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The Lilly Correspondence, 1919-1954, consist of the correspondence of Josiah Kirby Lilly, 1893-1966, corporation executive of the Lilly Pharmaceutical Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, with bookdealers and individuals concerning the purchase of books and manuscripts for his library which reveal a concentration of interest in Edgar Allan Poe and James Whitcomb Riley, concerning the construction and equipment of Eaglecrest Library at his home, and his membership in the Grolier Club.

The contents of the Lilly Correspondence include communications with William R. Adams, J. F. Albert, Aldine Book Co., L. M. Adridge, Aldus Book Co., American Antiquarian Society, American Library Association, American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers, American Art Association, American Autograph Shop, American Book Collector, American Library Service, Anonymous Box 9 Scottsburg Indiana, Anderson Galleries SEE American Art Association, James H. App, Argosy Book Shop, John Armstrong, Associated Library Exchange SEE William F. Kelleher, Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, Astor Book Shop, Attic Book Shop, Atlantic Monthly, Charles Auchincloss, Joseph Auslander, Averell House SEE Karl Freund, L. S. Ayres & Co., Hamilton Vaughan Bail, May Calvert Baker, Baker and Taylor, Baltimore and Ohio R. R., W. T. Bandy, Sir Frederick Grant Banting, Annie Edward Barcus, Ariel Baynes, Beach's Bookshop SEE Meridian Bookshop, Landon C. Bell, Walter R. Benjamin, Bennett Book & Binding Co., Bennett Book Studio, Pierre Beres, Bibliophile Society SEE H. H. Harper, Mrs. Carrie Bigney, Elisha Brown Bird, Robert K. Black, Jacob Blanck, Bland Gallery, Inc., Harry Bobbe, Bobbs-Merrill Co., Bodley Book Shop, Ralph V. Boles, The Book Club of California, The Book Fair, The Book Farm, The Book Hunters See Jacob Blanck, Booklovers Service Association, Booklovers Shop, Boston Antique Shop, E. K. Braselton, Brentano's, Mrs. Lydia L. Breunig, Mrs. Virginia Pickens Brewer, Jerome E. Brooks, A. H. Brown, Austen Brown, Aylsworth Brown, George B. Brown, H. A. Brown, I. R. Brussel, Eugene A. Burdick, Gelett Burgess, Claire B. Burke, James Branch Cabell, Howard C. Caldwell, University of California, Charles Camac, Cannel and Chaffin, Capitol Book Store, Arthur B. Carlson, Carnegie Book Shop, John Carter, Richard Cary, Caxton Book Shop, The Centaur Book Shop, George M. Chandler, William Charvat, Chaucer Head Book Shop, Henry A. Cheney SEE ALSO Charles E. Tuttle, Chicago Book and Art Auction, Mildred G. Christian, F. Christopher, Arthur H. Clark, Mrs. Brutus Clay, Azalea Clizbee SEE ALSO Pegasus Book Shop, Club of Odd Volumes, Florence Coffin, Albert C. Cohen, Frank S. Collins, Columbia University Press, Conder's Bookstore, Mrs. Rozie T. Connable, John M. Conwell, A. D. Cook, F. D. Coppock, George S. Cottman, Stanley Coulter, Ormsby A. Court, Barton Currie SEE ALSO Indiana Historical Society, Mrs. Anne C. Curry, Hershel E. Dafler, Galven Dalglish, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana, Henry R. Danner, Gertrude Dausman, Dauber and Pine Bookshops, Alexander Davidson Jr., Mrs. Garnet S. Davidson, Ltd. Peter Davies, Curtis Carroll Davis, Harry