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The Parker mss., 1264-1871, consist of commonplace books, legal records, account books, volumes on heraldry, rhetoric and logic, genealogy, sermons, political tracts, a diary, gazetteer and a jest book in verse. Bookplates designating former owners include those of Sir Thomas Parker of the Inner Temple, first Earl of Macclesfield (second creation), 1666- 1732, Swynfen Jervis of the Middle Temple, 1700-1771 and William Henry Ricketts, -1799, Bencher of Gray's Inn. The relationship of the three men is shown on a genealogical chart in the Parker mss. vertical file. Other names written in the front of some of the volumes which may indicate former owners are: Robert Ayerst, William Bagot, Francis Chantrey, Elizabeth Chitty, Lady Elizabeth Cholmeley, Cusworth, Charles Knightly, Alfred Haviland, Henry Holland, Mr. Horndon, David Pennant, Sir Thomas Phillipps, Hannah Swynock, Arthur Vicars.

A chronological list of the collection, with the exception of those bearing Phillipps numbers, follows: Summones Parliamenti, 1264-1377 (copy); Court records, 1591-1735 (copy); Process, pleadings and cases in the Exchequer, 1649- 1728 (copy); Opinion of counsel relating to customs, 1672- 1733, in three volumes (Vol. I: 1672-1712, Vol. II: 1703/4- 1719, Vol. III: 1718-1733); Thomas Parker, 1st earl of Macclesfield, Commonplace book, 1679-1719; Hannah Swynock, Commonplace book, 1687-1770; Miscellaneous items (in envelope), 1687-1772; Record of fines, 1687-1743; Warrants, 1688, Dec. 6-1690, Oct. 4; Notes for Sermons (in envelope), 1690, June-1708, Nov. 28; Practice of the Exchequer, 1691- 1763, Nov. 29 (copy); Cases in the Exchequer, 1693-1745 (copy), in six volumes (Vol. I: 1720, Nov. 10-1740, Nov. 12; Vol. II: 1693, Jan. 29-1713, Nov. 27; Vol III: 1602-1705; Vol. IV: 1705-1708; Vol. V: 1708-1729; Vol. VI: 1724, Dec. 8- 1745, May 4); John Dalton, Sermons, 1694, Nov. 17-1695, Aug. 11; Court of Chancery cases, 1697-1732; Robert Ochterlony, Transcript of The Character of a Trimmer, written by the Marquis of Halifax in 1684 (Lilly DA463 .H174 C46), 1698, Sept. 23; Book of Logic, 17th cent.; Notes on Hale's Pleas of the Crown, ca. 1700; Work of Sir William Trumbull, ca. 1700; Attorney's Reports, [Vol. 4?], 1701-1760, Mar. 3; Index to cases appealed to the House of Lords, 1701-1780; Record of warrants and grants signed by the earl of Rochester and Francis Gwyn, 1702, Apr. 4-1703, Jan. 29; Francis Chantrey, Account book, 1704, Oct. 13; Abridgement concerning witnesses, etc., ca. 1705?; Court proceedings, 1707/8-1732, Dec. 12; Collection of reports by the late Lord King, ca. 1725; Court records, 1727-1735, Mar. 3; Book of Pleadings, ca. 1730; Collection of the late Lord Chiefe Justice Eyre, ca. 1730; Ms. of the late Lord Chief Justice Eyre, ca. 1730; Reports in the Court of Common Pleas and King's Bench, ca. 1697-1728; Collection of notes, summaries of cases, pleas and opinions, 1732; Account book, 1736, Jan. 19-1743/4, Feb. 23; Legal cases, 1740-1744; Commonplace book concerning writs of error, etc., ca. 1740; Legal cases, 1743-1744; William Bagot, Commonplace book, Latin and Greek, Apr. 1745; William Bagot, Commonplace book in Latin, Greek and English, 1745; William Bagot, Commonplace book in Latin, Greek and English, 1745/6, Jan. 23; Robert G. Ayerst, Sermons, Vol. III, 1748-1778; Monarchical government and the prerogatives of monarchs, ca. 1750; Latin poems, [1750]; Robert G. Ayerst, Sermons, Vol. II, 1751-1778; Tithes..., ca. 1760; Notes on criminal trials held at Old Bailey, 1763-1769; Commonplace book, 1766-1769; Notes concerning legal cases, ca. 1775; House of Lords Proceedings, 1780, Oct. 31-1781, July 18; Francis Russell, Fiscal Tracts, 1783, Feb. 16; Blairs lectures on rhetoric, 1783, Aug.; Elizabeth Chitty, Commonplace book, 1792, Feb. 23; Abridgement of legal points, 18th cent.; Of Apprentices, 18th cent.; Treatise on trial practice, 18th cent.; Commonplace book [of Lady M. Ward?], 1800-1803; Mr. Horndon, Sermon, 1808, Dec. 24; M[ary?] Peters, Commonplace book, 1814-1824; Account book for public work towns in Yorkshire county, England, 1815, Apr. 3-1816, Apr.; Holywell subscribers for David Pennant dinner and ball, 1817, Jan. 22; Book of labourers wages, Cockhill farm, 1820, Mar. 18-1838, Jan. 18; Lady Elizabeth (Harrison) Cholmeley, Commonplace book, 1822; Thomas Willement collection of Irish arms, crests, etc., copied from various sources, accompanied by letter of June 29, 1824 (incomplete), 1822; Diary, 1838, Apr. 22-1841, Aug. 15; Holywell Savings Bank Financial Statement, 1838, Jan. 4-1840, Jan. 2; Alfred Haviland, Commonplace book of Kings and queens of Great Britain and Memo book, 1846, Mar. 7; Cusworth Account book 1857, Aug. 14-1871, Jan. 20.

