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Correspondence with colleagues, friends, and family, 1777-1981. Consult the Manuscripts Index in the Library for dates of letters of individual correspondents. Only a select number of correspondents have been indexed.

  • Box 1: 1777-1933
  • Box 2: 1934-1945
  • Box 3: 1946-1953
  • Box 4: 1954-1964, Oct
  • Box 5: 1964, Nov.-1969, Sept.
  • Box 6: 1969, Oct.-1975, June
  • Box 7: 1975, July-1981

Correspondence with the BBC, publishers and agents. Includes some contracts and royalty payment statements as enclosures.

Box 7
  • A.M. Heath & Co. Ltd., 1931-1975
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, 1925-1972
Box 8
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, 1973-1977
  • Chatto and Windus, 1924-1977
  • Curtis Brown Ltd., 1923-1951
  • David Higham Associates, Ltd., 1958-1965
Box 9
  • David Higham Associates, Ltd., 1966-1979
  • Harper & Brothers, 1926-1962
  • Harper & Row, 1963-1975
  • Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, 1936-1958


Arranged as follows: Major works, such as articles, books, broadcasts, plays, radio scripts, screenplays, and short stories; Introductions to books; Poetry; Reviews; Speeches and lectures; miscellaneous writings by Hughes; and Writings by others. Each work may include drafts, final versions and other related materials.

Major works.

Arranged alphabetically by title, one folder for each title, unless otherwise indicated.

