; named assistant to Allan Haywood, CIO national vice-president and director of organization, 1948; died, Feb. 4, 1949; interested in family farm near Indianapolis, Ind.; children: a daughter, Barta Donovan, 1929- and an adopted son, Donovan, 1930- ; author of pamphlets and periodical articles relating to labor conditions.

Biographical material on Powers Hapgood appears in: John Bartlow Martin, Indiana: an Interpretation (1947), pp. 159- 73; Who's Who in Labor, 1946, pp. 149-50; Time, xxix:16, May 3, 1937; Edward Levinson, Labor on the march (1938); Paul U. Kellogg, "Silence Coerced by Law," Survey, LIX:452-54, Jan. 1, 1928; Nation, CLXVIII:227, Feb. 26, 1949; Hapgood mss., Lilly library of Indiana University.

The papers in this collection include Powers Hapgood's diaries, Jan. 1-Sept. 12, 1915; Dec. 19, 1916-Apr. 14, 1917; Dec. 28, 1919-Mar. 30, 1920; Sept. 28, 1920-Jan. 7, 1921; Jan. 26-Sept. 3, Jan. 12-Feb. 28, 1922; July 7-26, July 28- Aug. 4, Sept. 8-Oct. 2, Nov. 30-Dec. 28, 1924; May 15-June 15, 1925; drafts of his account of his trip around the world, 1924-1926, entitled "Diary of an American Miner Abroad"; correspondence with members of his family, labor leaders, union members, persons interested in the labor movement, and friends relating to his work, labor problems, and personal matters; drafts of articles relating to labor by Powers Hapgood; printed matter, consisting of pamphlets, scattered numbers of periodicals, newspaper clippings, broadsides, posters, and maps; photographs. Of the newspaper clippings some are filed by years in boxes and others are mounted in five scrpabooks: 1) 1921-1927, relating chiefly to the Somerset county, Pa., coal strike of 1922; 2) 1925-1928, concerned largely with the John L. Lewis-John Brophy fight for presidency of the United Mine Workers of America; 3) 1927-1928, on the Sacco-Vanzetti case and the marriage of Powers Hapgood and Mary Donovan; 4) 1928, on Pennsylvania mine disturbances; and 5) 1928-1933, on Mrs. Mary (Donovan) Hapgood's campaign for Governor of Massachussetts, the Sacco- Vanzetti case, and Colorado mines.

Correspondents in the collection include W.L. Abbott, Irving Abramson, Marguerite Ahern, W.W. Ahl, Vera May Alexander, Saul David Alinsky, Gerry Allard, F.D. Allen, Rowland Allen, Heyman B. Allman, Gordon Willard Allport, All- Ukrainian Committee of the Miner's Union, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Mrs. Eleanor (Copenhaver) Anderson, Mrs. Rachel (Rhoades) Anderson, Vera Andrus, Samuel E. Angoff, Virgil Dewey Annakin, George Anthony, J. Albert Armstrong, Joseph Arribea, Harry L. Avery, William O. Babcock, Alice Bacon, David W. Bailey, Ermal C. Baker, Mrs. Evelyn (Preston) Baldwin, Roger Nash Baldwin, Elia Balkis, Frank Barbar, O.E. Barker, Tom Barker, Solomon Barkin, Harry Elmer Barnes, Joseph N. Barnes, Sarah Barnet, Benjamin H. Barnett, Wilhelm Bartels, Jr., Mrs. Dollie Bassett, Edgar Bassett, John Battuello, Fred F. Bays, William Becker, John Nicholas Beffel, J.R. Bell, Robert Bell, Arthur Fisher Bentley, Clara M. Beyer, Catherine