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The Helm mss., 1693-1965, consist of operatic scores largely in the hands of copyists, works of Mme Laure (Cinthie Montalant) Cinti-Damoreau, 1801-1863, singer and composer, and documents connected with the opera in Bologna, collected by Everett Helm, 1913-1999, composer and musicologist of New York and Asolo, Italy.

The operatic scores arranged by composer or by title of volume of collected arias are: Ludwig van Beethoven, Fidelio, 19th cant., 67pp; Karl Binder, Tannhauser, Parodie in 3 Akten, 1900, Melomanie, 19th cent., 3pp; Ludwig Cherubini, Der Wassertrager: Finale, the part of Michel, 19th cent., 8pp; Dominico Cimarosa, Penelope: Non ho piu constanza, n.d., 48pp; Cimarosa, il Matrimonio segreto: Cara non dubitar, n.d., 42pp - Deh! ti conforta o cara, 1813, 8pp - Io ti lascio, io ti Lascio, 1811, 13pp - Pria che spunti in ciel l'aurora, 1813, 11pp; Cimarosa, l'Orazi e Curiazi: Oh dolce e caro istante, n.d., 24pp; Gaetano Donizetti, Anna Bolena: Fama! Si l'avrete, n.d., 42pp; Donizetti, Il Borgomastro di Saardan Senza tanti complimenti, n.d., 39pp; Donizetti, Lugrezia [sic] Borgia: Com'e e bello, 1840, 6pp; Donizetti, L'ago nell' imbarazzo: Le Diro cosi a quatr' occhi, n.d., 37pp; Donizetti, Il Furioso: Apri il ciglio, n.d., 21pp; [Ernst II], Unnamed opera of which the protagonist is Zaire, n.d., 2 vols; Christoph Willibald Gluck, Die Pilgrime zu Mekka, Dritter Aufzug, n.d., 1 vol; Franz von Holstein, Die Hochlander, n.d., 2 vols; Jean Baptiste Lully, Atys, 1723, 1 vol; Lully, Cadmus, n.d., 1 vol; Lully, "L'accompagnement du Clavessin", 1693, 1 vol; Lully, Isis, n.d., 1 vol; Lully, Rolland, n.d., 2 copies; Lully, Simphonies des opera de mons. Lully, 1715, 1 vol; Wolfgang Mozart, La Clemnza di tito; Act I, n.d.,1 vol - rondo, Da ich einsam vor dir stehe, n.d., 8pp; Mozart, Cosi fan tutte: Finale, n.d., 61pp; Mozart, Le Nozze de Figaro: Duetto, Crudel perche fin ora, n.d., 2 copies of 12 and 18pp; Max d'Ollne, Le Passant, 1890. 53pp; Maestro Orland, Rodrigo di Valenza, n.d., 12pp; Giovanni Pacini, Margherita Regina d'Inghilterra: Stelle! Enrico! Ci vive!, n.d., 52pp; Giovanni Paisiello, I Zingari: duetto nel finale primo, Pandolfetto Graziosetto, 1807-1809 and n.d., 2 copies of 11 and 20pp; Paisiello, Il Fanatico in Berlina: Lo Trovai per accidente, 1812, 35pp - Piano miei Signori, 1811, 96pp - Tutto da voi dipende, 1809, 36pp; Paisiello. La Nina: Come ohime partir degg'io, 1810, 100pp; Paisiello, "Ratterevi amico amore Terzzetto", 1814. 14pp; Gioacchino Rossini, Flauto solo from La Gazza Ladra, Othello and Tancredi, n.d., 1 vol; Rossini, Flauto solo from Othello and other pieces for the flute, 19th cent., 1 vol; Rossini, Flauto ... duets for flutes from seven operas, 1825, 36pp; Rossini, Il Barbiere di Seviglia: La calunnia, n.d., 13pp; Rossini, Il Conte Ory: Coro Evviva l'allergria, n.d., 6pp; Ludwig Spohr, Jesonda: Aria, n.d., 12pp; Carl Maria Webber, Der Freyschutze: Und ob die Wolke, n.d., 7pp; Joseph Weigl, Ach, wie herrlich ist der Morgen, n.d., 5pp; "A la porte", unnamed piece for the theater with score, bound, and text, unbound, 19th cent., 47 and 38pp; Accompangement piano violine violincello, manuscript and printed music bound together bearing the signature of Marie Bonaparte, 1880, 1 vol; Album of selections from operas by Saverio Mercadante and Francesco Morlacchi, n.d., 36pp; Arias and duets from operas and romances, n.d., 1 vol; "Airs Francais" containing scores from operas, n.d., 1 vol; Recueil d'Ariettes Tirees des Opera Buffon, 1779, 1 vol; Recueil d'airs arranges pour deux flutes, 19th cent., 1 vols; Romances and operatic airs for voice and piano, 19th cent., 101pp.

An additional work, interfiled with the above piece, is: Melchiorre Balbi, Festa Teatrale: presso al clamor dei plausi [first line], with an 1832 printed dedication page and libretto in honor of Caroline Unger, Padova, alla Minerva, n.d., 39pp.

The works of Mme Laure (Cinthie Montalant) Cinti-Damoreau, arranged by title of volume or by title of the first piece in the volume are: Air de Giralda, n.d., 97pp; Cahier Contenant tous les Intervalles, n.d., 64pp; Canon a la seconde majeur ad infinitum, 18 May 1830, 174pp; La Dame de Pique, n.d., 70pp; Duetto (...le Figaro) W.A. Mozart, 18 Sept 1848, 29pp; La Pie Voleuse, n.d., 42pp; Points d'Orgue et Variantes composes par Mad1 Cinti-Damoreau pour differents aira, n.d., 43pp.

Supplementing the works of Cinti-Damoreau is a composition by A. Adam Laussel, setting to music a poem by Andre Theuriet, entitled La Mesange Bleue, for a fete in honor of Mme. Cinti-Damoreau at Nice, 12 August 1882. A.D.S. 8pp. 35cm. Cover, first page and last page hand decorated with embellishments and blue birds, and with the printed poem on the cover.

The documents or correspondence concerned with performances, events, or people relating to the Teatro Communale di Bologna, and the 1880 volume owned by Marie Bonaparte are further described in the Manuscripts Catalog.

Collection size: 161 items

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