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  • Includes certificates, diplomas and plaques, some with related correspondence and other materials.
  • 1910. Columbia University A.B. degree. Program, photocopies of congratulatory letters, et.
  • 1927. Bossom Award: recommendation file; clippings, etc. re: award and supporting documentation (2 folders) [Photocopies, originals belongs to Muller family]
  • 1928. American Association for the Advancement of Science, 5th annual prize
  • 1933, Feb. 2. Photocopy of diploma to Academy of Sciences of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • 1940. University of Edinburgh. Program for graduation ceremonial, doctorate of science
  • 1946. Nobel Prize: telegram informing HJM of award; souvenirs--programs, menus, calling cards; subsequent honors related to Nobel prize; photograph of Alfred Nobel; miscellaneous (4 folders)
  • 1948. Department of State, certificate designating HJM as "a delegate of the United States to the Eighth International Congress of Genetics, to be held at Stockholm, Sweden, July 7-14
  • 1949. Columbia University, Honorary Doctorate of Science [see: Oversize for diploma]
  • 1951 and 1954-55. American Cancer Society grant-in-aid certificates
  • 1955. Kimber Genetics Award (see also: Plaques)
  • 1958. Linnean Society of London, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace Commemorative Silver Medal
  • 1959. Leopoldina, Darwin Award
  • 1959. University of Chicago, Honorary Doctorate of Science
  • 1960. Japan Academy honorary membership
  • 1960. Morris High School Annual Alumni Award
  • 1961. Columbia University, Alexander Hamilton Award
  • 1963. Jefferson Medical College, Honorary Doctorate of Medicine (see: Oversize for diploma)
  • 1964. Swarthmore College, Honorary Doctorate of Science. Program only (see: Oversize for diploma)
  • Oversize. Certificates, diplomas, etc. from the following institutions:
  • 1928. Pi Gamma Mu honorary membership certificate and enrollment card
  • 1931, Apr. 29, National Academy of Sciences diploma
  • 1943, Dec. 14. Phi Beta Kappa Associates diploma
  • 1946, May 22. Regia Academia Scientiarum Suecica
  • 1947. Lynceum Academy, Rome
  • 1948, Apr. 2. Societas Regia Scientiarum Haumiensis certificate
  • 1948, Sept. 21. Phi Beta Pi honorary membership certificate
  • 1949. Columbia University, Doctorate of Science diploma
  • 1949. Societas Regia Edinensis
  • 1953. Praeses Concilium et Sodales Regalis Societatis Londini Pro Scientia Naturali Promovenda
  • 1957, Apr. 6. Alpha Epsilon Delta National Premedical honor society certificate of membership
  • 1957, Apr. 26. Academia Scientiarvm et Litterarvm Mogvntina
  • 1960, Oct. 25. Kaiserlich Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher certificate 1962, Feb. 26. La Academia de Artes y Ciencias de Puerto Rico diploma
  • 1963. Jefferson Medical College honorary doctorate of Medicine diploma 1964, Dec. 30. National Association of Biology Teachers honorary membership certificate
  • 1964. Swarthmore College, Honorary Doctorate of Science diploma
  • undated. National Institute of Sciences of India, honorary fellow certificate
  • Plaques and Framed items (on a separate shelf):
  • 1955. Kimber Genetics Award (framed certificate)
  • 1956. Rudolf Virchow Medical Society in the City of New York, Virchow Medal
  • 1960, Sept. 22. United States Civil Defense Council, Pfizer Award of Merit
  • 1963. Humanist of the Year
  • 1964, Nov. 1. City of Hope National Medical Center... citation...on the occasion of the seventh Annual Salute to Medical Research


  • Autobiographical notes
  • Awards, honors, jobs, 1907-1918. Mostly photocopied correspondence
  • Biographical sketches - mostly for biographical sources and press releases (9 folders)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Drawings (Oversize). Various sketches and mechanical drawings
  • Family - mostly correspondence of parents, grandparents, etc. and genealogical information (3 folders)
  • Financial - includes bank statements, papers concerning insurance, homes, automobiles, taxes, and Charles Lyons (Muller's uncle who left money to Muller and his sister Ada). (5 folders)
  • Medical reports
  • Muller, Thea - visa application and immigration details
  • Scientific contributions. Lists
  • Television and radio appearances - Including: script for 1959 Halftime Show #4 "Dr. Hermann J. Muller, for IURTS; correspondence pertaining to various appearances in documentaries
  • Travel - Passports-1945, 1950, 1955, 1959, schedules, packing lists and related correspondence, 1945-1964 (5 folders) More travel information may be found filed with specific conferences and meetings Muller attended.
  • Tributes and memorials:
  • Birthday tributes - Age 65, 1955, program only; Age 70, 1960 (3 folders) See also: Festschrift for 70th birthday. (Oversize bound volume)
  • Indiana University retirement - Certificate, program of dinner to honor retiring faculty, poem by Tracy Sonneborn
  • Memorials - Includes many published tributes following HJM's death, Apr. 1967 (5 folders)
  • Miscellaneous - (2 folders)