Bickley, Warren Knox Billings, John H. Bishop, A.E. Bittner, Meriam Bittner, Cleo W. Blackburn, Alice Stone Blackwell, Katherine Devereux Blake, W. C. Blake, Heber Blankenhorn, Mrs. Mary D. Blakenhorn, Paul Blanshard, Warren S. Blauvelt, Ella Reeve Bloor, Hyman Blumberg, Cecile Blumenfeld, Winifred Boegehold, Dennis Bolger, E.J. Bolger, Harold H. Bolick, Sam Bonita, Burrett Beebe Bouton, Sylvanus F. Bowser, Daniel J. Boyle, Elizabeth Brandeis, Rae Brandstein, William J. Brennan, Percy A.A. Brient, Elizabeth Brinton, Mary Brite, R.E. Britton, C.B. Brooks, Mrs. Anita (Anstead) Brophy, John Brophy, Heywood Campbell Broun, L.E. Brown, R. Josephine Brown, Robert Walter Bruere, John A. Bruhn, J.C. Brydon, Helen Buchanan, Louis Francis Budenz, Mrs. Adele Burckhardt, Louis Burckhardt, Mrs. Lillian Burnette, Thomas F. Burns, Charles H. Burr, Roy E. Burt, Oscar Cain, Evan Cambers, Mrs. Anna Campbell, Walter Campbell, James P. Cannon, Homer Earl Capehart, Betty Carey, J.P. Carey, James Barron Carey, Robert F. Carey, Gilbert Carlson, N.L. Carmichael, Donald Francis Carmony, Cosimo Carvotta, Allan Knight Chalmers, David Laurance Chambers, George F. Chester, Charles A. Christman, Blanche Chupka, Civil Rights Defense Committee, Millicent M. Class, David L. Clendenin, McAlister Coleman, Edward Patrick Coll, Harold W. Colvin, Mrs. William Connolly, James Connor, Tom Connors, Alice Page Converse, Mary E. Converse, Frederic White Cook, Albert Sprague Coolidge, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cope, Elmer F. Cope, Mrs. Mary (Reed) Copeland, Henry Corbishley, Henry D. Costigan, Mrs. Mabel G. (Cory) Costigan, H.A. Cowell, W.E. Cox, Albert F. Coyle, Mrs. Lena Craft, James A Crain, Richard L. Creesy, Pearl Crist, O. Cromwell, Frank Rudolph Crosswaith, Margaret Crutchfield, Raymond B. Culver, William J. Cummings, William J. Curtin, William A. Daech, Sherman Harrison Dalrymple, M. Elizabeth Daniels, Ethel M. Davis, Horace B. David, Rose Davis, T. Gibbon Davis, William Hammatt Davis, Marcus E. Deardorff, Theodore Debs, Auguste Decamp, Leonard Howard DeCaux, Olivia Dehn, George Frederick Delaplane, Raymond Dennett, A.A. Desser, Henri Devermelle, Marcelle Devermelle, Ira H. Dickens, Daniel Doherty, John W. Doherty, William G. Donaldson, Arthur R. Donovan, Daniel Rice Donovan, Elizabeth Donovan, Jack Donovan, J.T. Doran, Isabelle Driscoll, Mary C. Dubrow, Allison van V. Dunn, L.J. Durbin, Edythe Dyke, Stanley Dziengielewski, Helga Ruth Halvorsen Eason, Max Eastman, George Sherwood Eddy, C.Y. Edkins, Ray Edmundson, R.M. Eichelsdoerfer, Stephen Ely, Andy Evanoff, Mrs. Elizabeth (Gardiner) Evans, Jack L. Evans, Garnet Everson, Amleto Fabbri, Louis Farkas, John Chipman Farrar, C. Frank Farrell, F. Farrington, Aldino Felicani, David H.H. Felix, Peter Ferrara, Josef Ferro, Jack Fies, Juanita Fink, J.H. Finn, Harry Fishwick, H.G. Flaugh, William Z. Fleming, B. Foster, Jessie Frame, George Emerson Francis, James Francis, Mrs. Adelaide (Schulkind) Frank, Felix Frankfurter, Charlotte Estella Franz, William J. Freaney, Walter Frisbie, Melita