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The Pound mss. IV, ca. 1915-1970, consist of articles, poems, plays, and other writings by various authors that were sent to Ezra or Dorothy Pound by those authors. Included is a carbon typescript of Noel Stock's The Life of Ezra Pound ( London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1970) with annotations and corrections by Dorothy Pound. Other authors represented include Louis Dudek, Robert Duncan, Achilles Fang, Giovanni Giovannini, Raymond Hughes, Hugh Kenner, D.D. Paige, Desmond Stewart, Henry Swabey, Peter Whigham, Robert McNair Wilson, and Stanislaus Yankowski.

The collection is arranged alphabetically by author.

Gift. Omar S. Pound, Princeton, New Jersey. 1986


Box 1

  • folder 1 Bunting, Basil. Poem: "The Spoils." T.(carbon)D.S. 10p. Moderate corrections in ink by author. 1951. Published in Poetry in 1951 and later published separately (1965).
  • folder 2 Chang, Carsun. "Chu Chih-Yu, the 17th-Century Chinese Refugee philosopher in Japan and his Japanese disciples." T.D. 22p., with a few ink corrections.
  • folder 3 Chilanti, Felice. "Going South--Desperation and Bandits." T.D. 3p. (possibly incomplete). Extensively corrected in EP's and DP's hands. Undated.
  • folder 4 Cicogna, Giorgio. Poem: "Hymn to Mathematics." T.Ds. 5p. each of the original Italian text and of the English translation by Helen Rossetti Angeli. ca. 1952.
  • folder 5 Dolmetsch, Arnold. "17th and 18th Century Music." Galleys of pages 416-470, clean. 13 sheets. July 1915
  • folder 6 Dudek, Louis. Poems: "A Solitary Guest," "Les Innocents," "Wife," "ProvenÞal Poets," and "The God Pan Hears Jazz." Ribbon/carbon mix of typescripts. 5p., four of the poems signed. 1949.
  • Poems: "Moving Picture," "Romantic Matter," and "Calypso." T.Ds.S. 3p. each
  • folder 7 Duncan, Robert. Poem: "A Description of Venice." T.(carbon). 23p., clean.
  • Untitled poem beginning "Great Venus came into the room." T.D. 1p., clean.
  • T.L.S. from Duncan to EP. 1p. Undated, but 1950s, describing his studies of oriental languages, etc.
  • folder 8 Duncan, Robert, et al. "A Canto for E.P." T.(carbon) 7p. Undated but probably mid 1940s. Few minor pencilled changes and markings.
  • Another copy, T.(carbon) 6p., with a few minor corrections, and pencilled notes by EP on verso of last page "copied December 27. 1946. Washington.D.C.," .
  • folder 9 English, Maurice. Translation into English of poems by Eugenio Montale and Umberto Saba. Three printed broadsheets (approx. 16x12). Folded.
  • folder 10 Ewart, Gavin and Jack Clark. "Uncle Tom's Cabin (Fragment of a Parody)" T.D. 2p. Published Poetry London , 1950.
  • folder 11 Fang, Achilles. "Imagism and The Chinese Renaissance." T.(carbon)D. 26p., with some corrections by author and with Chinese ideograms inked in. July 1952.
  • folder 12 Fang, Achilles. "Some reflexions [sic] on the difficulty of translation." T.(ditto copy)D. 54p., with some corrections by author. 1952. [Fang was a Sinologist at Harvard who was important to EP's Chinese studies].
  • folder 13 Gallup, Donald. "T.S. Elliot and Ezra Pound, Collaborators in Letters." T(photocopy)D. 35p., with some ink markings. 1970.
  • folder 14 Giovannini, Giovanni. "The Case of Ezra Pound." T.(carbon)D. 11p., with several corrections. With cover T.L.S., 10 Dec. 1954.
  • folder 15 Hart, Bill. "Nonsuch Land of Water." First chapter of book by William Beebe. T.D. 9p., with several corrections. Copied by Hart and sent to EP with a cover T.L., 16 May 1956.
  • folder 16 Howe, Henrietta. "The New Atlas." T.(carbon)D. 41p., with corrections. No date, but 1950s.
  • folder 17 Hughes, Raymond. Play: "The King's Pleasure." T.(carbon)D. 89p., with some underlining. Undated, but 1950s. [Hughes, a Welsh writer, was connected with the periodical "Four Pages."]
  • folder 18 Kenner, Hugh. "The Chisel," review of Basil Bunting's Poems: 1950. T.(carbon). 5p., with "Sent to Poetry - H.K." on top page, and envelope addressed to EP (1951).
  • folder 19 Kimball, Dudley. "Discussion Report: I" Printed galley. 1p. Sept. 24, 1950, inscribed by author
  • folder 20 Koch, Paul (under pseudonym Pablo Owens). Poems. T.Ds. ca. 50p., with some minor marks in EP's hand. ca. 1951.
  • folder 21 Mullins, Eustace. His Spirit Tower. Printed page proofs. ca. 50p. Published by Cleaner's Press in an edition of 99 copies, 1951.
  • folder 22 Musgrave, Thea. "Five Songs." Holograph musical manuscript in ink, setting EP and Louis MacNiece poems to music. 18p. Probably unpublished.
  • folder 23 Paige, D.D. "The Resurgence of Adib Jabbor." T.D. 11p., with a few corrections. Undated.
  • folder 24 Pease, Maj. Frank. Play "'It's Gotta Get Worse!' A Slight Play for Joiners." T.(carbon)D. 17p., clean. ca. 1952.
  • folder 25 Pelo Pardi, Guilio del. "For World Peace." Translated from the Italian. T.(carbon) of Preface. 6p., clean. 1924.
  • "For World Peace." T.D., 9p. Accompanied by envelope from Giovanni Giovannini addressed to Dorothy Pound and postmarked Dec. 10, 1954.
  • folder 26 Pound, Ezra. Articles: "Poisoned Supply Pipes," T.(carbon)D. 4p., clean.
  • "A Means of Communication," T.(carbon)D. 6p., clean. Translations from the Italian (translator unknown) from Orientamenti (Gallup A55).
  • folder 27 Pound, Ezra. Essay: "Totalitarian Scholarship and the New Paideuma," edited by Douglas Fox (Gallup C1405). A.D. 9p., probably in hand of Douglas Fox. Published in Germany and You, 25 April 1937.
  • folder 28 Quinn, Sister Bernetta. "Conclusion." Apparently the last chapter of her book Metamorphosis in Modern American Poetry. T.D. 15p., with a few corrections.
  • folder 29 Rachewiltz, Boris de. Incantesimi e Scongiuri (Verona, Scheiwiller, 1958). Printed page proofs. 44p., with some corrections.
  • folder 30 Somers, Homer L. Article: "Ezra Pound J'ayme; donc, Je suis." T.D. 5p. Probably a draft, with moderate corrections. [Somers was an American army officer who first met EP during his detention at Pisa in 1945.]
  • folder 31 Stewart, Desmond. "The Memoirs of Alcibiades." T.(carbon)D. 138p., clean. Undated.

