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The Russell mss. consist of correspondence, 1889-1933, and writings, 1895-1933, of George William Russell, (A.E.), 1867- 1935, poet, and of Frederic Prokosch, 1908-1989, author.

Correspondents represented in the collection include Sir Arnold Edward Bax, Clifford Bax, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Van Wyck Brooks, Alice Mary Buckton, Shan F. Bullock, Richard Campbell, Erskine Childers, Austin Clarke, Mrs. Mary (Maguire) Colum, Padraic Colum, James Craig, 1st viscount Craigavon, Edmund Curtis, Eric Robertson Dodds, Sir Robert Donald, Sir Henry Edward Duke, Darrell Figgis, Robin Flower, Mrs. Anne (Jackson) Fremantle, Monk Gibbon, Isabella Augusta Persse, lady Gregory, Christopher Murray Grieve, James Joshua Guthrie, Helen Hackett, Constance Hargrove, Charlotte I. Hart, Frederick Robert Higgins, Mrs. Katharine (Tynan) Hinkson, Bertha Starr Jefferies, John Johnston, Mrs. Eleanor Constance (Sheehan) Koenig, Philip Francis Little, Walter Lowenfels, Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd earl of Lytton, Mrs. Maude (Gonne) MacBride, Thomas McDonagh, Stephen McKenna, Frank Mathew, George Robert Stow Mead, Alice Milligan, George Moore, Lewis Mumford, Henry Woodd Nevinson, Standish O'Grady, Leland Olds, Frederick Scott Olwer, Geoffrey Phibbs, Frederic Prokosch, James Morgan Pryse, Charles J. Rowe, Mrs. Mary (Harriman) Rumsey, Diarmuid Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sharp, R. Farquharson Sharp, William Sharp, Mrs. Charlotte Frances (Payne-Townsend) Shaw, Edith Sitwell, Edwin M. Solomons, James Stephens, Leonard Alfred George Strong, Matthew Tobias, Herbert Trench, Helen Jane Waddell, Mrs. Maude Lavinia (Radford) Warren, James Ray Wells, Robert Noble Denison Wilson, William Butler Yeats, and Savel Zimand.

Of the letters of William Butler Yeats in the collection, the following have been published in The Letters of W.B. Yeats, ed. by Allan Wade (London, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1954). Portions of some of the letters are omitted in the printed versions. Page references in parentheses refer to the printed text: February 8, [1889], (pp. 111-112); [November 15, 1891], (pp. 182-183); [November?, 1891], (pp. 183-184); January 22, [1898], (pp. 294-195); March 27, [1898?], (pp. 296-297); [March 6, 1899], (p. 315); [August 27, 1899?], (pp. 324-325); November, [1899], (pp. 327-328); [May, 1900], (pp. 342-344); October 18, [1902], (p. 381); May 14, 1903, (p. 402); December 18, 1903, (pp. 415-416); [Apr. 1904?], (pp. 433-435); [January 8, 1906], (p. 466); [Apr. 1919?], (pp. 655-656); March 14, [1921], (pp. 665-666); March 29, [1921], (pp. 666-667); July 1, [1921], (pp. 670-671); and April 13, [1930], (p. 774).

Some of the Yeats letters also appear in "Some passages from the letters of W.B. Yeats to A.E." Dublin Magazine, XIV, no. 3, pp. 9-21, July-September, 1939. These are: February 8, [1899], (pp. 9-10 in Dublin Magazine); [November?, 1891], (p. 10); January 22, [1898], (pp. 11-12); [March 6, 1899], (p. 13); May 14, 1903, (pp. 15-16); December 18, 1903, (pp. 16-17); April 8, 1904, (p. 18); and July 1, 1921, (pp. 20- 21).

Two letters of Stephen MacKenna to Russell, [1913] and [1932?] are published in Journal and Letters of Stephen MacKenna, ed. with a Memoir by E.R. Dodds ... (New York, Morrow [1937), on pp. 137-139 and pp. 301-303, respectively.

See the Manuscripts Catalog for further description of the writings of Russell and Frederic Prokosch included in the collection.

Collection size: 234 items

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