Fuentes, Paul W. Fuller, Paul J. Furnas, Mary E. Gallagher, U.S.G. Gallagher, Paul William Gallico, John Galsworthy, Sidney David Gamble, Delmond Garst, John F. Gatelee, Bishop George, Julius Gerber, Adolph Germer, Charles C. Ghizzoni, John Louis Ghizzoni, Philip D. Giabattista, Sir Philip Hamilton Gibbs, George D. Gibson, Richard Gilbert, Louis C. Pembrooke de Gilly, Elisabeth Gilman, Aron S. Gilmartin, Celestino Goddard, Emma Goldman, Leo Goodman, James Gore, James D. Graham, E.G. Grahn, Sidney S. Grant, John Green, William Green, L.J. Greene, Chester Noyes Greenough, George Gregory, Cecile L. Greil, Peter Gresco, S.S. Gutwald, R.A. Guymon, Lulu S. Halvorsen, Ralph W. Hamer, Laurence Hamill, Alice Hamilton, J.A. Hamilton, Anna Hammer, Walter Hancock, Earl V. Hankins, Barta Donovan Hapgood, Charles Hutchins Hapgood, 1836-1917, Charles Hutchins Hapgood, 1904- , Donovan Hapgood, Mrs. Eleanor (Page) Hapgood, Mrs. Fanny (Powers) Hapgood, Hutchins Hapgood, Mrs. Mary (Donovan) Hapgood, Norman Hapgood, Ruth Hapgood, William Powers Hapgood, Fowler Vincent Harper, J.P. Harris, Paul Harris, Wesley S. Harris, Ralph Harrmann, Ruth Hasak, Marion Hathway, Hoyt Hayden, John Randolph Haynes, Arthur Garfield Hays, Allan Shaw Haywood, A. A. Heist, T.M. Hembod, John W. Henck, Leon Henderson, Charles Henely, Ed Henry, Emma Henry, Eugene Victor Henschel, Francis A. Henson, John Herlig, Donald D. Hesler, Mildred Hicks, Asa Higgins, Charles Hill, Creighton Hill, Sidney Hillman, Hillman Coal & Coke Company, Mary Wil Hillyer, John W. Hindmarsh, John Vincent Hinkel, Daniel Webster Hoan, Eric Hodgins, Freda Hogan, Ralph M. Holland, Mrs. Helena (Twietz) Hollander, Thomas J. Homer, Emery Hood, Darlington Hoopes, Rex Devern Hopper, Freeman Hopwood, David Horn, James Laurence Houghteling, George I. Houser, Frederick Lawson Hovde, Alvin Howard, Alexander Howat, Rose Hudec, S.J. Hudzinski, Benjamin W. Huebsch, A.W. Hughes, John T. Hughes, W.M. Hughes, George Murray Hulbert, Lydia Hunt, Catharine Huntington, Isabelle Hurez, Pierre Hurez, Margaret Hutchison, Mrs. Laura (Talmage) Huyck, I. Inarida, Agnes Inglis, Intercollegian, Natalia I. Iodzevich, Norman Ellis Isaacs, Edward L. Israel, Felicani Jackson, Gardner Jackson, Andrew Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Steve Jancsura, Edwin Jenkins, Arnold Johnson, Bruce H. Johnson, Margaret E. Jones, Parker P. Jordan, Peter Paul Jurchak, Frank J. Jurczyk, Anton Karachun, Samuel Kauffman, Mrs. Helen J. Keane, John Keane, Thomas Kennedy, Mrs. Ruth Kennell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Thacher) Kent, Robert Thomas Kerlin, Francis Kerr, John Kerr, Mrs. Alice F. Kiernan, Edmund Kiernan, Alice Kimball, Joe G. Kimmel, Clara J. King, Harlow B. King, Walter W. King, Alta Kingery, Joe J. Kintner, Ralph E. Kirk, Alma D. Kittel, Leibert Knight, Alfred A. Knopf, Lucien Koch, A. Kollinger, Joseph Kovner, Hildegard Kramer, Karl Kr"mer, George Kraska, Maynard Clare Krueger, Walter Kruger, Leo Krzycki, Alfred E. Kuerst, Hedwig S. Kuhn, John Kurall, Clara LaFollette, Harry