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The Minnesota Review mss., 1973-1981, consist of the correspondence, printers manuscripts and proofs of the New Series of the literary magazine published first in Madison, Wisconsin, later in Bloomington, Indiana. Roger Sherman Mitchell, 1935- , poet and professor, revived the Review with the New Series, Issue no. 1, in 1973. He was then on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The publication moved to Indiana University when Mitchell accepted a teaching appointment in Bloomington in the Fall of 1975. Beginning with the Spring 1982 issue (no. 18) the magazine is published at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, edited by Fred Pfeil.

The correspondence in the files relates primarily to submission of manuscripts, mostly poetry, and to supplying biographical information for the "contributors" notes of each issue. Although most of the letters are directed to Mitchell, there is a substantial group to Martha Bergland who edited the Fall 1975 and Spring 1976 issues while Mitchell was in England, to Susan Scott Thompson who edited the 1978 issues, and to Scott Russell Sanders, 1945- , professor, writer, who edited the "new fiction" issue, Spring 1981. Correspondents in the collection include Bert Almon, Lisa Appignanesi, Tony Ardizzone, David Bruce Axelrod, Jim Barnes, Lee Baxandall, Charles Baxter, Martha Berland, Stephen Eric Bronner, Frederick Henderson Buell, Michael James Cadnum, Pat Moore Carr, Inara Cedrins, Nadia Christensen, David John Citino, Joan Colby, Victor Contoski, John Michael Ditsky, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Terence Francis Eagleton, Bruce Sewell Erlich, Ruth (Wasby) Feldman, Rosella Lee Felsenfeld, H. Bruce Franklin, Stuart Friebert, Barton Robert Friedman, Brendon Galvin, Eugene Dominick Genovese, Emery Edward George, Reginald Gibbons, Albert Goldbarth, Lester Goldberg, Galen Green, Charles Henry Grench, David LaVerne Gross, Joan Joffe Hall, Carol (Baker) Hansen, Erica Harth, Lola Haskins, Marjorie Ruth Hawksworth, Roger Howard, Barbara Hughes, Harold Jaffe, Fredric Jameson, Binnie Klein, Nancy E. Kline, Caroline Knox, Elliot Ross Krieger, Ernest Kroll, P. J. Laska, Gaylord Clarke LeRoy, Thomas Edward Lewis, Wesley Leonard Johnston Magee, Jane Marcus, Gary Margolis, Erwin Marquit, Jay Meek, Roger Sherman Mitchell, Barbara Moore, Madison Morrison, Gerald Edward Murray, James Naiden, Jay Neugeboren, Felice Newman, Edwin Frank Ochester, Antony Oldknow, David R. Peck, Stuart Samuel Peterfreund, Fred Pfeil, Marge Piercy, Felix Pollak, Barry Pritchard, Nahid Rachlin, Margaret Randall, Willis Goth Regier, Carol Remes, William Rintoul, Martin Jack Rosenblum, Martha Rose Rosler, Leon Samuel Roudiez, Larry Rubin, Norman Rudich, Ira Sadoff, Paul St. Vincent, Scott Russell Sanders, Epifanio San Juan, Minas Savvas, Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, William John Schafer, James Erwin Schevill, James Scully, Judith Johnson Sherwin, David Jeddie Smith, Kathleen Spivack, Patrick Lee Story, Charles Wallace Thornbury, Igor Michael Webb, Joan Malory Webber, Donald Truman Wesling, Frederic Will, Eleanor Wilner, Harold Vernon Witt, and Jack David Zipes.

Copies of poems by Margaret Randall, a few pieces of art work, including some original pen and ink drawings by Michael Crawford, and some printed items sent to the magazine for use as advertisements, complete the collection.

Collection size: 332 items

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