Box 10
  • Administration of war production, by Hughes and J.D. (John Dick) Scott
  • African authors - read your contracts (article)
  • Albert Schweitzer - Question mark in the jungle (article)
  • All went wrong (article) (see also: In the lap of Atlas)
  • ...And Sidi Heyar... (see: In the Lap of Atlas)
  • The ants (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Ardudwy (radio broadcast)
  • Are we right to stick to open fires?
  • The art of Stevenson (radio script)
  • As they were driving (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Atlantis: A traveller's notes on the island of Manhattan (article)
  • Barring the colored man (article)
  • Bath Bath (article)
  • Beyond common sense (see: Physics, astronomy and mathematics; or beyond common sense)
  • Bibury (synopsis of story?)
  • Big seas and little ships (article)
  • The birth of a hurricane (for radio broadcast?)
  • The birth of radio drama (radio broadcast)
  • The blind art (article)
  • Book talk programs, substituting for Strachey (radio broadcast)
  • Boots in cream (short story)
  • A box of matches (short story)
  • C.P.R.W. (article)
  • Calling all bird watchers (radio broadcast)
  • The canary (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The cart (see: A moment of time)
  • The cat and the mouse (short story)
  • The cat who had no friends (short story)
  • Catching Indians (short story)
  • Cave drawings (article)
  • Charterhouse and Oxford essays. 21 items (3 folders)
  • The chest (see: A moment of time)
  • Childhood days (see: Harking back)
  • The China spaniel (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The Christmas Tree (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • A comedy of good and evil (stage play) (8 folders) (see also: The man born to be hanged)
  • A comedy of good and evil (radio play) (2 folders)
  • The comforter (short story)
  • Communism (article)
  • Congo night (radio script)
  • The conjuror (article)
  • The constant nymph (play adapted by Hughes from a book by Margaret Kennedy) (3 folders)
  • Cornelius Kate (see: A moment of time)
  • The country parson (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The country they forgot (novel) (6 folders)
  • The cow (see: In the lap Atlas)
Box 11
  • Craig Ddrwg (article)
  • The crooked answer (short story)
  • The cruise of the "Tight Little-John," 1917. Illustrated with pencil drawing
  • Cruising round Wales (radio broadcast).
  • The curse of God (article)
  • Danger (radio script, Jan. 15, 1924 and play at Charterhouse, Feb. 22, 1930; Italian translation of radio script: Pericolo) (2 folders)
  • The dark child (short story). (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Daughter-in-law (play adapted by Hughes from a novel by D.H. Lawrence). (4 folders)
  • The demigod (short story)
  • The devil-stick (see: A moment of time)
  • Diana and the tax collector (short story)
  • The diary of a steerage passenger. (see: A moment of time)
  • Dinner for six (short story)
  • The divided hearts (screenplay) (9 folders)
  • Do you understand your children (article)
  • Does it pay to have five children (see: Make parenthood possible)
  • The doll and the mermaid (see: Gertrude and the mermaid)
  • The doll who didn't undress (short story)
  • Don't blame me (short story)
  • Don't blame me (collection of short stories)
  • Dry land (article - see: Miscellaneous. North Wales Hydro-Electric Development)
  • The duck and the hen (short story)
  • Early closing (short story)
  • The effects of hashish (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • Eheu Fugaces (article)
  • The elephant's circus (short story)
  • The elephant's picnic (short story)
  • An enquiry (article)
  • The escape of the king (short story)
  • Evacuation (article)
  • Exodus (short story)
  • The eyes of Ben 'Adi (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The fine traveller (short story)
  • First cruise of the season (article)
  • First day in the air (article)
  • Five of you (see: The five people)
  • The five people (radio broadcast) (see also: Poets, painters, puddings)
  • The fool and the fifteen thieves (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The fox in the attic (see: The human predicament, v. I)
  • The fox's Christmas (short story)
  • The "friendly" sea (article)
  • The future looks back: 2 (radio broadcast)
  • The gardener and the white elephant (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • George Barrow: Victorian rebel (see: Nowhere at home)
  • Gertrude and the mermaid (short story) (see also: The Gertrude story) (2 folders)
  • The Gertrude story (book of short stories)
  • The Gertrude story (radio scripts adapted by Jean Sutcliffe). The doll and the mermaid, Pt. I; The doll and the mermaid, Pt. II; The story of Gertrude, Pt. III
  • Gertrude's child (short story) (see also: The Gertrude story) (2 folders)
  • The ghost (see: A moment of time)
  • The glass ball country (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • God helps those... (article)
  • The gold rush (article)
  • A grateful woman (see: A woman to talk to)
  • Guide to some of the season's books for children and older boys and girls (article)
  • The Hankin millions (short story and partial script)
  • Harking back (radio broadcast)
  • The hasty cook (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Head in the clouds (short story)
  • Head in the clouds (screenplay) (2 folders)
Box 12
  • Head in the clouds (screenplay), cont. (24 folders)
  • Heat-wave in Ruritania (radio broadcast)
  • The herring farm (see: Head in the clouds)
  • High wind in Jamaica (novel) (4 folders)
Box 13
  • High wind in Jamaica (novel), cont. (10 folders)
  • High wind in Jamaica (broadcast script) (2 folders)
