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The Indianapolis Switch and Frog Company mss., 1892-1940, consist of correspondence and records of that company.

The company was incorporated on July 27, 1892, at Indianapolis, Indiana, to manufacture and sell railway switch frogs, crossings, tie-bars, other railway appliances and bridges. Operations were to be carried on in Indianapolis, Indina, and Springfield, Ohio. In 1928 the company ceased operations, and in 1931 it had no employees and officers received no compensation. On August 2, 1938, and again on October 2, 1939, the stockholders discussed plans for liquidation. Since the Frigidaire Division of General Motors Corporation leased the plant from the fall of 1936 to Jyly 1, 1940, execept for one year 1937-1938, during which time Interantional Harvester was the leasee, liquidation was not possible until after July 1, 1940. E.C. Price and C. Walter McCarty had been appointed trustees for the stockholders and were authorized to negotiate a three-year lease with the Frigidaire Division to begin on October 1, 1940.

The collection contains both bound volumes and unbound papers. The bound volumes consist of cash books, 1913-1928; ledgers, 1911-1922; journals, 1910-1932; an account book, 1902-1914; a stock certificate book, 1910; trial balance books, 1912-1925; a voucher record book, 1913-1916, and a notes and bills payable and receivable book, 1901-1928.

The unbound papers include minutes, 1892-1938; correspondence, 1902-1940; auditors' reports, 1906-1939; an annual report, 1930; balance sheets, 1916-1917; bank deposit slips, 1931-1934 and 1939-1940; corporation reports, 1930- 1938; lists of deposits and notes, 1937-1940; a copy of the company's report for the U.S. census of distribution, 1929; credit statements, 1911-1924; Brown Brothers Harriman and Company's "Summary of the account of the Indianapolis Switch & Frog Company," 1935-1938; financial statements, 1912-1940; inventories, 1914-1921; insurance papers, 1931-1934; legal papers, 1893-1936; lists of Liberty bonds; payroll reports, 1933-1935; a rental properties survey, 1927-1930; sales records, 1915-1930; stock records, 1902-1935; tax records, 1913-1939; and trial balances, 1914-1920.

Collection size: 1,572 items

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