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The Holland mss., 1781-1953, consist of letters and papers of physicians of three generations of the Holland family in Bloomington, Indiana: Philip Calphy Holland, 1840-1929, his son, George Frank Holland, 1871-1936, and his son, Philip Todd Holland, 1905-1973. The collection also contains letters and papers, 1892-1950, of Ernest Otto Holland, 1874-1950, son of Philip Calphy Holland and president of Washington State College, Pullman, Washington, 1916-1945; letters and papers, 1812-1858, of Levi Luther Todd, 1791-1867, judge and son of General Robert Todd, 1754-1814; and letters and papers, 1851-1901, of Levi Luther Todd, 1830-1901, son of Judge Levi Luther Todd and physician of Paris, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana, whose daughter, Margaret Ashby Todd, married George Frank Holland in 1904.

Career of Philip Calphy Holland: born, Dec. 25, 1840, at Mt. Sterling, Indiana; son of Gustav and Catherine Jane (Whitmore) Holland; attended Hartsoule College; served in Civil War, Sept. 1861-Sept. 22, 1864; studied at the Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati, and attended lectures at the Commercial Hospital of Cincinnati and the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, 1867-1869; 1869, married Ann Atlanta Chittenden of Switzerland County, Indiana; studied at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, 1876-1877; practiced medicine in Switzerland County; elected auditor of Switzerland County, 1882; began practice of medicine in Bloomington, Indiana, 1891; died, May 15, 1929. Children: William Bismark, George Frank, Ernest Otto, and Edith Catherine (Mrs. Glen J. Gifford). Biographical material on Philip Calphy Holland may be found in the Bloomington Daily Telephone , May 16, 1929.

The papers, 1862-1924, of Philip Calphy Holland include: his appointment as sergeant, 1862; a letter to his mother from Nashville, Tennessee, May 18, 1863; his discharge from the army, 1864; admission cards for the Medical College of Ohio, lectures at the Commercial Hospital of Cincinnati and of the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, 1867-1869; a certificate of private instruction in physical diagnosis by Edward Gamaliel Janeway, 1877; a certificate of his election as auditor of Switzerland County, Indiana, 1882; letters requesting an increase in pension, 1887-1924; his appointment as examining surgeon for the Bureau of Pensions in Bloomington, Indiana, 1893; licenses to practice medicine in Indiana and Monroe County, Indiana, 1897; and a certificate from New Orleans Polyclinic of Tulane Medical College for a course on diseases of children, 1907.

Career of George Frank Holland: born, Nov. 1, 1871, in Bennington, Switzerland County, Indiana; son of Philip Calphy and Ann Atlanta (Chittenden) Holland; took a business course at the Louisville Bryant & Stratton Business College, 1886-1889; attended Indiana University, 1891-1892; studied pharmacy, 1893-1894; served in the Spanish-American War as apothecary on the U.S.S. Vicksburg, 1897-1900; graduated from New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1903; 1904, married, Margaret Ashby Todd, daughter of Levi Luther and Susan G. Todd and graduate of Indiana University in 1893, who died on Mar. 14, 1956, at the age of 86; served in medical corps of U.S. Army, July 15, 1916-June 9, 1919; discharged as major; died July 15, 1936. Children: Philip Todd, Elizabeth Chittenden (Mrs. Troy Cook Daniels), and William Ernest. Biographical material on George Frank Holland may be found in the Bloomington Evening World, July 16, 1936.

