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The Russell, L. mss., 1908-1967, consist of correspondence and papers of and collected by Leonard Russell, 1906-1974, literary editor of The Sunday Times, and John Pearson, 1930-

, author, for the preparation of a biography of Ian Lancaster Fleming, 1908-1964, creator of the James Bond novels, by Pearson.

The earlier portion of the manuscripts, 1908-1964, exists largely as photocopies of xerox copies: the birth certificate of Ian Fleming (May 28, 1908), his years at the Royal Military College and at Tennerhof, and his correspondence with prominent literary figures, newspaper writers, and government officials--with the exception of the Fleming- Russell correspondence, a letter of William Somerset Maugham, 1954, June 16, and of Maksim Maksimovich Litvinov, 1933, June 21.

Following the death of Fleming on August 12, 1964, the correspondence appears in the originals as Russell and Pearson attempted to collect the reminiscences of Fleming's friends about him. Mrs. Christine E.P. Zwart and William Bliss aided in this work.

The "Girl in Geneva" is identified as Monique de Instrat.

The biography was published as The Life of Ian Fleming, McGraw-Hill, New York, and Jonathan Cape, London, 1966.

Included in the collection is a box of photographs of Ian Fleming, his family, friends, homes, the Moscow trial of British engineers in 1933, and cartoons about James Bond; and a few printed pieces among which are a xerox copy of pages 306-341 with corrections from the English edition of the biography, the rough proof of More Thrilling Cities, No. 2, Berlin, photocopies of a poem "England Stand Fast" by Aleister Crowley, and an appreciation of Valentine Fleming by Winston Churchill.

Those photographs which were made by Lord Snowdon are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

Among the correspondents are Harold Anthony Caccia, baron of Abernant, Kingsley Amis, Ralph Crispian Marshall Arnold, Enid Bagnold, William Maxwell Aitken, baron Beaverbrook, John Bejeman, Mrs. Mary F. (Wickham) Bond, Alan Tindal Lennox- Boyd, viscount Boyd of Merton, Henry Brandon, David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce, Truman Capote, Raymond Thornton Chandler, A.T. Cholerton, Lady Mary Clive, Gerald Edward Coke, Claudette Colbert, John A. Collard, Cyril Vernon Connolly, Douglas Cooper, Noel Pierce Coward, Aleister Crowley, Spencer Curtis Brown, Patrick Dalzel Job, Monique de Instrat, Sir Norman Egbert Denning, Alban Ernan Forbes Dennis, Allen Welsh Dulles, Sir Anthony Eden, James Evans, Douglas Elton Fairbanks, Patrick Michale Leigh Fermor, Mrs. Anne Geraldine (Charteris) Fleming, Mrs. Evelyn St. Croix (Rose) Fleming, Ian Lancaster Fleming, Peter Fleming, Sir Hugh MacIntosh Foot, P.J.M. Fry, Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell, Paul William Gallico, John Henry Godfrey, Graham Green, Beryl Griffie-Williams, Charles Denis Hamilton, Robert Harling, Sir Rupert Charles Hart-Davis, John Davy Hayward, Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, George Wren Howard, Richard Hughes, Harford Montgomery Hyde, Brian St. John Inglis, Alaric Jacob, D.E.J. Jage, Sir Roderick Jones, Carl Gustav Jung, Nazim Kalkavan, Philip L. Kindersley, Robin Kinkead, Kenneth Konstan, Rosamond Nina Lehmann, Anthony Lejeune, Emile Littler, Maksim Maksimovich Litvinov, Tom Maschler, William Somerset Maugham, Reginald Maulding, John Metcalf, Raymond Mortimer, Percival Horace Muir, Robert Cushman Murphy, H.D. Nicholson, Nigel Nicolson, Leslie Paxton, John Pearson, Edward Davies Pickering, William Charles Franklyn Plomer, Mrs. Lisl Popper, Derek Prouse, Stephen Wentworth Roskill, Leonard Russell, Torao Saito, Alan Searle, Georges Simenon, Edith Sitwell, Peter Henry Berry Otway Smithers, Arthur Christopher John Soames, Whitney Willard Straight, William Strang, baron Strang, Sir William Samuel Stephenson, Graham Vivian Sutherland, C. Amherst Villiers, Mrs. Nita Villiers, Evelyn Waugh, John Hay Whitney, Jack Whittingham, Godfrey Herbert Winn.

Further correspondents are Andrew Mouravieff-Apostol, Philip Henry Akerman Brownrill, Morriss Cargill, Mrs. Hester Wolferstan (Pellatt) Chapman, Alan Hugh Hillgarth, J.A.D. Hugitt, Ralph Izzard, Geoffrey Jenkins, Robert Francis Kennedy, Roger Machell, David Anton Randall, Mary Slater, Frederick W. Wallace, Guy Wellby, Victor Weybright.

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Collection size: 541 items

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