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The Household mss. II, 1909-1988, consist of the correspondence and writings of English novelist Geoffrey Edward West Household, 1900-1988.

During a business career in England, Europe, the Mediterranean area, South America, and the United States, Household published his first successful novel, The Third Hour, in 1937 and his best known novel, Rogue Male, in 1939. His service with Field Security during World War II formed the background for a number of stories and novels. His autobiography, Against the Wind, in 1958 relates the names of a number of friends and co-workers in Field Security whose letters may be found here in the correspondence files.

The collection includes a biographical folder with clippings as well as photographs of Household dating from 1909-1954; correspondence files, 1936-1988; manuscripts of his writings, including full-length works as well as stories, introductions,etc ., and drafts and fragments of ideas for stories; a few speeches; and printed copies of reviews of his works. An inventory of the collection is available.

The correspondence includes that with his publishers and literary agents: A.M. Heath, Atlantic Monthly Press, The Bodley Head, Brandt and Brandt, Christopher Mann, Ltd., and Michael Joseph Ltd.

Among the individual correspondents are: Michael Lenwood Abbott, Ben Abramson, Joan Bright Astley, James Tinkham Babb,Herbert Ernest Bates, Thomas Owen Beachcroft, Peter Soyer Beagle, John Beevers, Angus d'Albini Bellairs, Joaquin Benitez Lumbreras, Sir Eric Alfred Berthoud, T.J. (Timothy John) Binyon, Stephen Bodio, Frederick Bradnum, C. Harry (Cyrus Harry) Brooks, Sir Arthur Bryant, Sheila Every Burnford, William Rea Cagle, Arthur H. Cain, Edward Chapman, Richard Church, Charles Upson Clark, Cyril Clemens, Carleton Stevens Coon, David Daniell, Paxton Davis, Peter Davison, Clive Donner, B.W. (Benjamin William) Fickling, George Harry Ford, Jesse Hill Ford, John Fowles, Henrietta Franklin, Ronald Samuel Gabriel, Monk Gibbon, Val Henry Gielgud, Ezra Golombok, Joe Gores, Howard Bernard Gottlieb, Hester Green, Nikolai Mikhailovich Gubskii, Lawrence Hammond, George Hardinge, Anthea Hastings, Max Hastings, Nigel Henbest, Sir Jim Sothern Holland, 2d Bt., David Holloway, Geoffrey Andeas Household, Sir Dav id Hunt, Lawrence Henry Forster Irving, Philip Johns, Michael Joseph, Michael Kenward, David (David Francis) Kessler, Andor Klay, Teddy Kollek, John Kruse, Sterling Edmund Lanier, Ruth Laughlin, Herbert Johnes Lloyd-Johnes, Percy Belgrave Lucas, Sir Rober t Lusty, C.A. (Carlile Aylmer) Macartney, William McFee, Angus D. Macintyre, Sir Geoffrey (Alex Colin) Macnab, Patrick Macnaghten, Stuart Petre Brodie Mais, Félix Martí-Ibáñez, David L. Middleton, Kathleen Rose Margaret (Eales) Morison, David Morrell, Charles W. Morton, Margaret Alice Murray, Rhoda R. Nathans, John North, Margaret Nosek, Vladimir Nosek, Neil Sebastian Nyren, Edward Joseph Harrington O'Brien, Peter O'Toole, Eric Honeywood Partridge, Otto Penzler, David Pirie, Ba rrie Pitt, Hugh Popham, Kenneth Wiggins Porter, Nora von Wydenbruck Purtscher, Harold Raymond, M.R.(Maurice Roy) Ridley, Verna Sabelle, Ellery Sedgwick, Denis Ronald Sherman, David Skene Melvin, Keith Spacie, Howard Spring, John Keith Stanford, Anson Phe lps Stokes, Norman Taurog, Raleigh Trevelyan, Lawrence John Verney, Chaim Wardi, Edward Augustus Weeks, Orson Welles, Eric Walter White, John Whitehead, Ira Jewell Williams, George Hartley Woodward, Robin Wordsworth, Cedric Worth, Sir Denis Arthur Hepwort h Wright, Melvin Barton Yoken.

Purchase. Ilona Household Chatterwell. Oxon, England. 1990


  • Box 1
    • Biographical: clippings about Geoffrey Household, 1937-1988; photos of Household - some with younger brother Humphrey and his mother, 1909-1954 (15); composite sheet of photos (30); wooden pencil (1 folder)
    • Correspondence, 1936-1977 (43 folders)
  • Box 2
    • Correspondence, 1978-1988 (24 folders)
    • Contracts and agreements, 1935-1986. Arranged by title (47 folders)
    • Financial - related to income taxes and royalties, 1964-1988 (1 folder)
    • Writings (full-length works), A (3 titles)
  • Box 3
    • Writings, B-Lis (26 titles)
  • Box 4
    • Writings, Liv-Sec (27 titles)
  • Box 5
    • Writings, Sen-Z (23 titles)
    • Miscellaneous writings, arranged by title. Usually drafts or fragments of pieces of jottings of ideas for works (14 folders)
  • Box 6
    • Miscellaneous writings, arranged by first word or first line (7 folders)
    • Speeches (5 in one folder)
    • Printed: newsclippings and maps; reviews of Household's works, arranged by title of work reviewed, A-G (16 folders)
  • Box 7
    • Printed: reviews, H-Z (22 folders)

Collection size: 3,431 items

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