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The Rawson mss., 1801-1931, are papers of Mrs. Mary Ann (Read) Rawson, (Mrs. William B. Rawson), of Wincobank, near Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. The collection is made up partly of letters to other persons, which she appears to have collected mainly because of a common interest in reform and philanthropy.

Among the correspondents are Mrs. Isabella (Macdonald) Alden; Queen Alexandra, consort of Edward VII; Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy Somerset, 10th duke of Beaufort; Samuel Bowly; Thomas Allnutt Brassey; Mrs. Elizabeth (Priestman) Bright; John Bright; Cecilia Lucy Brightwell; Henry Peter Brougham; Sir William Brown; James Silk Buckingham; Henry Burgess; Thomas Burt; Mary Carpenter; Joseph Chamberlain; Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey; Mrs. Catherine (Buck) Clarkson; Thomas Clarkson; Richard Cobden; John Mason Cook; Sir William Cook; Ed. Crossley; Allan Cunningham; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th duke of Devonshire; Frederick Douglass; Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot; Henry Howard, 2nd earl of Effingham; Ebenezer Elliott; Mrs. Sarah (Stickney) Ellis; William Ellis; Henry Fawcett; Salvatore Ferretti; Edmund Gardiner Fishbourne; Charles William Wentworth Fitzwilliam 3rd earl Fitzwilliam; William Wentworth Fitzwilliam, 2nd earl Fitzwilliam; Giuseppe Garibaldi; William Lloyd Garrison; Mrs. Margaret (Scott) Gatty; Alexxandro Gavazzi; Mrs. Ann (Taylor) Gilbert; Herbert John Gladstone, viscount Gladstone; Sir Dan Godfrey; Elizabeth (Brodie) Gordon, duchess of Gordon; John Bartholomew Gough; Matthew Habershon; George Hadfield; John Vine Hall; Mrs. Maria (Leycester) Hare; Benjamin Robert Haydon; Farrer Herschell, 1st baron Herschell; William Hone; Edward George Fitzalan Howard, 1st baron Howard of Glossop; Joseph Hunter; John Jackson; Courtney Stanhope Kenny; Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 11th baron Kinnaird; Mary Jane (Hoare) Kinnaird, Lady Kinnaird; John Macgregor; Alexander Maconochie-Welwood, Lord Meadowbank; Dwight Lyman Moody; Samuel Morley; John Morley, viscount Morley of Blackburn; Richard Edgcumbe, 2nd earl of Mount-Edgcumbe; Anthony John Mundella; John Henry Newman; Sir Joseph Paxton; Carlo Poerio; Mrs. Therese Pulszky; Thomas Raffles; Sir William Reid; Sir John Charles Reith; Henry Richard; Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson; Samuel Roberts; Frances Rolleston; John Charles Ryle; Jonathan Scott; Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of Shaftesbury; Emily Caroline Catherine Frances (Cowper) Cooper, countess of Shaftesbury; Hugh Richard Sheppard, Walter S. Shirley; Benjamin Edward Spence; J.C. Stevenson; Agnes Strickland; Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, 1st baron Stuart of Wortley; Joseph Sturge; Sophia Sturge; Isaac Taylor; Jane Taylor; James Townley; Sir George Otto Trevelyan; John Wanamaker; Charles Warren; Caroline Mary Elizabeth (Creighton) Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, countess of Wharncliffe; James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st baron Wharncliffe; Albert Basil Orme Wilberforce; Sir William Wilberforce; Thomas Wilson; and Mrs. Mary Winslow.

In addition to letters the collection contains photographs of prominent individuals, some of which are autographed. Included are Edward Baines; Samuel Bowly; John Bright; Mary Carpenter; Joseph Chamberlain; Richard Cobden; Christopher J. Davies; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th earl of Derby; Henry Howard, 2nd earl of Effingham; Ebenezer Elliott; Mrs. Sarah (Stickney) Ellis; Salvatore Ferretti; Mrs. Elizabeth (Gurney) Fry; Giuseppe Garibaldi; Menotti Garibaldi; William Lloyd Garrison; Mrs. Margaret (Scott) Gatty; Alessandro Gavazzi; Mrs. Ann (Taylor) Gilbert; Joseph Henry Gilbert; Elizabeth (Brodie) Gordon, duchess of Gordon; Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 10th baron Kinnaird; John Macgregor; Samuel Morley; Florence Nightingale; Mrs. Amelia (Alderson) Opie; Carlo Poerio; John Arthur Roebuck; Antony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of Shaftesbury; Emily Caroline Catherine Frances (Cowper) Cooper, countess of Shaftesbury; Agnes Strickland; Joseph Sturge; Edward Montagu Granville Stuart-Wortley, earl of Wharncliffe; and Mrs. Mary Winslow.

The collection also contains a book of water color sketches of Italian scenes by Mrs. Rawson; and a scrapbook of Italy containing pictures of individuals, scenes and works of art, maps, sheet music, printed material about Italy, etc.

Collection size: 282 items

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