Box 2

  • folders 1-5 Stock, Noel. The Life of Ezra Pound , 1970. Carbon T.D. ca.600+ pages, with Noel Stock's corrections and queries to DP in blue; and with Dorothy Pound's corrections and replies to Stock in red.
  • folder 6 Swabey, Henry. To the Editor, Calvacade. "The Confiscation Racket." T.(carbon)D.S. 2p., with "Draft for EP" in pencil.
  • folder 7 Swabey, Henry. "Mental Blackout." T.D. 2p., plus 2 carbon copies.
  • folder 8 Swabey, Henry (under pseudonym Enery der Swabe). "Middle Class Marathon." T.(carbon)D.S. 2p., with a few ink corrections. Undated.
  • folder 9 Thomas, Jessie. "I Walked in My Garden" [music]. A.D.S., in pencil. 4p. 1948. Inscribed to Mr. & Mrs. Pound, May 5, 1951.
  • folder 10 Villari, Luigi. "The Communist Defeat in Italy." T.(carbon)D. 2p., clean, with a short typed note appended by EP, June 14, 1948.
  • folder 11 Whigham, Peter. "Conker Avenue and Other Poems." T.D. 36 p., with several corrections by author. Inscribed to DP
  • folder 12 Whigham, Peter. "Ezra Pound." T.(mimeographed)D., 10p., with some corrections in ink. ca. early 1950s.
  • folders 13-15 Wilson, R. McNair. Play: "Dukes Must Do It." T.(carbon)D. 133p., with some autograph corrections in ink. Undated.
  • folder 16 Yankowski, Stanislaus. "Ezra Pound's Translation of Sophocles." Published in EP's Women of Trachis (Gallup A72). T.(carbon)D. 9p., with a few corrections; accompanied by "Note on the CHOROI in the EP's Women of Trachis." T.D. 1p. Also, a probable later version, T.D., 8p. and a cover T.L.: SY to EP, 12 July 1954.
  • folder 17 Unknown (but possibly by Villari or written for Il Tempo). "Colloquio con Il Camerata." T.(carbon)D. 4p., clean. Undated.
  • folder 18 Unknown. Poem: "Dinner at the Acropolis (for Barbara). T.D. 1p. Undated.
  • folder 19 Unknown. Article: "E Nato l'Uomo Cinque." T.(copy)D. 7p. In Italian. Undated.
  • folder 20 Unknown. Untitled essay beginning "Elliot is beyond doubt...." T.(carbon)D. 2p., clean. Undated.
  • folder 21 Unknown (but possibly by Eustace Mullins). Chapters 13-19 of a work on history of money, etc. T.D. 67p. (hand numbered pages 186-253). Chap. 13, titled: "Money in Europe in the 1930s." Undated.
  • folder 22 Unknown. "The Nature of Our Quarrel with the Soviet Union." T.(carbon)D. 3p.
  • folder 23 Unknown. Poems: "October," "Oh Lord Establish Thou the Labor of My Hands," and "My Shadow. T.Ds. 4p., clean. with EP's note: "Whose?" on last page.
  • folder 24 Unknown. Poems. T.(carbons)D. 4p. 3/20/49, 3/21/49 and 3/27/49. Three pages are heavily corrected/revised, in pencil, by EP.
  • folder 25 Unknown. Poems: "Spiritual Pilgrimage (Divina Comedia)," with " S.O.S." appended. T.(carbons). 2p. 1952/53.
  • folder 26 Unknown. Essay: "Temper of the Whelk." T.D. 4p. Also a cover illustration in ink. Undated.
  • folder 27 Yockey, Francis Parker. "Press release: What is behind the hanging of the eleven Jews in Prague?" Printed (mimeograph?). 9p. With a cover printed letter from Le Blanc Publishers. "For release Dec. 20th." [1953?]

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Collection size: 60 items

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