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I. Correspondence. Additional correspondence may be found throughout the collection.

Box 1
  • Cardona Peña, Alfredo. 1985-1986
  • Lautermilch, Steve. 1983
  • Lindo, Carmen F. de. 1984-1987
  • Lindo, Hugo. 1979-1985. Includes biographical material (2 folders)
  • Lindo, Ricardo. undated
  • Milligan, Bryce. 2005-2006
  • Porpetta, Antonio. 1990-1994. Includes photograph of Porpetta and related materials
  • Strittmatter, Leonardo E. 2000
  • White, Steven. 1986-1988
  • Yudin, Florence L. 1983-1984
  • Zamora, Lois. 1979-1986
  • Various correspondents. 1985-2006

II. Writings. Arranged by translations by Miller, writings by Miller and writings by others

Translations. Court depositions, followed by short stories and longer works arranged alphabetically by author. Includes correspondence, drafts, corrections, and related material.

Box 1
  • Court depositions, 1970s
  • Balcells, Jacqueline. The Enchanted Raisin
  • Canales, Jacque. Eyes of Water
  • Cea, José Roberto. Miscellaneous (2 folders)
  • City of Dallas Civil Service Board. Advanced Level of the Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test
  • Durand, Mercedes. "Buns with Filling"
  • Escobar Galindo, David. "Restless"
  • Gaite, Carmen Martin. "Advertising's Influence on Women"
  • García, Carlos Ernesto. Even Rage Will Rot; "Guaro Even 100 Proof Fails" (2 folders)
  • Kattán Zablah, Jorge. "The Weasels" (aka "The Raccoons")
  • Levi, Enrique Jaramillo. "The Old Woman"
  • Lindo, Hugo. Only the Voice, 1984; Sinfonia del Limite; The Ways of Rain (14 folders) (see also: Box 5)
Box 2
  • Lindo, Ricardo. "Cards"
  • Méndez, José María. "The Circle"
  • Ortega y Gasset, José. "The Misery & the Splendor of Translation"
  • Porpetta, Antonio. Ten Poems from Profaned Secrets
  • Quezada, José Rutilio. "No More Time to Run"
  • Quijada Urías, Alfonso. "To Tell the Story"
  • Rio, Nela. "Bella!! Bella!!" undated; "Lucrecia"; "The Mirrors Ask Questions"; "The Night of the Thousand Needles"; related materials
  • Rodriguez, Claudio. "Money"
  • Rodríquez Ruíz, Napoleón. "The Suicide of Chamiabak"
  • Savariego, Berta. "Meditations on a Mandolin"; "Fiesta in April"

Writings by Miller. Arranged alphabetically by title

  • Bilingual Dictionaries: Spanish/English–English/Spanish. 1982
  • Culture embedded in language: Crossing the border. Remarks before workshop, Canada, 1999
  • The Dynamics of the Re-Creative Process in Translation: Hugo Lindo's Poetry. Dissertation, 1981 (3 folders)
  • The Metaphor and Modern Poetry. undated
  • The Poetic Voice of Hugo Lindo. undated (4 folders)
  • La poètica del desplazamiento en la obra de Nella Rio. 2006
  • The Poetry of Hugo Lindo. undated
  • Retracing the Translation Process: Hugo Lindo's Only the Voice. 1981

Writings by others. Arranged alphabetically by author

  • Alonso, Nancy. "Tirar la Primera Piedra," undated; "Diente por Diente," undated
  • Balaguer, Carlos. Various short stories
  • Canales, Jacque. Safo. undated
  • Cruchaga, André. "Los Destellos del Tacto." undated
  • Durand, Mercedes. "Close-Up" and "A Orillas del Jalponga"
  • González Huguet, Carmen. "La Rosa Derribada"
  • Lindo, Hugo. Various articles and books (2 folders)
  • Méndez, José María. "El Chal"
  • Porpetta Antonio. Various poems, short stories, articles, etc.
  • Velasco, Waldo Chang. "Princesas y Dragones"
  • Various writings. Mostly photocopies

Box 5: Oversize

  • Mock up of cover for The Ways of Rain

III. Miscellaneous. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box 2
  • ALTA Newsletter
  • Correspondence, etc., 2005-2006 (7 folders)
  • Newsletter expenses. 1991-2006 (4 folders)
  • Newsletters. May 1991-Feb. 1998 (incomplete run)
Box 3
  • Conferences
  • 1987, Sept. 19-27. Bienal Internacional de Poesia, Madrid, Spain
  • 1993, Sept. 13-15. Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1996, Dec. 5-7. First International Conference: Literary Translation to and from the Languages of Spain, Middlesex University, London
  • 1997, Nov. ALTA conference, Southern Methodist University
  • 1979-2005. Programs, certificates, ads for various conferences, etc.
  • Curriculum Vitae. 2006-2007
  • Gatekeeper Award. Southern Methodist University in Spain, certificate, 1984
  • Permissions to translate from Carlos Ernesto García and Hugo Lindo
  • Teaching materials
  • Course assignments, student papers, handout and program for translation workshop: "Taller de traducción literia," etc.
  • Newspaper Clippings. 1998-2005 (2 folders) (see also: Box 5)
  • Miscellany
Box 5:
  • Oversize. Various posters, clippings, etc.

IV. Audio/visual

Box 4
  • Audio cassette tapes
    • Antonio Porpetta Territorio del Fuego
    • Coro – Entre palabres
    • DCS Interview, Nov. 16, 1984
    • Homenaje
    • Hugo Lindo Desmesura, #1-#8
    • Hugo Lindo reading Solo la Voz
    • Hugo Lindo Solo la voz, #22-#31
    • Juan Ruiz de Torres Verano, verano. 2 copies
    • Miller – Interview
    • Miller – Master
  • CDs
    • Antonio Porpetta Mi palabra y mi voz
    • Hugo Lindo Desmesura, tapes 1-8
    • Hugo Lindo Poetic Pieces
    • Hugo Lindo Solo la voz, one through twenty-one. 4 copies
    • Hugo Lindo Solo la voz, tape two, 32-47
    • Hugo Lindo Solo la voz, twenty two-thirty one
    • Hugo Lindo Solo la voz, two cantos, 32-47. 2 copies
    • Juan Ruiz de Torres Verano, veran, side A. 3 copies
    • Juan Ruiz de Torres Verano, verano, side B. 3 copies
  • LP recordings
    • The Golden Treasury of Spanish American Verse Read by Manuel Duran, 1962
    • Jorge Luis Borges Sus poemas y su voz, 1967
    • Pablo Neruda Alturas de Macchu Picchu
  • 7" reel-to-reel audio tape
    • Hugo Lindo Sólo la voz, 1981
    • five unmarked
  • Soundsheet (33 1/3 rpm)
    • Hugo Lindo reading Canto XXXI
  • VHS videocassette
    • M. Argueta El Salvador, 1989

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