  • High wind in Jamaica (radio serial) (9 folders)
  • High wind in Jamaica (screenplay by Elizabeth Hart, [1934])
  • High wind in Jamaica (screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke, 1962) (3 folders)
Box 14
  • High wind in Jamaica (screenplay, by T.E.B. Clarke, 1962), cont. (4 folders)
  • Home (short story)
  • The horse with wings (short story)
  • The house-cow (short story)
  • The house in the Kasbah (article)
  • How "listening plays" are done (article)
  • The human predicament (novel), research files (14 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 1: The fox in the attic, Book 1 (17 folders)
Box 15
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 1: The fox in the attic, Book 1, cont. (8 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 1: The fox in the attic, Book 2 (18 folders)
Box 16
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 1: The fox in the attic, Book 3 (17 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 1: The fox in the attic, proofs, book jacket design, radio script, etc. (9 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, research files (6 folders)
Box 17
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 1 (29 folders)
Box 18
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 1 (31 folders)
Box 19
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 1 (3 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 2 (34 folders)
Box 20
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 2 (14 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 3 (15 folders)
Box 21
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess, Book 3 (11 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 2: The wooden shepherdess. Galleys, proofs, radio scripts, etc. (10 folders)
  • The human predicament (novel), vol. 3: (untitled) (17 folders)
Box 22
  • I live in Merioneth (article)
  • I promised to broadcast (radio broadcast). (See also: copy enclosed in Hughes to Eileen Molony, Dec. 13, 1948. Correspondence--British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • I speak for myself (radio broadcast, July 2, 1949)
  • If (see: Mahomet for merrie England)
  • Immodest proposals (series of articles)
  • In hazard: a sea story (novel and radio broadcast) (see also: Why I wrote IN HAZARD) (12 folders)
  • In the lap of Atlas: stories of Morocco (short story, book of short stories). Includes radio script of ...And Sidi Heyar... (7 folders)
  • Inhaling (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The inn of the blind (short story)
  • Innocent voyage (see: High wind in Jamaica)
  • Interruption (short story)
  • The invitation (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Is mankind bankrupt? (article)
  • Is the novel dead - or are you? (article)
  • Jamaica today (article)
  • January picnic (short story)
  • Jenny and Sam (short story)
  • John Skelton (article and radio broadcast) (2 folders)
  • The joys of irresponsibility (article)
  • Jungle (see: A moment of time)
  • The jungle school (short story)
  • Justice (short story)
  • The kind man (short story)
  • Kura and Kurapa (article)
  • The land Versailles forgot (see: The country they forgot)
  • The lark (see: A run for your money)
  • Laughing at Netta (short story) (see: A moment of time)
  • Let the people eat! (essay)
  • Lion charming (article)
  • The littlest army (short story)
  • Littlest boots (short story)
  • Living in W'ales (short story)
  • Llwyd. (see: A moment of time)
Box 23
  • Lochinva'rovic (see: A moment of time)
  • Locomotive (see: A moment of time)
  • Lord of the flies (screenplay) (4 folders)
  • A love of freedom (short story)
  • Magic foam (short story)
  • The magic foxes of Crib Las (short story)
  • The magic glass (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The magic music (radio play)
  • Mahomet for merrie England (article) (see also: Nought is not nothing)
  • Make parenthood possible! (article) (3 folders)
  • The man born to be hanged (play) Includes program also featuring A comedy of good and evil
  • The man who sang in his bath (radio play)
  • The man with a green face (short story) (see: The spider's palace)
  • The marmalade cat (short story)
  • Martha (see: A moment of time)
  • Merveilous beastes (article)
  • Microcosm (article)
  • Minnie and Mr. Williams (article)
  • A mirror to collectors (article)
  • A moment of time (short story, book of short stories) (9 folders)
  • Monoculism (see: A moment of time)
  • The moon is shining (radio play)
  • The motherly pig (short story)
  • Much pennyworth (see: Poets, painters, puddings)
  • The mud flats that lie around the mouth of the River Suto (article)
  • The mystery of "Star Tiger" (see: Star Tiger down)
  • Nationhood (radio broadcast)
  • The navy is here (unpublished account of German warships Altmark and Admiral Graf Spee) (13 folders)
Box 24
  • The navy is here, cont. (6 folders)
  • Nesta (short story)
  • A night at a cottage (see: A moment of time)
  • The nightingale is singing (see: A run for your money)
  • The night-light (short story)
  • The nitwit (see: ...And Sidi Heyar...[i.e. In the lap of Atlas])
  • A note on Wales, 1949 (article)
  • Notes on the way (article)
  • Notes towards a systematic comparative psychology (see: An enquiry)
  • Nothing (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Nought is not nothing (article and radio broadcast)
  • Nowhere at home: A study of George Barrow (radio broadcast) (2 folders)
  • Number (article)
  • The object of a university education (article)
  • The old queen (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The old rolled lady (short story)
  • Open the door (short story)
  • Or perhaps to the West Indies? (article)
  • The organ-recital (short story)
