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Arranged chronologically followed by a small alphabetically arranged group. A list of the names in the alphabetical section is available. A card index in the Library may be consulted for the location of individual letters in the chronological section and throughout the rest of the collection.


Organized into three sections. Muller's holograph and typescript Writings are arranged in chronological order, as are his Reprints. These are followed by Writings by Others, which is mostly holograph copies and typescripts, and is arranged alphabetically by author. Some printed materials follow this section. Inventories are available for all three sections.


Arranged chronologically by the date of the conference or meeting. Contents of the folders may contain earlier or later materials than the date given, reflecting plans to attend or publication of resulting paper, for example.


Contains materials concerning Indiana University when Muller was a faculty member. This includes various miscellaneous administrative files, materials concerning grants administered by the University, and personnel files of his student assistants, kitchen help and secretaries.


Arranged alphabetically by title of the organization, committee, council, congress, institute, or society of which Muller was a member. Includes correspondence, newsletters, bulletins and related printed materials. See also materials filed under CONFERENCES/MEETINGS.


Arranged chronologically. The early files cover Muller's education, from Morris High School to his college years and includes entrance exams, class notes, and experiments. Later files include lecture notes for classes he taught, as well as speeches and talks he gave elsewhere, and data and notes for both his and his students experiments. Also included are notes taken by Muller from lectures given by others. Lectures and speeches, including transcripts, notes and related materials given outside his classes may also be found in the Writings section.


Materials may include correspondence, certificates, and printed items. Arranged alphabetically by various subjects, including: 1. Awards; 2. Biographical materials, including personal and family-related items; 3. Drosophila stock lists and requests; 4. Evolution. Mostly concerning debate held in 1966 in Arkansas; 5. Germinal choice; 6. Lysenkoism; 7. Radiation; 8. Reprint requests and lists; 9. Savitsky case.


Arranged chronologically. Mostly contains photographs of Muller, his family, friends and colleagues.


Arranged chronologically. Mostly contains printed articles or magazines containing articles about Muller. Also included is a folder of Spanish Civil War materials collected by Muller in 1936 and The Spark, the controversial newsletter Muller helped edit and distribute. Other printed materials may be found throughout the collection as indicated.

X. CLIPPINGS, 1927-1972

Arranged chronologically. A few subjects have been kept together and filed within the chronological arrangement, such as: Cartoons by Low, collected by Muller's wife Thea, 1938-1939; foreign newspaper clippings about Nobel Prize, 1946; Lysenkoism, 1948-1963; Atomic testing, 1950-195; International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1955; Darwin Centennial, 1959; Sperm Banks, 1962; Watson and Crick, 1962; Germinal Choice, 1963-1966 (see also: Oversize)

XI. AUDIO/VISUAL MATERIALS (Consult Curator of Manuscripts for access)

  • Contains:
    • Audographs - 66 discs mostly correspondence and some lectures
    • Cassettes - 2 copies of Muller talk "Genes: The core of our being" for Harcourt Brace Record "The biologist speaks"
    • Film - unidentified
    • LP recording - The Scientists Speak
    • Color slides - 6 slides of age experiment tables (charts) on blackboard, May 1945
    • Wax cylinders - 2 unidentified marked "HJ?"
    • Reel-to-reel tapes:
      • 1. 8 tapes of lectures given at RNA Coding Symposium held at Indiana University, Bloomington, Jan. 23, 1962
      • 2. 29 tapes of Muller's lectures for Zoology 410 (evolution), given at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1966. 14 additional tapes of excerpts. Also includes typescripts and correspondence with Thea Muller concerning the tapes
      • 3. 2 copies of interview of Charlotte Auerbach by Tracy Sonneborn on Muller, taped March 1972
      • 4. Julian Huxley. Humanism - The continuing revolution

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