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The Messick mss. IV, 1945 and 1948, consist of 78 original pen and ink drawings of the Brenda Starr newspaper comic strip by Dale Messick, 1906- , cartoonist.

The 1945 strips are for the Sunday comics, June 23-Oct. 20, and include the story of Brenda's "green gams." The 1948 drawings, for the daily strip only, include three stories, all of which appear incomplete. 1) Mar. 15-Apr. 17, story of Dr. Slimski and "Tropikinia"; 2) July 6-Aug 2, story of Brenda and a songwriter; 3) Nov. 22-27, conclusion of a story about a character named Awful Natural. Each of the daily cartoons is dated with month and day of its newspaper appearance.

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Collection size: 78 items

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