  • Origin of the state (article)
  • Our merchant service (radio broadcast)
  • An outline for boys and girls, by Naomi Mitchison (see: Physics, astronomy and mathematics; or Beyond common sense)
  • The overcoat (short story and radio broadcast)
  • Oxford essays (see: Charterhouse and Oxford essays)
  • Pages from a field notebook (short story)
  • The palace of the rock (short story)
  • The paraplegic peeress (notes for broadcast?)
  • The parents cry (see: Does it pay to have five children)
  • Passport to Broadmoor (see: The overcoat)
  • Penalised parenthood (see: Does it pay to have five children)
  • Pericolo (see: Danger)
  • The philosopher king (short story)
  • Physics, astronomy and mathematics; or beyond common sense (book) (5 folders)
  • Pipe dream (see: Head in the Clouds)
  • Pirates (radio broadcast)
  • Plays (collection of plays)
  • The poet and the scientist (radio broadcast?)
  • Poet with frying-pan (article on Robert Graves)
  • Poets, painters, puddings (unpublished novel about Much Pennyworth) (3 folders)
  • Polish impressions (article)
  • Poor man's inn (see: A moment of time)
  • Portrait of a rum-runner (article)
  • Public school verse (poetry, edited by Hughes) (2 folders)
  • R.L.S. (see: Robert Louis Stevenson: A centenary tribute)
  • Radic by J.E. Robertson (article)
  • The rape of Wales (see: You should have been here yesterday)
  • The renaissance of Wales (article)
  • Revolution in Tetouan (article)
  • Richard Hughes: An omnibus (collection of short stories, poems and plays) (2 folders)
  • The road-makers (article)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson: A centenary tribute (radio broadcast)
  • A run for your money (screenplay) (1 folder)
Box 25
  • A run for your money (screenplay), cont. (8 folders)
  • Running away to sea or the tiger cat (play)
  • Safe among lions (article)
  • Sailing (article)
  • The school (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The sea (see: A moment of time)
  • A sea story (short story)
  • The second revolution (article)
  • The serenade (radio play)
  • Shall grandmama go to the moon? (see: We gave our grandmother)
  • She caught hold of the toe (see: A moment of time)
  • Shifting sands and estuarial channels (article)
  • Silver ponies (short story)
  • The sisters' tragedy (play) (6 folders)
  • The sitter-in (short story and broadcast) (3 folders)
  • Situations vacant (see: The sitter-in)
  • The soapy-boy (short story)
  • Speculum antiquarii (article)
  • The spider's palace (short story and book of short stories) (8 folders)
  • Star Tiger down (article)
  • A story about mice (short story)
  • The story of Daphne and Dick (see: The story of Dolly and Dick)
  • The story of Dolly and Dick (short story)
  • The story of Judah ben Hassan (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The story of Molly Kingcatcher (short story)
  • The story of The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith
  • Story told Olivia (short story)
  • Story told to Owain (short story)
  • Strange Christmases (short story)
  • The stranger (see: A moment of time)
  • A street in Soho (screenplay)
  • The swans (see: A moment of time)
Box 26
  • The tale of sordid details (see: A moment of time)
  • Talk to the West Indies (radio broadcast)
  • Telephone travel (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • Television club (broadcast)
  • Telling stories (radio broadcast)
  • Tennyson (article)
  • Theogony (short story)
  • The three innkeepers (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The three sheep (short story) (see also: The spider's palace)
  • The thunderstorm (short story)
  • The time of your life (see: The paraplegic peeress)
  • Time to burn boats (article)
  • To follow a star (article)
  • Town and country (see: The human predicament, v.I)
  • Town or country? (article)
  • Two mothers (story outline for screenplay)
  • Two pots of gold (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The unavoidable prevention of the duchess (short story)
  • Under the nose and under the skin (article)
  • Vachel Lindsay (radio broadcast)
  • The vanishing man (see: A moment of time)
  • A very mellow-drama (play script)
  • The Victorian room - and James (see: A moment of time)
  • The vizier's razor (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The voice and the pen (article)
  • Wales (see: You should have been here yesterday)
  • Wales and the Eisteddfod (article)
  • Wales and the wide world (radio broadcast)
  • Wales through the looking glass (article)
  • We gave our grandmother (radio play)
  • Welsh guide book (see: Cruising round Wales)
  • A Welsh journey (radio play) (3 folders)
  • The Welsh National Theatre (article)
  • Why I wrote In Hazard (article)
  • The widow and the Djinn (see: Two pots of gold)
  • The wild hills of Gwynedd (article)
  • The will (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • Willow pattern (see: January picnic)
  • The wise mouse (short story)
  • The wishing-shell (short story)
  • A woman to talk to (see: In the lap of Atlas)
  • The wonder dog (short story)
  • The wonder dog (collection of short stories) Drafts of introduction and artwork
  • The wooden horse (radio play?)
  • The wooden shepherdess (see: The human predicament, v.II)
  • Work (short story)
  • The world of the nose (see: Harking back)
  • The writer and his times (radio broadcast)
  • The writer's duty (radio broadcast)
  • Writing in a minor language (radio broadcast)
  • Wyatt, Surrey, Sackville (article)
  • You should have been here yesterday
  • The young Robert Graves (see: Poet with frying pan)
  • "0" [Zero] (see: Mahomet for merrie England and Nought is not nothing)
  • Zug, the cave man (short story)