The papers, 1886-1936, of George Frank Holland consist of business college, Indiana University, school of pharmacy, and medical school notes, 1886-1903; Spanish-American War letters and papers, consisting of letter to his family, a diary as apothecary on the U.S.S. Vicksburg, 1897-1899, reports on patients on the U.S.S. Vicksburg, 1897-1899, and a list of patients and treatment applied by W.O. Stephenson, apothecary on the U.S.S. Merrimac, 1898; a hospital formulary, 1897-1903; membership cards in medical and non-medical societies, 1906-1925; a certificate enrolling George Frank Holland as a thirty-second degree mason, 1912; a certificate admitting him as a noble of the mystic shrine in Murat temple, Indianapolis, 1923; letters pertaining to business matters, influenza, the League of nations, and World War I, 1915-1931; a copy of a letter from George V to the soldiers of the U.S., 1918; federal and state elections, 1918; reports of medical examinations of patients, 1920-1923; a report of the field examiners of the Department of inspection and supervision of public offices of Indiana on an examination of the Treasurer of the Bloomington school city, Apr. 10, 1928; railroad passes, 1935-1936; a photograph of George Frank Holland as a major in World War I, and photographs of members of his family.

Margaret Ashby (Todd) Holland (Mrs. George Frank Holland), 1870?-1956, is represented in the collection by correspondence with members of her family and friends, and by diaries of her trip to the British Isles, 1914, and to Mexico, 1938.

Career of Philip Todd Holland: born, Mar. 8, 1905, in Bloomington, Indiana; son of George Frank and Margaret Ashby (Todd) Holland; B.S. Washington State College, Pullman, Washington, 1927; married Ellen Keyser, July 17, 1929; M.D. New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1931-1932; practiced medicine, Bloomington, Indiana, 1932- ; served in Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, 1942-1946. Children: George Frank and Nancy Ellen. Biographical material on Philip Todd Holland may be found in Who's Important in Medicine , 2nd ed. (Hicksville, New York, [c. 1952]), p.485.

The papers of Philip Todd Holland include: Washington State College class notes, 1926-1927; New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College class notes, 1927-1931; correspondence with relatives and friends, 1939-1942; public health nursing reports for Monroe County, Indiana, 1940-1942; and a receipt book (carbons), 1948-1949.

Included also in the collection are the following financial records of the three generations of the Holland family as physicians in Switzerland County, Indiana, and Bloomington, Indiana: ledgers, 1869-1933; account books, 1883-1942; financial statements, 1903-1911 and undated; statements and collections book, 1915-1920; and an account book of office medical supplies, 1932-1942. There are also articles of association and stock certificates of the Bloomington ginseng company, 1907-1908; a stock certificate of the Monroe County Fair Association, 1907; articles of incorporation of the New Castle clinic, New Castle, Indiana, 1921; letters on osteopathy as a profession, 1905; the constitution and minutes of the Philomathean Literary Society, Vevay, Indiana, 1833-1885; stock certificates of the San Fernando mining company of Arizona, 1912-1913; and a commencement program of Vevay high school, 1888. Undated items include a list of Bloomington, Indiana telephone numbers arranged by number, 1-1182; a code of ethics of the Medical Society of Monroe County, Indiana; a treatise on the certification of teachers in Massachusetts; and a group of pictures of Vevay.

For Ernest Otto Holland, 1874-1950, son of Philip C. Holland and president of Washington State College, Pullman, Washington, 1916-1945, the collection contains chemistry class notes at Indiana University, 1892; correspondence with relatives, 1897-1940; and a memorial to him from the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Seattle, Washington, 1950.

Career of Levi Luther Todd: born, July 26, 1791, in Lexington, Kentucky, son of General Robert and Anne (Todd) Todd; educated at Transylvania university; studied law; practiced law in Kentucky; served in the War of 1812; married Sarah Ashby, 1813; member of Kentucky legislature, 1815; moved family to Greenwood, Indiana, and became a farmer, 1834; judge of Court of common pleas of Marion County, Indiana, 1852-1856; died Jan. 10, 1867, at Southport, Indiana. Biographical material on Levi Luther Todd may be found in papers in the collection and in R.B. Sulgrove, History of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana (Philadelphia, 1884), p.498.