Undated volumes are: Abridgement, Vol. VI, L-W with Index A-Y for all six volumes; Abridgement of Littletons Tenures; J. Allen, Vocabulary of words in printed reports as expounded by sages of the law; William Bagot, Greek and Latin exercise book; Book of ornamental heraldry; Collection of Arms...; Court records in reign of George II; Copies of court rolls from the reigns of Edward II, Edward III, Richard II (French); Gazetteer of Italy and Islands; Index to Mr. Burke's general opening; Notes on the study of astronomy, geometry and geography; Thomas Parker, Index to private notes of Parliament; Thomas Parker, Notebook of exchequer practice; Proceedings in the exchequer; Samuel Rowlands, Good & Bad Newes; Sermon.

The manuscripts bearing the Phillipps numbers formerly were a part of the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1792- 1872.

Phillipps mss. 3225: The chronicles of Edmond Dinter; Annales Brobant par Mre Edmond d'Intre Secretaire D'Antoine Ducq de Brabant de puis l'An 1233 jusques de compres l'an 1425. Provenance: Ex Bibliotheca Muchenbroek de Utrecht. Vendita anno 1827. Petrus van Musschenbroek, 1764-1823, judge and collector of material relating to legal history, bought a great part of the library of Pieter Bondan, - 1800, professor at the University of Utrecht, who owned a large collection of charters, etc., borrowed from public record offices. The Musschenbroek sale was held by S. and J. Luchtmans of Leyden on 4 October 1826. Phillipps bought this group (3207-3334) through the agency of John Henry Bohn, 17 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. On the Musschenbroek sale see Folium III 3/4 (1954), pages 115-122. (Munby 3:92-93).

Phillipps mss. 3603: A manuscript in the court hand relating to the counties of England [1600, Mar. 15?]. Provenance: Miscellanea (Munby 3:152).

Phillipps mss. 4233: Out of a book in French entitled Le Trophee I'Arms Heraldiques a Monsieur de Lamothe le Vayer le fils [ca. 1659?]. Provenance: Purchased from Thomas Rodd, 1769-1849, of 2 Great Newport Street, London. (Munby 3:47).

Phillipps mss. 4814: Collections concerning the family of the Lords Stawel of Cothelston, County Somerset [by George Harbin, the eminent antiquary of the reigns of William III and Queen Anne]; autograph of Sir William Dugale; 13th-17th cent. Provenance: Manuscript collection of Rev. George Harbin, fl. 1713, non-juror; Bought from Sir Alexander Malet, 1800-1886, diplomat, in 1831. (Munby 3:56).

Phillipps mss. 4819, parts 1 and 2: The genealogical history of the Percies, Earls of Northumberland, [647-1713]. Provenance: see the provenance of mss. 4814.

Phillipps mss. 6808: Index to the Minister's accounts of monasteries and in the Augmentation Office (Daley mss. Cat. 2250, no. V), 1802. Provenance: Ex. Bibl. J. Caley, Arm. 1834. John Caley, Secretary of the first Record Commission for thirty years, 1801-1831, died in 1834. At the sale of his library there came on the market many of the indexes to the records which he had compiled for use during his tenure of office. Phillipps purchased 39 lots (nos. 6783-6821) at Caley's sale. (Munby 3:98-99).

Phillipps mss. 6812: Index to the Bills Answers Depositions and other Proceedings of the Court of Augmentations temp. Henry VIII, Edward VI. (Caley mss. Cat. 2250 no. lx). [1801]. Provenance: see provenance of mss. 6808.

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Collection size: 118 items

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