Box 26
  • Includes introductions written by Hughes for the following books:
  • The Dark Valley Travellers, by Peter Haining
  • Deudraeth Rural District Official Guide
  • Edward Wolfe, a retrospective exhibition of paintings & drawings, Arts Council 1967
  • Escape to the Sea, by Fred Rebell. (Introduction and edited by Hughes)
  • John Hope - an exhibition catalog
  • The King's Falcon and Other Tales, by Leo Tolstoy
  • The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner
  • The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss, by John Claus Voss


Box 26
  • Includes individual poems arranged alphabetically, drafts and other materials pertaining to his two books of poetry: Confessio juvenis and Gipsy-night and O\other poems. Six notebooks of poetry complete this section (19 folders)

Reviews of books and plays

Box 27

Arranged alphabetically by title of review, or, where lacking, by title of book.

  • Adventure in space (see: The scholarship of knots)
  • All God's chillun got wings. All God's Chillun Got Wings, play by Eugene O'Neill
  • As if... Katherine Mansfield, by Anthony Alpers
  • Ballet. Balletmania, by Arnold Haskell
  • untitled. The Beauty of Sail, pictures by Beken, words by Uffa Fox and The Yachtsman's Week-end Book
  • Bloomsbury. The Bloomsbury Group: a Study of E.M. Forster, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf and their Circle, by J.K. Johnstone
  • But this is poetry. Dear Judas, and Other Poems, by Robinson Jeffers
  • untitled. Camera obscura, by William Bolitho
  • Central Europe from inside. Austria in Dissolution, by Stephan, Count Burian and Fighting the World, by Count Michel Karolyi
  • Circumperambulating the globe. Half-safe: Across the Atlantic by Jeep, by Ben Carlin
  • Connolly's essence. The Golden Horizon, edited by Cyril Connolly
  • Elia afloat. On Sailing the Sea, A Collection of the Seagoing Writings of Hilaire Belloc, selected by W.N. Roughead
  • untitled. The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The friendly sea. The Bombard Story, by Dr. Alain Bombard
  • untitled. Gipsy Moth Circles the World, by Francis Chichester
  • Guilt under the microscope. Nuremberg Diary, b G.M. Gilbert
  • The heart of a book. Sailing Alone Round the World, by Joshua Slocum
  • John Strachey. John Strachey, by Hugh Thomas
  • Joyce Cary. Except the Lord, by Joyce Cary
  • Laughter from the doldrums. Adventures in the Skin Trade, by Dylan Thomas
  • The Lawrence letters. The Letters of T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, edited by David Garnett
  • Lyautey. Lyautey of Morocco, by Sonia Howe
  • Lyautey. Lyautey, by Andre Maurois
  • Magellan, Pigafetta, Zweig. Magellan, Pioneer of the Pacific, by Stefan Zweig
  • The master. Cavender's House, by Edwin Arlington Robinson
  • untitled. The memoirs of a Buccaneer, by Louis le Golif
  • Microcosm. Immortal Sails, by Henry Hughes
  • The mind of genius. The Opposing Self: Nine Essays in Criticism, by Lionel Trilling
  • Mrs. Dalloway. Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf
  • Mr. Forster's quandary. The Hill of Devi, by E.M. Forster
  • Morocco. Quest Romantic, by Captain F. H. Mellor and The Folklore of Morocco, by Francoise Legey
  • A note on books for children. Reviews of various children's books
  • Numen inest. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence
  • Poetry. Poems, by William Empson, The Fox's Covert, by Blanaid Salkeld and Poems, by Stella Benson
  • Poets and poetry. The Flaming Terrapin, by Roy Campbell
  • The power of words. The Power of Words, by Stuart Chase
  • The scholarship of knots. The Ashley Book of Knots, by Clifford W. Ashley
  • The sea's mercy. The Kon-Tiki Expedition, by Thor Heyerdahl
  • The Serajevo crime. The Serajevo Crime, by Edith Durham
  • Ships. Ships, by Hendrik van Loon
  • Single-handed. Wind Aloft, Wind Alow by Marin-Marie
  • The smell of the white man. Passing of the Aborigines, by Daisy Bates
  • The Strachey family. The Strachey Family, by Charles R. Sanders
  • Under Milk Hill. Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas
  • Virginia Woolf. A Writer's Diary, Being Extracts from the Diary of Virginia Woolf, edited by Leonard Woolf
  • Welsh literature. A History of Welsh Literature, by Thomas Parry and An Introduction to Welsh Poetry from the Beginnings to the Sixteenth Century, by Gwyn Williams
  • untitled. The Wilder Shores of Love, by Lesley Blanch


