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The Mutis Daza mss., 1568-1936, except for a small portion, were assembled by Eduardo Posada, 1862- , historian and bibliographer, for Camilio Mutis Daza. Bernardo Mendel obtained the collection on the condition that the documents would be kept together with a statement that they were acquired from Camilio Mutis Daza, who was a descendant of the famous botanist, Jose Celestino Mutis, some of whose letters are in this collection. The collection is unusual because of the wide span represented in both time and subject matter.

Included are a number of outstanding items on Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela during the wars of independence. Among those historical manuscripts are a letter of Simon Bolivar to the vice-president of the Congress on the victory of Boyaca, which ended Spanish rule in New Grenada, August 14, 1819; the report of General Sucre to Francisco de Paula Santander, December 13, 1824, on the Battle of Ayacucho which virtually terminated Spanish rule in South America; a copy of the first constitution of Bolivia, printed, with corrections in Sucre's hand, 1825; and a secret resolution of September 3, 1829, signed by four members of Bolivar's cabinet offering him the crown of Colombia for life, and upon his death to be succeeded by a French prince and establish a monarchy; a letter from Bolivar to Manuela Saenz, October 13, 1825; correspondence which relates to electricity, economic conditions, and education; and a report in 1786 which deals with the discovery of tea in Bogota.

Letters from Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German author; Jacques Fromental Elie Levy Halevy, French composer; Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine, French poet; Otto, furst von Bismarck, statesman; Giacomo Meyerbeer, German composer; and Louis Aldophe Thiers, statesman, are also in the collection.

Other correspondents are Santos Acosta Gutierrez; Antonio Arboleda; Juan Bastus; Antonio Caballero y Gongora; Domingo Caicedo; Francisco Jose Caldas y Tenorio; Sergio Camargo; Jose Maria Campo Serrano; Jose Canterac; Lino Clemente; Cesar Conto; Jorge M. Corbacho; Jose Maria Cordoba; Rafael Diago; Filipe II, king of Spain; Felipe IV, king of Spain; Gabriel Garcia Moreno; Gegorius XVI, pope; Tomas de Heres; Carlos Holguin; Alexander Humboldt; Luis Lopez Mendez y Nunez; Mariana de Austria, queen consort of Felipe IV; Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier; Joaquin de Mier; Mariano Montilla; Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera; Manuel Murillo Toro; Antonio Narino; Rafael Nunez; Jose Maria Obando; Daniel Florencio O'Leary; Jose Eusebio Otalora; Jose Antonio Paez; Aquileo Parra; Santiago Perez; Santiago Perez Triana; Joaquin de la Pezuela y Sanchez Munoz de Velasco; Lino de Pombo; Jose Manuel Restrepo; Juan German Roscio; Eustorgio Salgar; Bartolome Salom; Juan Jose Samano y Urribarri de Rebollar y Mazorra; Francisco de Paula Santander; Jose de la Serna; Manuel de Serviez; Carlos Soublette; Antonio Jose de Sucre; Jose Luis Tejada Sorzano; Miguel de la Torre, conde de Torrepando; Camilo de Torres; Julian Trujillo; Francisco Antonio de Ulloa; Rafael Urdaneta; Rafael Uribe Uribe; Juan Valera y Alcala Galiano; Jose Maria Vargas Vila and Francisco Antonio Zea.

Some of the documents are filed in oversize folders.

Collection size: 143 items

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