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The Phillips mss., 1886-1948 and 1960, consist of correspondence of John Sanburn Phillips, 1861-1949, editor and publisher, and of Ida Minerva Tarbell, 1857-1944, author and editor.

The letters to and from Phillips relate to McClure's Magazine, of which he was a founding partner and vice- president, 1893-1906; to McClure, Phillips and Company of which he was manager of the book department, 1900-1906; to the Phillips Publishing Company, of which he was president, 1906-1910; to the American Magazine, of which he was editor, 1906-1915, and advisory editor, 1915-1938; and to the Red Cross Magazine, of which he was editor, 1917-1920. Correspondence with authors and editors and with members of the three New York city clubs, Dutch Treat, Century, and The Players, to which Phillips belonged, is also included.

The letters to and from Ida Minerva Tarbell relate to McClure's Magazine, of which she was associate editor and staff writer, 1894-1906; to the American Magazine, of which she was associate editor, 1906-1915; and to her magazine articles and books on historical and biographical subjects.

Correspondents represented in the collection include: Herbert Baxter Adams, Samuel Hopkins Adams, George Ade, James Lane Allen, Alice M. Apple, Irving Addison Bacheller, Mrs. Josephine Dodge (Daskam) Bacon, Ray Stannard Baker, Edgar Addison Bancroft, Frederic Bancroft, C.C. Bangs, John Barrymore, Bruce Barton, Florence E. Bates, James Phinney Baxter, Mrs. Eleanor Elsie (Robson) Belmont, Margaret Bieland, Earl Derr Biggers, Joseph Bucklin Bishop, George Sewall Boutwell, J.M. Bowles, Albert Augustus Boyden, Albert B. Brady, Robert Bridges, Albert Britt, Mrs. Gertrude (Hall) Brownell, William Crary Brownell, Earnest Elmo Calkins, Bliss Carman, Lincoln Ross Colcord, Royal Cortissoz, Rachel Crothers, M.S. Delano, Frank Nelson Doubleday, H. Rozier Dulany, Fred Eastman, S.A. Everett, Edna Ferber, Eugene Field, II, John Huston Finley, Mrs. Martha Ford (Boyden) Finley, Mrs. Dorothea Frances (Canfield) Fisher, Harry Emerson Fosdick, William Alexander Fraser, Elizabeth H. Frey, Hugh Fullerton, Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, T.Y. Hall, Henry Sydnor Harrison, Norvell Harrison, Oswald Henry, Oliver Herford, S.H. Higgins, Charles Edward Hooper, Emerson Hough, Rupert Hughes, Mrs. Inez (Haynes) Irwin, William Henry Irwin, Augusto Floriano Jaccaci, Walter Johnson, Fred Charters Kelly, Mrs. Emeline Rathbone (Weld) Kennan, George Kennan, Rollin Kirby, Jack Lait, Charles D. Lanier, Henry Wysham Lanier, Robert S. Lanier, Ring Wilmer Lardner, Albert Lee, Henry Demarest Lloyd, Alfred Maurice Low, James MacArthur, Mrs. Harriet (Hurd) McClure, Harry McClure, Samuel Sidney McClure, T.C. McClure, Parmalee J. McFadden, G.E. Macintire, David Arthur McKinlay, Seumas MacManus, Mrs. Lydia Holmes (Sears) Mantle, Robert Burns Mantle, Julia Marlowe, Don Marquis, Edward Marshall, E.C. Martin, Mrs. Georgia May (Madden) Martin, Samuel Merwin, Christopher Darlington Morley, William Morrow, Charles Gillman Norris, Frank Norris, Mrs. Kathleen (Thompson) Norris, Angelo Patri, Mrs. Josephine (Diebitsch) Peary, Robert F. Pick, Channing Pollock, Mrs. Gene (Stratton) Porter, Herbert Putnam, Grantland Rice, Lillian F. Robins, Joseph Morgan Rogers, A. Milton Runyon, Thomas S. Shaw, Mrs. Jean Harriet (Joiner) Siddall, Joseph Lincoln Steffens, Thomas Sugrue, Frank Sullivan, Booth Tarkington, Mrs. Laurel Louisa (Fletcher) Tarkington, J.L. Thompson, Freeman Tilden, Charles Hanson Towne, Horace Traubel, Iola Van Ness, Mrs. Frances Jean (Davies) Vir Den, Frederic A. Wainwright, William H.P. Walker, Mrs. Edith Newbold (Jones) Wharton, William Allen White, Brand Whitlock and Henry Clay Whitney.

Collection size: 583 items

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