Box 27
  • 1931, Aug. 5. Nationalism and literature. Cymmrodorion Sociey during National Eisteddfod, Bangor
  • 1932. Beyond common sense. Three Ballard Mathews lectures, University of North Wales
  • 1933, Mar. 22. Wales and the theatre. Cardiff
  • 1934, Feb. 17. Drama in Wales: Its Present and Future, Cardiff
  • 1935, Oct. 26. Nationalism and art in Wales. Workers' Educational Association at Dynevor Secondary School, Swansea
  • 1936, July 17. Opening of Carmarthenshire Art Club exhibition
  • 1949, Nov. General criticism of Othello. Aberystwyth University
  • 1951, Oct. 31. Blackburne House Prizegiving, Liverpool Institute High School for Girls
  • 1954, Nov. 1-4. The cuckoo's egg. Gresham College lectures (4 folders)
  • 1954. Anglo-Welsh literature, general review. Coleg Harlech Summer School
  • 1954-1956. Lectures on rhetoric. Gresham College (2 folders)
  • 1955, Mar. 7-10. "Poetic" and "Rhetoric": Two kinds of meaning. Gresham College
  • 1955, May 23-26. Emotion and the reader. Gresham College
  • 1955, Oct. 24-27. The novel behind your eyes. Gresham College
  • 1956, Mar. 5-8. The tale of Genji. Gresham College
  • 1956, June 11-14. The moving hand, or the problem of meaning. Gresham College
  • 1956, Nov. 24. The moving hand, or the problem of meaning. Cambridge, Westcott House
  • 1956, Nov. 28. The cuckoo's egg. Oxford University English Club
  • 1962. Liturgical language today. Clergy School for the Dioceses of St. Asaph and Bangor
  • 1969. Fiction as truth. Blashfield address
  • 1971. Fiction. Bangor annual meeting
  • 1972, June 29. The social importance of fiction. Harlech Society
  • 1973, Sept. 1. The novel. Academi Gymraeg
  • 1974, Mar. 11. Wales as a writer's habitat. University College of North Wales, Bangor
  • 1975, Apr. 9. Foyles literary luncheon. London
  • undated. Heracles and the hydra
  • undated. Mahomet for merrie England
  • undated. Science and the humanities in education - 5
  • undated. Technique of poetry
  • Miscellaneous speech-related items: notes, programs, etc.

Miscellaneous writings by Hughes

Box 27

Drafts of unfinished books, plays, short stories, suggestions for films and plays (12 folders)

Box 28

Notebooks of ideas (10 notebooks)

Writings by others

Box 28
  • Bartrum, Peter C. Arthur's Saga (2 folders)
  • Beavers, Ann Arden. Poems
  • Bianco, Margery Williams. Poor Cecco
  • C___, Christopher M. [Lenin]
  • Coke-Kerr, W.R. When Bill walked to Belah
  • Davies, Peredur J. They burn alive
  • Davies, Rhys. A Bed of Feathers
  • Fischer, Marina. Pen and ink sketch
  • FitzGibbon, Constantine, translator. The Answers of Ernst Von Salomon
  • FitzGibbon, Constantine. The Life of Dylan Thomas
  • Gough, Simon, et al. Poems
  • Graves, Clarissa. Character from Writing
  • Greaves, Rose. The Stranger, A Comedy in One Act
  • Haufstaengl, Egon. Vita et Veritas? (3 folders)
  • Hillman, Diane. A Christmas Fantasy
  • Isaacs, J. John Skelton - book review. BBC Third Programme
  • Jeffers, Robinson. Dear Judas and Other Poems
  • Johnson, Charles. Noson Gymreig
  • Johnson, J. Chester. Poems
  • Lawrence, D.H. A Collier's Friday Night
  • Mitchell, Ronald Elwy. Deep Waters: A Play of North Wales in Three Acts
  • Mitchell, Ronald Elwy. The Royal Inn, in One Act
Box 29
  • O'Farrell, R.C. Inshore
  • Owen, Charles Alexander H. Weigh and Proceed, The Story of One Day in the Life of H.M. Destroyer "Resolve"
  • Penn-Smith, Frank. Justice
  • Poole, Richard. Fiction as Truth: Richard Hughes's THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT
  • Poole, Richard. The Novels of Richard Hughes
  • Poole, Richard. Morality and Selfhood in the Novels of Richard Hughes
  • Porter, Alan. John Lyly
  • Quennell, Peter. The Masque of Thin Horses
  • Quennell, Peter. Masques & Poems
  • Sartre, Jean-Paul. Crime Passionel! English translation with notes in Hughes's hand
  • Satow, Gwenol. Dead Bird Piece
  • Sharwood Smith, John E. The White Rabbit
  • Thomas, Dylan. Poems
  • Thomas, Gwyn. The Singers of Meadow Prospect
  • Thomas, Peter Derek. Cow Moose
  • Thomas, Peter Derek. Measuring the Wind: The Early Writings of Richard Hughes
  • Thomas, Peter Derek. Richard Hughes's Children and the Lost Generation
  • Tolstoy, Leo. Ivan the Fool and Other Tales
  • Zilliacus, Stella. Forty-Eight Hours, A Play in Three Acts
  • unknown. On the Correct and Improved Writing of English
  • various. Stories by children


Biographical materials are followed by alphabetically arranged subjects, reel-to-reel audio tapes, bound calendars, oversize materials and index cards. Many of the subjects were taken from the original folders. One folder for each subject, unless otherwise indicated.