Wellington Laidler, Bella Lamont, Corliss Lamont, Thomas Stilwell Lamont, Harold James Lane, Winthrop David Lane, Esther Everett Lape, Ben Larks, George M. Larrair, A. Estelle Lauder, George B. Laurie, John R. Lawson, Algernon Lee, Joan Lee, Frank Lehman, George J. Legnert, Delmar Leighton, Ralph A. Lemcke, Tony Leone, Emil John Lever, Samuel Levin, B. Levinson, Edward Levinson, Alfred Baker Lewis, Harry Lewis, John Llewellyn Lewis, Ray Lewis, Sinclair Lewis, Frank G. Lichtenstein, Frank M. Liddle, Mrs. Frances Williams (Crane) Lillie, Earl C. Lindsey, A.J. Lindsley, Mrs. A.F. Little, Frank Little, E.G. Locke, Mrs. Edna W. Lockhart, Kate C. Longacre, James Revell Lord, Cecelia A. Loughlin, Jay Lovestone, Ken Lucas, Daniel Benjamin Luten, W.H. Luxton, W.M. Lynch, John McAllister, Emmet McCabe, Robert McCabe, D.W. McCallister, M. Joseph McCartin, Faber V. McCloskey, Thomas B. McCloskey, David Thompson Watson McCord, Mary Rose McCord, Mrs. Maud McCreery, Patrick McDermott, Russell McDermott, James Lawrence McDevitt, David J. McDonald, Duncan McDonald, Roy D. McDonald, Arthur Gladstone McDowell, George McElhoe, James McEwan, William J. Mackery, Howard L. McNamara, Peter J. McTegire, Closson Macy, John Madoni, Erford Mahoney, James P. Mahoney, John Majer, Mrs. Elizabeth Mallon, Peter Mallon, Albon Man, Harold I. Mandell, W.F. Mann, James Mark, M.L. Markel, Jeannette Augustus Marks, Mrs. Clara H. Martin, John Barlow Martin, Oliver Marty, M.H. Marvin, Will Maslow, John Brown Mason, William H. Masterman, Max Mathews, Joseph Brown Matthew, William Mayo, Steffi Miles, Lucille B. Milner, Anthony Minerich, Samuel Misler, Ed. Mitchell, Mrs. Ed. Mitchell, Harry Leland Mitchell, James J. Mitchell, James Paul Mitchell, Katheryn Mitchell, T.J. Mitchell, Anna Mooney, Jack Mooney, Thomas J. Mooney, Fred Atkins Moore, Ernest Morgan, Joe Moro, Elizabeth N. Morris, Mrs. Lulu Lyons Morton, Mrs. John Mott, William Bennett Munro, Philip Murray, Abraham John Muste, James Myers, Thomas Myerscough, Joseph C. Nearing, Scott Nearing, John Ulric Nef, Francis Neilson, S.A. Nelson, W.P. Neville, Lois Newlund, D.E. Nicholson, Anthony Nisivoccia, John D. Nolan, Grant W. Oakes, Ernest C. Oberholtzer, James Oneal, Mary B. Orr, M. Osterwald, Horace W. Ott, Isidor Pabel, Reinhold Pabel, Kirby Page, Amanda Palmer, C. Mervin Palmer, Frank Palmer, Mrs. Hugo Pantzer, George J. Papcun, Cornelia Stratton Parker, Saul Parker, Alfred Pearson, Leon Morris Pearson, Frances Perkins, Grace Underwood Perry, Mrs. Rachel (Berenson) Perry, Rose Pesotta, Irving P. Phillips, Harry Phythyon, Louise Piatt, Star Pier, Gifford Pinchot, Paul Pintz, Kitty Pollok, David Richard Porter, Morris Porterfield, Jacob Samuel Potofsky, Doris B. Preisler, William Price, Eugene Collins Pulliam, George Palmer Putnam, G. Randi, Asa Philip Randolph, Bruno Rantane, Mrs. L.B. Rantoul, Paul Rasmussen, George W. Reed, Jay Ream, Matthew Redding, P. Redmon, R.L. Rees, Phil K. Reinbold, Frank J. Rembusch, Walter Philip Reuther, Avis Reynolds, Paul Revere Reynolds, W.H. Richards, Stanley Joseph Righton, James