  • Lists. 1939-1964 (14 folders)
  • Requests. Correspondence, 1951-1964. Not indexed (16 folders)


  • Most of the materials concern a statement drafted by H.J. Muller which was sent to eminent scientists across the U.S. attesting to the validity of evolution. The statement was prompted by a debate entitled "Is the theory of evolution scientifically established?" held at the Memorial Auditorium of Little Rock, Arkansas on June 29, 1966; (Pro) Professor R.C. Lewontin, geneticist from the University of Chicago and Dr. Thomas K. Shotwell, biology teacher at the Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas; and (Con) Professors J.C. Bales and Jack Sears, both of Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas. Materials include: drafts and final copies of the statement, including a reprint of the statement from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Feb. 1967; lists of names of signers and signed forms; related manuscript and printed items. (3 folders) (See also: Correspondence in the chronological and alphabetical files, mostly dating between February and November of 1966; Printed; Audio/Visual Materials)


  • American Eugenics Party. Brochure and newsletters
  • Brewer, Herbert. (First person to suggest germinal choice which he called eutelegenesis) Articles, clippings, photocopied letters by HJM and Julian Huxley
  • Crank letters. Letters from general public concerning support for or opposition to germinal choice
  • Eugenics Records Office. Contains Abridged Record of Family Traits form, partially filled in by HJM and other printed materials
  • Eugenics Review. Vol. 24, no. 2 (July 1932); Vol. 25, no. l (Apr. 1933); Vol. 57, no. 3 (Sept. 1965); tear sheet containing HJM's letter to editors of The Scientific American, Apr. 12, 1965
  • Foundation For Germinal Choice: Circular letters; donors file; minutes; Prospectus; reply forms - blank and completed (alphabetical by name); misc. - includes: Proposed North American charter members, List of correspondents (7 folders)
  • Genetic Code. Articles
  • Human Betterment Association of America, Inc. Brochures, articles, etc. concerning voluntary sterilization
  • Institute for Personality & Ability Testing. Form and related clipping
  • Lists of writings by HJM and others
  • Religious and legal aspects of germinal choice. Articles and reprints
  • Script of Canadian television program on germinal choice. Feb. 11, 1960
  • Sperm bank. Statement, June 5, 1963 and notes by HJM; articles and clippings; controversy, 1980 (4 folders)
  • Sperm freezing and storage. Mostly reprints and advertisements (2 folders)
  • Standard Donor Data Sheet, Case A. Includes tentative questionnaire, 2/10/66 and some correspondence
  • Wisconsin Student Dating Form
  • Miscellaneous germinal choice materials
  • Newspaper clippings (see: Clippings: 1962, Sperm Banks; 1963-1966, Germinal Choice)
  • Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, geneticist, was president of the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He discounted Mendelian theories of genetics in favor of Communist party line theories, i.e., that genetic characteristics could be altered by simply changing the environment. Debate in Russia became impossible when Lysenko announced that this theory was officially endorsed by the Central Committee. Muller denounced him as a charlatan and resigned from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The papers, mostly 1948-1949, include correspondence, Muller's resignation, various writings on the subject, reprints and printed articles. Also included is a folder concerning Voice of America which contains mostly correspondence about Muller's participation in broadcasts concerning Lysenkoism, 1949-1956. (9 folders) (see also: Clippings: 1948-1963, Lysenkoism)
  • Various materials on radiation, including: correspondence, 1947-1955, concerning radiation injuries and advice; reports, 1945, submitted to the British Ministry of Labour Panel for Advisory Matters connected with Industrial Radiology, including one by HJM entitled Genetic Dangers of High Energy Radiation; research and notes; reprints; and clippings (5 folders) (See also: National Academy of Sciences, Subcommittee on Genetic Effects of Atomic Radiation)
  • Requests. Correspondence, 1948-1967. Not indexed (16 folders) Followed by two files of outdated lists of reprints. See: List of Reprints for corrected version
  • Correspondence, 1946-1948, concerning bringing Viacheslav, Helen and other members of the Savitsky family to the U.S. from Russia. (4 folders)

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