Box 29
  • Biographical - Contains biographical sketches of Hughes, some written for various biographical sources (5 folders) ( see also: Box 42)
  • Address books (3)
  • Arabic language
  • Artwork by Pamela Bianco and various other artists (2 folders)
  • Automobiles - insurance and repair receipts, licenses, registrations, etc. (3 folders)
  • Boats and sailing - Contains materials pertaining to: boating and sailing organizations, receipts and repair records for boats owned by Hughes, the Laugharne Regatta, perpetual tide predictor invented by Hughes, etc. (8 folders)
Box 30
  • Boats and sailing (cont.) (16 folders)
  • "Bomb sights from aeroplane, 1915 and experiments in four dimensional perspective"
  • Book plates and calling cards
  • British Broadcasting Company
  • Civil Defence - Contains correspondence and printed materials concerning Hughes's civilian role during World War II
  • Diaries - Loose leaf diaries and itineraries
  • Education - Grade reports, notebooks, magazines, Brome Literary Society materials, etc. Arranged alphabetically by institution: Caterham Preparatory School, Charterhouse (see also: Box 42), Eothen, Oriel College, Oxford University; includes materia ls concerning Hon. D. Litt. from the University of Wales, 1956 (6 folders)
Box 31
  • Education (cont.) (5 folders)
  • Family - Contains writings, legal documents, etc. for the following family members:
    • Hughes, Arthur (2 folders)
    • Hughes, Frances (Bazley)
    • Hughes, Louise Grace Warren (12 folders)
    • Warren, Edward Charles
    • Warren, Ernest Edward (2 folders)
    • Hughes's children
    • In addition, there are genealogical materials and a folder with locks of hair (2 folders; see also: Box 42)
Box 32
  • Family (cont.) - Writings, notebooks and miscellaneous items (7 folders)
  • Financial - Bank statements, income tax papers, insurance papers, receipts, VAT papers, etc. (14 folders)
Box 33
  • Financial (cont.) (9 folders)
  • The Hill Players - copies of blank stationery only
  • Investiture of HRH Prince of Wales
  • Invitations from Hughes - printed invitations for parties, supper and exhibition openings for Frances Hughes
  • Invitations to Hughes - Mostly printed invitations for parties, dinners, marriages and various celebrations. Also includes invitations to an afternoon party at Buckingham Palace and to the inauguration of Herbert Hoover (2 folders)
  • Juvenilia - Account books for expenditures from ages 6-13 and ages 15-19; 2 Christmas cards; "Dick's riddle" written Feb. 15, 1908; "Home" written "Xmas 1910"; list of "Books read by "Dick from Xmas 1910-Xmas 1912"
  • McEntee, Lucy - various recollections of Hughes by his secretary
  • Medical - Material concerning Frances's appendix and notes pertaining to Richard's final illness
  • Men of Achievement award
  • Military - Mostly documents concerning Hughes's military career
  • Music
  • North Wales Hydro-electric Development - Correspondence, printed materials, etc. pertaining to the opposition of hydro-electric development in Wales, including Hughes's article entitled: "Dryland" (4 folders)
Box 34
  • Publishers - Mostly royalty statements and contracts (12 folders)
  • Ration books
  • Real estate - includes correspondence, architectural drawings, floor plans and other materials concerning leasing and renovations of Laugharne Castle, Mor Edrin, and other residences (19 folders; see also: Boxes 42 and 43)
Box 35
  • Real estate (cont.) (7 folders)
  • Richard Hughes (Books) Inc. - Contracts, certificate of incorporation, minutes of meetings, shares, statements of accounts, etc. (7 folders)
  • Societies - Correspondence, printed materials, etc. relating to the following societies, associations, clubs, etc. (1 folder each):
    • Authors' League of America
    • Beefsteak Club
    • The Cambrian Archeological Association
    • The Council for the Preservation of Rural Wales
    • Diocesan Registry
    • Garrick Club
    • Harlech Horticultural Produce Society
    • Merioneth Rural Community Council
    • The New Atlantis
    • The North Wales Association of Sheep Dog Trials
    • P.E.N.
    • Portmadoc Players
    • The Society of Authors
    • United University Club
Box 36
  • Societies (cont.)
    • Welsh Arts Council
    • Welsh National Theatre (2 folders)
    • Yr Academi Gymraeg
  • Tobacco - Correspondence and receipts
  • Travel - 1928-1975. Correspondence, brochures, receipts and other materials relating to Hughes's trips. Arranged chronologically (23 folders)
  • Treorchy Drama competition - Materials relating to Hughes's adjudication of the 1934 and 1949 competitions (2 folders)
  • Wine - Mostly correspondence and receipts
  • Miscellany - Scrapbook on Matabelaland, notebooks, printed material, etc. (6 folders)
Box 37
  • Audio tapes (8 tapes):
    • BBC interview
    • Richard Hughes and Tim Maby, "Sunday Best" Radio 4, Wales Apr. 29, 1973
    • Richard Hughes and Walter Allen, Radio 3, Apr. 5, 1973
    • Interview at Talsarnau with Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hughes by Colin D. Edwards with Constantine FitzGibbon, Spring 1964
    • Joyce Emerson interview with Richard Hughes for C.B.C.
    • Interview in Dar Es Salaam, Book Week, Mar. 1967; Danger; Possibly another interview in Nairobi
    • Stories for children: The Spider's Palace, Telephone Travel, The Elephant's Picnic
    • Stories for children: Living in Whales, Don't Blame Me, The Palace on the Rocks
  • Calendars - 1921-1922, 1924, 1927, 1929-1932 (1 each), 1938, 1939 (2), 1940, 1942, 1944, 1945 (see: Box 42), 1946, 1950 (2), 1953 (2), 1954-1958 (1 each), 1959 (2), 1960 (2), 1961 (3)
Box 38
  • Calendars (cont.) - 1962 (2), 1963-1965 (1 each), 1966 (2), 1967 (3), 1968 (3), 1969 (4), 1970-1975 (3 each), 1976 (2)
  • Calendars for Frances (Bazley) Hughes - 1951, 1956, 1965
  • Calendar for Capt. Pengelley - 1894
Box 42: Oversize materials
  • Calendar, 1945
  • Charterhouse, Calling Over, Dec. 22, 1913 (i.e. list of students)
  • Hughes genealogical chart
  • Program for The Marquis of Anglesey's Company's production of "Aladdin"
  • Architectural plans - boathouse and unidentified residences (5)
Box 43: Oversize materials
  • Engraving of Laugharne Castle
  • Architectural plans for Laugharne (14)
Box 44: Index cards.