E. Davis, Hubert Davis, Mrs. John A. Davison, Dawson's Bookshop, Edward L. Dean, Deane and Thurman, Peter Decker, F. D. De France, Dennison Manufacturing Co., Mrs. Catherine Smith Dey, Harry Dichter, Harold B. Dickson, Mrs. Lotsie Dixon, R. W. Doidge, R. R. Donnelly & Son, Robert H. Doran, James F. Drake, Mrs. Irene C. Duckett, Raoul DuFail, William Duncan, Mrs. Kathryn Dunkin, Mrs. Oren C. Dunn, Dunster House Bookshop, C. L. Dupre, Philip C. Duschnes, Duttons Inc., Eaglecrest Library, Eighteenth Century Shop SEE The French Book, Edmund Eitel, Paul Elder & Co., Mrs. Charles P. Emerson, Encyclopedia Britannia, Ida Gertrude Everson, A. D. Faber, E. S. Fagg, Farrar & Rienhart, R. R. Ferryman, Mrs. Estella Flagle, Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, Vincent J. Flynn, Folger Shakespeare Library, Forbes Library, R. L. Fortney, James E. Forrest, Charles H. Fosdick, Baymond Blaine Fosdick, Foushee Book Shop, The French Book Corporation, Otto N. Frenzel, Karl Freund, Robert Fridenberg, Friedmans, Friends of the Land, O. W. Funk, Harold W. Gammans, Thomas J. Gannon Inc., Thomas M. Gardner, Hamlin Garland, Kathryn Turney Garten, Lilienthal Gelber Inc., Ellwood George, Mrs. Theodore Ghyssels, Mrs. Lucie Gibbon, Miss Esther A. Gillespie, Clarence Gilman, William H. Gilman, Gilman's Old Books, Richard Gimble SEE Yale University Library, C. L. Glenn, Frank Glenn Inc. SEE ALSO The Grolier Bookshop, Harry W. Glossbrener, Lucien Goldschmidt SEE ALSO Pierre Beres Inc., Alfred F. Goldsmith, Goodspeeds Bookshop SEE ALSO John M. Conwell, Gotham Book Mart, Paul Gottshalk, A. C. Gould, Stanley Grand, Grand Central Art Galleries, A. H. Granger, George J. C. Grasberger, Allen Grayson, Alexander Greene, K. Gregory, Earl Leslie Griggs, The Grolier Bookshop, Grolier Club, Frank Gruber, Mrs. Alice Benton Gruelle, E. Y. Guernsey, Ward H. Hackleman, Norbert Halliwell, Norman Alexander Hall, Charles W. Hamblen, Hamill and Barker, Lella C. Hamilton, William H. Hampton, J. W. Hanger, Grace Hardesty, H. H. Harper, Lathrop C. Harper, Inc., Benjamin Harris, Charles E. Harris, Mrs. M. Harris, Harvard College Library, Frank A. Hasson, George M. B. Hawley, A & W Head, John Heise, F. Thomas Heller, Paul G. Henderson, Mrs. T. A. Hendrick, Stan V. Henkels, Henry County Historical Society, Mrs. William Hershel, John Hewett, Mary Hicks, Mrs. Bessie Hill, Himebaugh & Browne, Inc., George C. Hitt, Benjamin D. Hitz, Miss Jessie R. Hoagland, Mrs. William Hobson, James Lewis Hook, Hoosier Bookshop, H. V. Horton SEE ALSO Booklover's Service Association and Cannell & Chaffin, John F. Hoskinson, King V. Hostick, Houghton Mifflin Co., John Howell, Alfred D. Howell, Wright Howes, James C. Howgate, Grace Thompson Huffard, Rachel (Mrs. Roy Arthur) Hunt, Henry E. Huntington Library, Frank E. Hutchinson, J. A. Hyfield, Betty Kent Ibler, Ricardo Illa, Illinois State History Society, Indiana Association of the History of Medicine, Indiana Historical Society, Indiana Historical Society Library, Indiana State Library, Indiana University, Indiana University Press, Indianapolis Public Library, Indianapolis Times, Inland Stamp & Coin Mart, Maurice Inman, Guy A. Jackson, William James Jameson, Mrs. D. C. Jillson, Crompton T. Johnson, Mrs. Clara