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The Munsey mss., 1911-1942, consist of correspondence between The Frank A. Munsey Co., publishers in New York City, and six authors or their agents concerning publication rights and in some instances film rights.

Henry Chistopher Bailey, 1878-1961, English author. Correspondence via agents and editors, 1925, Nov. 11-19, concerning rights to: Mr. Fortune's Trial, The Furnished Cottage, The Hermit Crab, The Long Barrow, The Only Son, The Profiteers and The Young God. 5 items

Arnold Bennett, 1867-1931, English novelist. Correspondence, 1912, Mar. 6-1921, Feb. 28, including three letters from the author, and royalties, concerning rights to: Hilda's Son, Hugo, Milestones, The Roll Call and And These Twain. 93 items

Richard Austin Freeman, 1862-1943, English detective story writer. Correspondence via agents and editors, 1914, Mar. 11-1927, Mar. 24, concerning rights to: A Fisher of Men, Gleanings from the Wreckage, The Green Check Jacket, Left by the Flames, The Magic Casket, Mr. Ponting's Alibi, The Mysterious Visitor, A Mystery of the Sandhills, The Naturalist at Law, Rev. V. Burnaby, The Pathologist to the Rescue, The Puzzle Lock, The Seal of Nebuchadnezzar, The Silent Witness, The Stolen Ingots, The Trial of Behemoth and Written in Blood. 19 items

Harry Kemp, 1883-1960, American author. Correspondence, including one letter from the author, and royalty checks, 1921, Feb. 21-1936, Apr. 28, concerning 98 poems and two stories. All checks endorsed; additional endorsees include Jerome Griswold Beatty for Feb. 21, 1912; Don Herold for Jan. 17, 1917; and Richard Handfield Titherington for Feb. 28, 1919. 96 items

Eugene Manlove Rhodes, 1869-1934, American author. Correspondence, 1914, Mar. 27-1941, July 7, including four letters from the author, concerning publication and film rights to: The Fool's Heart, Hired Man on Horseback, The Innocents, An Interlude, Neighbors, On Velvet and Wildcat Represents. 16 items

Edgar Wallace, 1875-1932, English author. Correspondence via agents and editors, 1914, Feb. 4-1931, Apr. 28, and royalties concerning rights to: The Baccarat at Cowes, Before Witness, The Big Four and the London-Devon Bank, The Burglary at Goodwood, Carfew Produces, The Devil Light, The Door with Seven Locks, The Feathered Serpent, The Four Just Men, The Ghost Walker, The Green Ribbon, The Heppleworth Pearls, The Investors, The Joker, The Lucky Dip, The Mind of J.G. Reeder, The Murder in Yarmouth Sands, The Negative, The Poetical Policeman, A Race at Ostend, Reddy at Monte Carlo, The Ringer's Christmas Party, The Secret at the Moat Farm, A Servant of Women, Sins of the Mothers, The Strange Case, The Thief in the Night and The "Yard" Man Kidnapped or The Pride of Kent. 67 items

Carolyn Wells, 1869-1942, American author. Correspondence, 1911, Jan. 18-1942, July 1, including eight letters from the author, and royalties concerning publication and film rights to: Alphabet of My Wife, The Bride-To-Be Speaks, The Curved Blades, Faulkner's Folly, Good Enough for Me, The Green Stain, Ifs for Husbandettes, More Lives than One, A Point of Testimony, Raspberry Jam, The Tell Tale Telephone, Tracing the Shadow, A True Poet, An Undesirable Position, The Vanity Case, Via Dolorosa and Vicky Van. 38 items

The collection also includes royalty checks and/or receipts, some of which are endorsed by the author or artist: David Belasco, 1854-1931, dramatist (1917-1918, 2 items); Edward Frederic Benson, 1867-1940, novelist (1911, 2 items); Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, 1862-1927, U.S. senator (1912, 1 item, endorsed); Joseph Conrad, 1857-1924, novelist (1911- 1914, 3 items); Samuel Rutherford Crockett, 1860-1914, clergyman (See item for Richard Austin Freeman; 1914, 1 item); Tom Gallon, 1866-1914, dramatist (1914, 2 items); Howard Roger Garis, 1873-1962, author (1913, 2 items); Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, 1863-1933, novelist (1914, 1 item); W.H. Henry (1915, 1 item, endorsed); Jerome Klapka Jerome, 1859-1927, author (1914, 1 item); Hugh Johnson (1914, 1 item); Carl C. Nielsen (1940, 1 item about Joseph Conrad story, endorsed); Edward Phillips Oppenheim, 1866-1946, author (1911-1914, 8 items); Pictures, Inc. (1940, 1 item about Joseph Conrad photo); Otto Rebele, artist for headband for Conrad's Victory (1914, 1 item, endorsed); Conrad Michael Richter, 1890-1968, author (1913, 1 item, endorsed); John Reginald Stagg, 1878- , author (See item for Hugh Johnson; 1914, 1 item); George Sterling, 1869-1926, poet (1914-1926, 5 items, endorsed; Thomas Sigismund Stribling, 1881-1965, author (1911, 1 item, endorsed); Herbert Bayard Swope, 1882- 1958, journalist (1915, 1 item, endorsed by H.B. and Esther R. Swope); Albert Payson Terhune, 1872-1942, author (1914, 1 item, endorsed); Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole, 1884-1941, author (1913, 2 items); Oscar Williams, 1900-1964 (1919, 1 item, endorsed); Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, 1861-1975, author (See item for Hugh Johnson; 1914, 1 item).

Collection size: 396 items

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