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The Jackson, Henry mss., 1862-1919, are those letters to and from Henry Jackson, 1839-1921, Regius professor of Greek at Cambridge University, a post he was appointed to in 1906, following Sir. R. C. Jebb. Born in Sheffield, he became a fellow at Trinity College in 1864. He was interested in university reform and voted for women's degrees. After 1879 he became one of the editors of The Journal of Philology until his death.

These letters include one to his brother Percy on March 28, 1862, in which he discusses The Classical Tripos which he had taken in February and was ranked in third place. A note appended to the letter gives all the rankings.

In 1908 Henry Jackson suffered a severe illness and on November 30 his friend John Maxwell Image wrote to him about his associates at the High Table at Trinity College, Richard Dacre Archer-Hind and Basil Edward Hammond, among others.

In 1910 Jackson received letters from Sir James George Frazer on July 19 pointing out the low state of his financial reserves and reporting on the progress of his research for the enlarged Golden Bough; from Ingram Bywater on December 4 about attending the funeral of John Egton Bickersteth Mayor and suggesting that Jackson should write his obituary; from Arthur Platt on December 28 in which he proposes A. E. Housman's name to replace Mayor as the Latin professor and goes on to comment on his reading of Aristotle. To Platt's letter Jackson appended a portion of his reply on January 7, 1911, that Housman's name had also occurred to him.

In July, 1919, Jackson was honored on the occasion of his eightieth birthday and his retirement as Vice-Master of Trinity College. The response to the Master, Sir Joseph John Thomson, dated 19 August 1919, here present was copied by John Waynflete Carter in 1959 and published in the R. St. John Parry book about Jackson on page 116.

The letters were removed from R. St. John Parry, Henry Jackson, O. M., Cambridge University Press, 1926 (Lilly LF704.J3 P3), a volume which had been given with the letters to John Waynflete Carter by Sir Henry Jackson. 1975

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