Index to some of the correspondence; various story ideas and miscellaneous information from the 1920s.


Includes family, friends and other unidentified persons followed by pictures depicting travels, Hughes's residences, stills from plays, scenery, etc.

Box 39
  • Hughes, Richard (23 photographs)
  • Hughes, Richard with wife, Frances and children (6 photographs)
  • Parent and siblings (21 photographs)
  • Bianco, Pamela, her mother and family (15 photographs)
  • Family and friends (29 photographs)
  • Unidentified persons (90 photographs in 4 folders)
  • Capodistria (43 photographs, 5 postcards)
  • Central Europe, Zagreb, Politics, 1922 (36 photographs, 3 postcards)
  • "Dauntless" - one of Hughes's boats with Dylan Thomas's home in background (1 photograph)
  • Morocco (91 photographs)
  • Plays. Scenes from various plays: A Comedy of Good and Evil; The Portmadoc Players; unidentified play with Hughes in cast (14 photographs)
  • Quebec and Lake St. John, 1924 (18 photographs)
  • Residences - Stiffkey, Garreg Fawr, Mor Edrin, Laugharne Castle (20 photographs)
  • Sicily (30 photographs)
  • Steerage to U.S.A., S.S. Saxonia, 1921 (39 photographs)
  • Miscellaneous - Interior and exterior shots of various buildings, scenery (91 photographs in 5 folders)


Box 40
  • By Hughes:
    • Articles (4 folders)
    • Book reviews (2 folders)
    • Letters to the editor
    • Poetry
    • Short stories
    • Scrapbook of various writings
  • About Hughes, 1921-1975 (5 folders)
  • Reviews of major works by Hughes, arranged alphabetically by title of work: A - A High Wind in Jamaica (17 folders)
Box 41
  • Reviews of major works...: A High Wind in Jamaica (cont.) - Z (30 folders
  • Reviews of broadcasts by Hughes
  • Reviews of works with forewords, introductions and contributions by Hughes
  • Review of plays by Hughes
  • Miscellaneous clippings

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