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The Miner mss., 1915-1982, are the papers of Mrs. Virginia (Scott) Miner (Mrs. Dewey Hobson Miner), 1901-1982, poet. A native of Indiana, she taught for several years at the Pembroke-Country Day School in Kansas City. She retired in 1967 and later moved to Warsaw, Indiana. Some of her writings were published under pseudonyms of Hannah Wilcox and Hoosier Hannah.

The materials include correspondence, diaries, poems, notebooks, and scrapbooks; musical settings by composers Leo Ascher, Mary Mildred Chubb, Eileen B. Maltby, and Alfred R. Service, and drawings by illustrators Dorothy Bayley, Harold M. Sichel, and Katherine Richardson Wireman for poems by Mrs. Miner; poems and prose by many of the students at Pembroke-Country Day School; and a group of letters and writings by former students Martin Cohen, Geoffrey Alexander Oelsner (with a few drawings), and Paul Williams. Letters written from a trip to Europe in 1953 form a travel account of the countries of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, and England.

Among the correspondents are Phoebe Lou Adams, Susan Mary (Jay) Alsop, American Book Company, Leo Ascher, Calvin W. Atwood, Ronald Lee Baker, Margaret (Abbott) Bartlett, Dorothy Bayley, Stephen Vincent Benét, William Rose Benét, Rainey Bennett, John Gilland Brunini, Henrietta Buckmaster, Maxwell Struthers Burt, Witter Bynner, Charles M. Carey, Carl Lamson Carmer, Bennett Alfred Cerf, Stanton Arthur Coblentz, Martin Cohen, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Tom Collins, Robert Warren Conover, Margaret Cousins, Nelson Antrim Crawford, Nora B. Cunningham, Curtis Brown, Ltd., Ralph James Donahue, Peggy Dowst, Katherine Mary (Guilfoyle) Edelman, Ethel M. Edgeworth, Willie (Snow) Ethridge, Ada (Baker) Fairchild, Virginia Louise Faulkner, Lillian Turner Findlay, Eleanor Fish, Edsel Ford, Ethel (Romig) Fuller, Wilbur Geoffrey Gaffney, Paul William Gallico, Ginn and Company, Louis Ginsberg, Ryah Tumarkin Goodman, Charles Bruce Gould, Robin Gregory, Louis Oscar Griffith, Frances Dabney Grinstead, Elisabeth (Bevier) Hamilton, Leigh Hanes, Mary (Carr) Hanna, Victoria Adelaide (Unruh) Harvey, Henry Joseph Haskell, Sara Henderson Hay, Ruth (Cleaves) Hazelton, Helen (Rowe) Henze, Marcia Nichols Holden, Hazel (Strikeleather) Hopper, Percy Adams Hutchison, Ethel (Sonntag) Jacobson, Claudia Alta (Taylor) Johnson, Ione Jones, Kathleen (Paul) Jones, Mary Alice Jones, Robert Claude Jones, Justin Kaplan, Rudolph Max Kauffmann, Margaret (Sally) Keach, Elizabeth (Seelman) Kingsley, Austin Huntington Kiplinger, Inez (Barclay) Kirby, Jerzy Nikodem Kosinski, Karl Krueger, Ladies' Home Journal, Robert Latham, Irving Leibowitz, Claire Liddell, Seymour Gordden Link, Mary E. Linton, Isabelle (Bryans) Longfellow, Amy Loveman, Eugene Lyons, Claire B. McAllister, Elizabeth McFarland, Virginia French Mackie, Thorpe Menn, Dewey Hobson Miner, Margaret Virginia Miner, Virginia (Scott) Miner, Katherine (Lyon) Mix, Robert Lester Mondale, Christopher Darlington Morley, William Robert Moses, New York Times, Geoffrey Alexander Oelsner, Margaret (Nelson) Phelps, Gene (Stratton) Porter, Charles Hyde Pratt, John Sleigh Pudney, Thomas Granville Pullen, David Riley Russell, Marcia (Masters) Schmid, Alfred R. Service, William Edwards Sheidley, Georgia Tucker Smith, Nicol Smith, Florence Lydia Snow, Leonora (von Stosch) Speyer, Charles La Barge Squier, William Edgar Stafford, Sanford V. Sternlicht, Emily (Whitehurst) Stone, James L. Stone, Lucien Stryk, Alan Swallow, Velma (West) Sykes, Elta Thomas, Dorothy (Brown) Thompson, Grace G. Tully, Louis Untermeyer, William Volker, Marjorie (Felkner) Wagner, Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole, May (Williams) Ward, The Washington Post, Edward Augustus Weeks, Maurine (Miller) Welch, Raymond Baird White, Richard Wilbur, Nancy Margaret Willard, Bertye (Young) Williams, Paul Williams, H. W. Wilson Company, Lowry Charles Wimberly, Alice Wong, Mary Francis Xavier, Virginia (Brady) Young.

Other correspondents are Padraic Colum, Jonathan Holden, Albert S. Humphrey, Jr., Margaret (Benton) Humphrey, Robert Killorem, John Crowe Ransom, Sir Herbert Edward Read, Joseph Rosenzweig, Robert DeLano Sutherland.

Additional correspondents are Dave Anstaett, William Wallace Baker, Abraham Saul Burack, James Earl Carter, Emma Lou Diemer, Robin Humphrey, Roger F. Meyer, Lewis Mumford, Sophia (Wittenberg) Mumford, John William Scott, Gertrude Vogt, Joan Yeagley.

Printed materials include clippings of poems, many of which were removed from the scrapbooks, several periodicals in which the poems appeared, book reviews, articles, and a high school yearbook of 1917 in which Miner's first published poem appeared. A number of photographs may be found in the biographical folder.

Gift. 1976, 1977

936 items

Additions to the collections include: correspondence, writings, printed, etc. This part has been arranged, but not indexed. There is a box and folder list available for the entire collection.

Gift. 1983

3,500 items

Collection size: 3,500 items

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