B. Johnston, Mrs. Mary Q. H. Joss, University of Kansas, W. Lloyd Keepers, William F. Kelleher, William Kelly, John G. Kidd, Stewart Kidd SEE John G. Kidd, Kiefer-Stewart Co., Mildred Kingsbury, Kingsway Press, E. B. Kipfer SEE ALSO Newbigin Bookshop, Harry O. Knerr, Isabel Palmer Korbly, Nada Kramer, Kroch's Bookstores, Inc., Charles Devon La Follette, Mrs. J. P. Lampert, Fisk Landers, Frederick Landis SEE ALSO Gavin L. Payne, Charles E. Lauriat, Co., Mrs. Anne Traylor Laurus, League of American Writers, Charles H. LeFeher, C. P. Lesh Paper Co., Harry A. Levinson SEE ALSO Chaucer Head Bookshop, The H. Leiber Co., Adaline Leibold, Library of Congress, Josiah Kirby Lilly Jr., Limited Editions Club, Abraham Lincoln Bookshop, Mrs. Minnie B. Link, R. R. Littell, Lloyds Register of Shipping, Mrs. Lucille B. de Lorenzi, William Easton Louittit, Jean M. Lowry, John S. Lundy, S. B. Luyster Jr., Albert William Macy, Thomas F. Madigan, David Magee, Maggs Brothers, Edgar Lee Maines, Mabel Major, Mannados Bookshop, Marine Research Society, The Market for Exchange, Harry F. Marks, H. L. Martin, Maryland State Teachers College, Elkin Mathews Ltd. Paul R. Matthews, Mrs. Ada McClure, J. W. McCorkle, Byron H. McCullough, William McGibbon, Newman F. McGirr, Allane McGregor, Dr. Juan Medina Tur, Emily Biddle Meigs, Franklin F. Meine SEE ALSO Chicago Book and Art Auction Co., Isaac Mendoza Book Co., George Wilhelm Merck, Meridian Bookshop, Midland Rare Book Co., C. William Miller, Mrs. Edna Brown Miller, Jasper (Jap) Miller, Leon S. Miller, Oscar G. Miller, Charles B. Millholland, N. R. Mills, George Richard Minot SEE ALSO John S. Wright, F. O. Moneyhun, Pierpont Morgan Library, Edward Morrill & Sons, Noah Farnham Morrison, F. A. Mott, Mount Holyoke College, E. B. Mumford, Lyman C. Murr, Nadle's Book Nook, Stephen K. Nagy, National Broadcasting Co., National Foundation for Education, Mrs. Mary Lee Nesbit, New York Public Library, Newbigin Bookshop, E. Edward Newton, Meredith Nicholson, Mrs. L. P. Noaker, Miss Marie J. Noel, W. W. Norton & Co., N. H. Noyes, Elizabeth V. Nunemacher, J. Charles O'Brien, Charles A. O'Connor, Old Colony Shop, The Old Corner Bookstore, Mrs. R. Orr, Ovington's Gift Shop, Irvine H. Page, Alfred W. Paine, Park-Bernet Galleries, Frank R. Palmer, J. W. Parker, Patterson Library, Gavin L. Payne, Lesley Payne, J. C. Pearson, Norman H. Pearson, David T. Peek, Pegasus Book Shop, Mrs. John Perrin, Mrs. Ralph St. John Perry, George Harvey Petty, Arthur Pforzheimer, Phoenix Bookshop, Pickwick Bookshop, Mrs. Mary K. (Mrs. J. W.) Piercy, Jean Pierson, Pittsburgh University, Plummer Ltd., Authur Poe, Edgar Allan Poe Society, Edgar Allan Poe Shrine/Foundation, Hugo G. Poisson, Princeton University, William Puff, Bernard Quaritch, Arthur H. Quinn, Albert L. Rabb, C. B. Randall, F. W. Reed, William Edward Reilly, Retz and Storm, John Kirk Richardson, Clyde C. Rickes, James Whitcomb Riley Old Home Society, Adeline Roberts, John W. Robertson, Maude Robillard, L. H. Robson, Mrs. George A. Rockefeller, Grace de Waele Rockwell, Virginia S. Rockwood, Felix Roppert, S. Rose, David E. Ross, Wilbur A. Royse, Rudder Publishing Co., Barnet B. Ruder, Miss V. J. Rudolph, Saturday Evening Post, William H. Schwab, Frederick