I. Robb, Reid Robinson, Carrie Rodgers, Ward Rodgers, John Rodney, George Edward Roewer, C.R. Rogers, A. Romaniello, Joseph Romer, Ed. J. Romese, Jacob Ronacher, Mrs. Anna Eleanor (Roosevelt) Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Rose, C.L. Rosemund, Frank Rosenblum, Mrs. Anne (Johnston) Ross, Pat Ross, Samuel L. Rothbard, Alex S. Ryesky, Rida Salant, Frank, R. Saulier, John Nevin Sayre, Hassil Eli Schenck, George Scherer, Alma W. Schlafer, Mrs. John Scholemann, Joseph Schlossberg, Katherine L. Schmidt, M.A. Schmidt, Hyman Schneid, Genevieve Schneider, Henry Frederick Schricker, Ellen Browning Scripps, Laurence M. Sears, Hara Seizo, Ida Seldov, Mary M. Seymour, Clarence Senior, Max Senior, Ruth Shallcross, Gertrude Mathews Shelby, Joseph Kenneth Shepard, Albert Sheridan, Mrs. Eugene Shifflett, Margaret Shipman, Lester Michael Shulman, Fred Siders, Mrs. Eloise H. (Cummings) Simpson, Upton Beall Sinclair, Ernest F. Six, Alexandra Sklueff, Albert Salde, Walter Smethurst, Robert Smillie, C.S. Smith, Elmer S. Smith, Joseph C. Smith, Ethel Smock, John M. Soltis, George Henry Soule, Frank Hugh Sparks, Jack Spiegel, Mrs. Helen Grosvenor (Norton) Starr, Andrew Steed, John Roy Steelman, William Stevenson, W.K. Stewart, T.D. Stiles, Gerald Stone, William J. Stout, Mary Sullivan, Monroe Sweetland, Raymond Gram Swing, Frank Tannenbaum, Lucie D. Taussign, Barney B. Taylor, George T. Taylor, Mary Taylor, Ruth W. Taylor, Ordway Tead, John W. Teele, Christos L. Terzopoulos, Andrew Tetrovich, W.C. Tharp, Karl N. Thoennes, Elizabeth Thomas, Norman Mattoon Thomas, John Newton Thurber, Metta Thweatt, Mrs. Virginia Tierney, W. H. Tinker, Tom H. Tippett, Worth Marion Tippy, Rosa Tolokonskoy, Tom Mooney, Pat Toohey, Donald W. Trees, Crary Trimble, John P. Troxell, William R. Truax, Doris Tullar, Joe Tumilty, United Mine Workers of America, Mrs. Caroline (Foulke) Urie, H.W. Vance, Mark Van Doren, Oswald Garrison Villard, Silvio Vivaldelli, Joseph Vogt, Alex Vonnegut, Wagenknecht, James E. Wagner, Margaret C. Wagner, J. Clark Waldron, Charles Rumford Walker, John Hunter Walker, Mrs. Anna Walko, Forrest Wallace, Marie Wallet, Harry Frederick Ward, Colston G. Warner, John J. Watt, Robert J. Watt, John Weddle, Edward Augustus Weeks, Irwin Weitz, Bertram Wellman, John Welsh, Mrs. Elizabeth (Houghton) Wharton, Jack Wheelwright, E. Curtis White, Elizabeth Mackay White, James M. White, Elmer Whitman, W.D. Whitmore, Frank Scott Corey Wicks, Mrs. Agnes (Burns) Wieck, Edward A.Wieck, Edgar Williams, George E. Williams John Paul Williams, L.W. Williams, Whiting Williams, Hugh Wilson, J.L. Wines, Mrs. Gertrude L. Winslow, Mrs. Emily (Hamill) Workum, I.W. Wright, Roy Wright, Frank Wytas, Frank Yahner, Sidney Yellen, and Marcus E. Zufall.

Sacco-Vanzetti papers which came to the library with the Hapgood papers have been filed separately under the name: Hapgood mss. Sacco-Vanzetti papers.

Some of the manuscripts in this collection are in a folio folder.

Collection size: 4,286 items

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