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The Judah mss., 1787-1927, are papers of Samuel Judah, 1799-1869, lawyer of Vincennes, Indiana, and members of his family, particularly of his son, Samuel Brandon Judah, 1846- 1928, stock raiser of Vincennes, Indiana.

Career of Samuel Judah: born New York City, July 18, 1798; B. A. Rutgers College, 1816; admitted to bar at New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1818; moved to Vincennes, Indiana, 1818 or 19; admitted to practice as an attorney in the Supreme Court of Indiana, 1819; married Harriet Brandon of Corydon, Indiana, 1825; member of Indiana House of Representatives, 1827-29, 1837-41; Speaker of the House, 1840; U. S. District attorney for Indiana, 1829-33; died April 24, 1869, Vincennes, Indiana.

The first folder in the collection contains biographical and genealogical material on the Judah family.

The papers in this collection consist of law office correspondence, political correspondence, deeds, letters and papers concerning the management of real estate belonging to the Judah family, family letters, bills, receipts, and shares of stock.

Included are a farm ledger, 1827-1856, of Samuel Judah; typescript copies of three papers by Samuel Judah: The history of Vincennes, The Origin of the Masonic Society, and The Guilds; typescript copy of a "Journal of Trip from New York to Vincennes and Return in 1827" by Samuel Bernard Judah, father of Samuel Judah, which has been published in the Indiana Magazine of History, XVII (1921), pages 338-352; two papers, Burnet Heights and Legends of Vincennes by Samuel Brandon Judah, son of Samuel Judah. Forms printed by Elihu Stout and two receipts signed by him are in the collection.

Correspondents include: Thomas F. G. Adams, James Alford, Cyrus McCracken Allen, J. M. H. Allison, Conrad Baker, Cromwell Woolsey Barbour, Horace Bassett, Charles I. Battell, Isaac Blackford, George Boon, Ratliff Boon, John Bouvier, Francis Patrick Bradley, John H. Bradly, John A. Brackenridge, Matthew L. Brett, James Bridgeford, Michael G. Bright, Thomas Jefferson Brooks, William Perkins Bryant, Joseph Blair Carnahan, Willard Carpenter, John Carson, Thomas J. Carson, D. S. Chambers, John M. Clark, Henry Clay, Richard Andrew Clements, Henry P. Coburn, James Collins Jr., Joseph Hutchins Colton, Leslie Combs, Lewis F. Coppersmith, H. Decker, John D. Defrees, Demas Deming, George Henford Dunn, John P. Dunn, Joseph Ketchum Edgerton, Job B. Eldridge, Abner T. Ellis, Elisha Embree, Edward Everett, James Farrington, Joseph Fauntleroy, Robert Henry Fauntleroy, Calvin Fletcher, James Abram Garfield, George R. Gibson, John Gibson, Curtis Gilbert, Willis Arnold Gorman, William D. Griswold, Nathan and George Guilford, John T. Gunn, Samuel Hall, Horatio J. Harris, John Duffield Hay, Samuel Henderson, William Hendricks, Elisha Mills Huntington, Henry Hurst, Andrew Jackson, Joseph Sherburne Jenckes, Joseph O. Jones, John M. Judah, Noble Brandon Judah, Samuel Judah, Samuel Benjamin Helbert Judah, Samuel Brandon Judah, Amory Kinney, Henry Smith Lane, James Franklin Doughty Lanier, Emory Low, James B. McCall, David McDonald, Edward W. McGaughy, Alexander McGregor, James H. and Pierce McKernan, Winslow S. McKernan, Joseph Glass Marshall, James A. Mason, Samuel Merrill, John Mitchell, William R. Morris, Morton & Smith, Michael Murphy, Horatio C. Newcomb, William Ellis Niblack, Harriett Noble, Lazarus Noble, Noah Noble, William T. Noel, Mrs. Mary Jane (Robinson) Owen, Robert Dale Owen, William Owen, Benjamin Parke, Samuel Wilson Parker, Lewis Baldwin Parsons, Charles Bingham Penrose, John Pettit, John Pitcher, James Raridan, James G. Read, Sheridan P. Read, Addison Locke Roache, John Stuart Skinner, Caleb Blood Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Samuel Howe Smydth, James Stafford, Milton Stapp, Stephen C. Stevens, William E. Stewart, Jeremiah Sullivan, Philip Sweetser, Alphonso Taft, Lewis Tappan, Henry P. Thornton, John Palmer Usher, John Van Trees, David Wallace, James Whitcomb, and Asa Whitney.

Some of the papers in this collection are in an oversize folder.

Collection size: 951 items

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