Schaefer, Scheer & Son, Alwin F. Scheuer, G. A. Schmidt, Dr. J. Schwartz, Margaret M. Scott, Charles Scribner's Sons, Walker Seaborn, Ralph C. Secord, Charles E. Sharp, Julia Graydon Sharpe, Roy Shields, Shreve, Crump & Low Co., Robert A. Simpson, W. R. Simpson, Mrs. W. V. Slack, Miriam R. Small, Clarence H. Smith, Martha Smith, Francis Edgar Smith, Nelly Colfax Smith, Robert M. Smith, Vincent T. Smith, William H. Smith, William Warren Smith, Smithsonian Institution, Henry Sotheran Ltd., Southern Book Co., Southern Library Service, A. Soutter, Roy Vernon Sowers, The Spann Company, J. E. Spannuth, William Stable, Stanford University Press, Vincent Starrett, Elmer Andrew Stefeen, E. S. Stern Co., A. E. Sterne, B. E. Stevens, Jewell F. Stevens, Randall Stewart, W. K. Stewart, Charles K. Stotlemeyer, Mrs. Irene M. Strieby SEE ALSO Indiana Association of the History of Medicine and George Merck, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan, Ada Sutton, Mrs. S. M. Swain, Arthur Swann, Samuel A. Tannenbaum, William Targ, Booth Tarkington, Mrs. Booth (Susannah) Tarkington, Blair Taylor, Charles B. Tebbs, M. P. Tebeau, E. J. Teeler, The Tea Tray, University of Texas, Thatcher's Old Book Shop, This Week Magazine, Lewis M. Thompson, Ralph Thompson, R. B. Tilton, Times Magazine, Tippecanoe County Historical Society, Agnes Todd, Joseph C. Todd, William Todd, O. N. Torian, John Wilson Townsend, Mrs. Mary E. Trowbridge, Justin G. Turner, Willin L. Tutin, Charles E. Tuttle, Union Central Life Insurance Co., Union Square Book Shop, Mrs. Willim Levering Van Cleve, Mr. A. W. Van Horne, John VanMale, Maurice Van Scholsa, John Grier Varner, Arthur F. Vesper, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Howard P. Vincent, Viginia Arts & Crafts, Alexander Von Jost, Leslie Wallace, General Lew Wallace Study, Frederick Warde, Harry B. Weiss, E. Stanley Welles, Edgar H. Wells & Co., B. Westerman Co., Whitlocks Books Store, Mrs. Minnie Cady Wilcox, Mrs. G. Warner William, Mrs. Samuel G. Willson, George F. Wilson, Carroll A. Wilson, Mrs. Charles Winesburg, John T. Winterich, Ellen M. Wise, Ray Wood, Works Progress Administration of Indiana, Mary S. Worthington, John S. Wright, Yale University, Marguerite Young, Jake Zeitlin.

Miscellaneous information includes check lists, author information for George Ade, Clara Louise Bottsford, Thomas Burke, Ether, Charles Austin Fosdick, Brete Harte's Mliss, Kin Hubbard, John Keats, Laudonniere, Medicine and surgery, Christopher Morley, Newton list for Eagle Crest, Nobel prize winners for literature, Orphant Annie (Mary Alice Smith), Edgar Allan Poe, Praepositi, James Whitcomb Riley, Sets in the library of Josiah Kirby Lilly, The Spectator, Thackeray's Christmas Books; cross reference sheets from the Lilly Correspondence file; a miscellaneous folder of material inluding a membership card for the Lincoln Second Inaugural Association, repair list of books, vouchers for payment to Mrs. Helen Reid, bill of sale (typed form); negatives of "Our Suburban Trains"; printed material on libraries and Edgar Allan Poe; purchase record for 1920-1932; lists of books, manuscripts, etc. for insurance purposes.

Collection size: 6,000 items

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