The papers, 1812-1858, of Levi Luther Todd include: the original and negative microfilm of his War of 1812 orderly book, Aug. 15, 1812-Feb. 14, 1813, for Captain Nathaniel G.S. Hart's company of Kentucky light infantry; a muster roll of the same company in the War of 1812 made by him from memory in 1851; his commissions as captain of the Lexington light infantry, 1st battalion, 42nd regiment, dated Apr. 16, 1813, as aide-de-camp to Brigadier-general James Shelby, Oct. 13, 1817, and as captain of the Montgomery independent rifle company, Aug. 10, 1819; George Caldwell's morning report of Captain Bean's company of U.S. rangers, Apr. 11, 1833; a letter, Dec. 1, 1843, from William Orlando Butler, 1791-1880, to Levi Luther Todd; and a letter, Sept. 27, 1858, to him from John O'Fallon, 1791-1865.

Career of Levi Luther Todd: born, Sept. 2, 1830, in Nicholasville, Kentucky; son of Judge Levi Luther and Sarah (Ashby) Todd; at age of 17 attended Danville Seminary for two terms, followed by a year and a half at Wabash College; studied medicine for a year under Dr. David Todd of Danville, Indiana, and his brother Robert Nathaniel Todd; appointed captain of Washington Guards, 1st regiment 6th military district, Indiana militia, June 27, 1854; graduated from University of Louisville, Mar. 1856; married Susan G. Todd of Paris, Kentucky, 1857; in spring of 1858 moved to Paris, Illinois, where he practiced medicine for 16 years; president and secretary of the Esculapian Society of the Wabash Valley; Jan. 1874, moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, and practiced medicine with Robert Nathaniel Todd and James K. Bigelow; professor of clinical medicine at Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1893-1901; died Nov. 16, 1901. Children: Mrs. Samuel David Murphy, Margaret Ashby (Mrs. George Frank Holland), Susan, and Nancy (Mrs. Martin M. Hugg). Biographical material on Levi Luther Todd may be found in R.F. Stone's Biography of Eminent American Physicians and Surgeons , (Indianapolis, 1894), p.690; the Indiana Medical Journal , XX, p.206, 1901-1902; and the Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society, 1902, p.425.

The papers, 1851-1901, of Levi Luther Todd include: Todd's memorandum books, 1851-1899; his commission as captain in the Washington guards, 1854; a speech, "Natural forces," delivered in behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Medical College of Indiana, 1880; a report of grades of his daughter, Susan Todd, at the Indianapolis female seminary, 1882; correspondence with relatives and friends, 1893-1901; a speech, "Our departed brothers," delivered at a banquet of the Mystic Tie Lodge, a Masonic body in Indianapolis, 1894; lectures on various medical subjects, 1894-1897 and undated; a prescription book, 1895-1897; specifications for two houses to be built in west Indianapolis, 1900; a paper on Edgar Allan Poe; a commencement address "to the friends of the Central med[ical] college"; and some genealogical notes on the Todd family.

The collection also contains a grant of land to George Rogers Clark, 1781; a report of the strength of the 8th regiment of Kentucky militia, 1792, certified by Levi Todd, 1756-1807, uncle of Levi Luther Todd, 1791-1867, and grandfather of Mary (Todd) Lincoln; a letter copybook of James Hughes, 1823-1873, congressman, pertaining to his law practice in Bloomington, 1845-1853; a list of graduates of the Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, Indianapolis, 1934; letters to Nancy (Todd) Hugg, daughter of Levi Luther Todd, 1830-1901, from her cousin, Robert, 1934-1937, and from her husband, Martin M. Hugg, 1935-1938; and undated volume on diseases by Dr. M.H. Shrum; two unidentified daguerreotypes; and some printed items.

Among the correspondents represented in the collection are Wayman Adams, Thomas Almond Ashby, Moses Behrend, William Orlando Butler, Lee D. Cady, George V, king of Great Britain, Francis Marion Griffith, Harvey G. Hazelrigg, Theodore James Louden, Franklin Henry Martin, John Herr Musser, John O'Fallon, Robert Nathaniel Todd, Harold Oliver Voorhis, William Niles Wishard. An index of correspondents is available in the Library.

An inventory of the collection is available.

Gift. 1952, 1953, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 2004

Collection size: 2,185 items

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