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The Hills mss., 1954-1996, consist of the papers of editor and author L. Rust Hills, 1924- . Hills was fiction editor for Esquire magazine from 1956-1963. While there he arranged a series of symposiums on "The Role of the Writer in America." He continued as a fiction editor with Saturday Evening Post (1963-1965) and then Audience magazine (1969-1972). He returned to Esquire as the book review columnist in 1973 and in 1977 became fiction editor there once again. He has also taught writing or literature at Carlton College, Columbia University, New School for Social Research, New York University, and University of Maryland Overseas Program. He has written several books and edited anthologies of writings from Esquire and Saturday Evening Post.

The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Authors; III. Books; IV. Magazines; V. Symposia, etc.; VI. Miscellaneous; VII. Audio Tapes. The correspondence, mostly concerning articles and short stories submitted to Hills for inclusion in the various magazines, is arranged in chronological order and is indexed. Correspondents include: John Barth, Saul Bellow, Thomas Louis Berger, Vance Nye Bourjaily, Kay Boyle, R.V. Cassill, John Cheever, Stanley Lawrence Elkin, George Paul Elliott, Paul Hamilton Engle, Frederick Exley, Leslie Aaron Fiedler, Herbert Gold, Mark Harris, William Humphrey, Norman Mailer, Bernard Malamud, Arthur Miller, Jay Neugeboren, Philip Roth, James Salter, Irwin Shaw, William Styron, Harvey Swados, John Hoyer Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Williams, and Richard Yates. Authors' files include submitted short stories and articles. Some are accompanied by comments from Hills and other readers as to their suitability for publication. Materials covering his time at Esquire, Saturday Evening Post, and Audience include inter-office memos, production materials, and some of Hills own articles and columns. Files concerning symposiums or writing programs include brochures, press releases, correspondence with local arrangements persons, programs, bills and related clippings. 44 audio tapes, mostly recordings of the symposiums, complete the collection. An inventory is available.

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I. Correspondence

  • Box 1
    • 1954-1996. Arranged in chronological order. The correspondence mostly concerns articles and short stories submitted to Hills for inclusion in the various magazines. Significant correspondents have been indexed.

II. Authors

  • Box 2
    • Arranged alphabetically by author. Contains short stories and articles submitted to Hills and some notes concerning them.
      • Apple, Max. Stepdaughters
      • Baldwin, James. The man child
      • Barth, John. Ambrose his mark
      • Capote, Truman. Dazzle
      • Caputo, Philip. Styron's choices
      • Carver. Raymond. Where he was: Memories of my father
      • Cheever, John. The fourth alarm
      • Exley, Frederick. The time I shot my sister
      • Harris, Mark. Ida Mae Low
      • Harrison, James. Legends of the fall
      • Kazin, Alfred. re: Maureen Howard & fiction fromChina
      • Malamud, Bernard. A lost grave
      • Michaels, Leonard. The men's club
      • Miller, Arthur. White puppies
      • Mooney, Ted. The salt wife
      • Salter, James. Geese
      • Southern, Terry. A hustle not wholly devoid...
      • Spencer, Elizabeth. A college education.
      • Stone, Robert. Not for love
      • Styron, William. Shadrach
      • Styron, William. Sophie's choice
      • Updike, John Hoyer. The lucid eye in Silver Town
      • Wolff, Tobias. re: Raymond Carver
      • Yates, Richard. The right

III. Books

  • Box 2
    • Includes materials relating to books edited by Hills: Armchair Esquire; Great Esquire fiction: The finest stories from the first fifty years (2 folders); and, Writer's Choice (2 folders)

IV. Magazines

  • Boxes 2 and 3
    • Hills's files for Audience, Esquire, and Saturday Evening Post . Includes interoffice memos, production materials, Hills's columns and articles, etc. (25 folders)

V. Symposia, etc.

  • Box 3
    • Includes: brochures, press releases, correspondence with local arrangements persons, photographs, programs, bills, printed ads and related clippings
      • Associated Writing Programs
      • Esquire symposia:
        • 1958, Oct. 9-10. Columbia University
        • 1959, Dec. 4-5. Iowa University (2 folders)
        • 1960, Oct. 20-22. San Francisco
        • 1961, Oct. 27-28. University of Michigan (2 folders)
        • 1963, Apr. 19-20. Princeton University (2 folders)
      • Radio broadcast
      • New York City Writer's Conference. 1961, July 11-21

VI. Miscellaneous

  • Box 4
    • Includes several magazines with articles by or about Hills

VII. Audio Tapes

    • Tapes:
      • 1-7. Esquire Symposium at Columbia, Oct. 17, 1958 (4 reels of First Session and 3 reels of Second Session)
      • 8-14. Esquire Symposium at Columbia. "Transcription made here in office of original Columbia Symposium tapes, which were sent to Winkler for his broadcast" (7 reels in unmarked white boxes)
      • 15-23. Esquire Symposium at Iowa, Dec. 4-5, 1959 (9 reels)
      • 24-27. Baldwin [James Baldwin at Esquire Symposium in San Francisco, Oct. 20-22, 1960?] (4 reels)
      • 28-30. Esquire Symposium at Ann Arbor, Michigan, Oct. 27-28, 1961 (3 reels)
      • 31. Esquire Symposium at Ann Arbor, Michigan, marked: "Writer's Conference luncheon - Univ. of Mich. Saturday noon 10/28/61"
      • 32-35. Esquire Symposium at Ann Arbor, Michigan?? (4 reels. Note: "tapes of Ann Arbor symposium returned to AG by Voices people in Michigan")
      • 36. Esquire Symposium, L. Murray - Arnold Gingrich interview, radio station at time of Ann Arbor symposium [Oct, 1961]
      • 37-38. Esquire Symposium, at Princeton, Apr. 19-20, 1963, marked: "Response - Murray - Prose II, Saturday 3:30 PM - Arnold Gingrich, Warren, Malamud, Albee" (2 reels)
      • 39-42. Esquire Symposium at Princeton, marked: "Response, Friday night, 19 Apr. 1963..." (4 reels)
      • 43. Sealed tape marked: "Tape of Arnold Gingrich interview" Postmarked Dec. 20, 1961
      • 44. Unmarked tape in yellow Kodavox box

    Collection size: 3,000 items

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