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Includes materials related to television and film scripts, books, articles, plays, short stories and other projects either written and/or produced by Ann Zane Shanks and/or Bob Shanks. Contains manuscripts, proposals, scripts, and related correspondence, research materials, etc. Arranged alphabetically by title, followed by projects developed for specific companies or product sponsorship, various undeveloped ideas and projects, and writings by others.
Box 3
  • ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration (TV program). Production book, 1977
  • Abel Baker--Private Eye--and Ear (short story; unpublished?). Draft typescript; carbon typescript
  • The Aborted Pick-Up (short story; unpublished?). Typescripts
  • Adventures of Gilda, A Really Super Person (TV series; for CBS). Proposal; outline; script for Episode 1: The Macho Majority, 1985-1986.
  • Alias James A. McQuinn (short story; unpublished?). Typescript and carbon, Spring 1959
  • All Together Now (Australian TV sitcom; rewritten weekly from New York; sold internationally to Select-TV, London). Correspondence, 1991-1993; script revisions. (7 folders)
  • The Alma Mater Tapes (series of home videos on major universities for Oldsmobile). Proposal.
  • America in the 21st Century (TV program; aka: 50 Years from Now: Personal Life in the American Future; hosted by George McGovern). Proposal
  • The American Automobile: Love at First Sight (TV special). Proposal
  • American Families and Their Fortunes (TV series). Proposal for series; proposal for The Guggenheims; letter, 1982
  • American Life Style (TV documentary series, 1970-1986. Hosts: #1-#19 - E.G. Marshall, #20-#31-Hugh Downs, #32-#34-Cliff Robertson. Great Americans through their homes; syndicated to 150 TV markets. ABC Cable, then the Disney Channel also bought runs).
    • Adams, John. Love, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conscience: John Adams & His Massachusetts America. 2 copies of script
    • Armstrong, Louis. Louis Armstrong: The Gentle Black Giant of Jazz. 2 scripts
    • Bell, Alexander Graham. 2 copies of script, contact sheet, travel info
    • Bryan, William Jennings. The Common People's Uncommon Man. 2 copies of script
    • Buck, Pearl S. Pearl Buck: The Woman, The Word, and Two Good Earths. Original typescript and 2 copies of script, subject index to script
    • Byrd, Richard E. Richard E. Byrd: Admiral of the Ends of the Earth. 2 original typescripts and 2 copies of script
    • Carnegie, Andrew. Andrew Carnegie: The Original Man of Steel. 3 copies of script, contact sheet, locations, shooting schedule, releases (2 folders)
    • DeMille, Cecil B. Research only, including some correspondence
    • Eastman, George. George Eastman: One Man's Vision, Images for All. Original typescript and copy, correspondence, license agreement, releases, research
    • Edison, Thomas Alva. Thomas Alva Edison's Glenmont. Original typescript and 3 copies of script
    • Ford, Henry. The Model T Man from Michigan, America: Henry Ford & His Horseless Carriage. Copy of script
    • Franklin, Benjamin. Benjamin Franklin: Citizen-Sage of a New Age. Two original typescripts (one is incomplete) and 2 copies of script
    • Gehrig, Lou. Lou Gehrig: In a League by Himself. 3 copies of script subject index to script
    • Hearst, William R. William Randolph Hearst's San Simeon. 1 copy of script, research materials
    • Houston, Sam. A Giant Man for a Giant Land: Sam Houston & Texas. 1 copy of script
Box 4
  • American Life Style (cont.)
    • Jackson, Andrew. Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. 2 copies (1 is incomplete), 1 finalized copy (incomplete) of script
    • Jefferson, Thomas. Research
    • Keller, Helen. Helen Keller: Voice and Vision in the Soul. 2 copies, 1 heavily annotated copy of script
    • Lee, Robert E. Stratford Hall & Robert E. Lee. 2 copies, 1 finalized copy of script
    • Marshall, George C. George C. Marshall: The Determined Victor. Holograph, original typescript, 5 copies of script, contact sheets, releases, research (3 folders)
    • Revere, Paul. Paul Revere: The Messenger of Liberty. Original typescript and 5 copies of script (1 is incomplete), letter, licenses, releases
    • Rickenbacker, Eddie. Pilot, Patriot & 20th Century Pioneer: Eddie Rickenbacker's Machine Age America. Original typescript and 3 copies of script
    • Ringling, John. John Ringling's Ca' d' Zan. 1 copy of script
    • Rockne, Knute. Knute Rockne: A Coach for all Seasons. Original typescript and copy of script, letter, license, releases
    • Rogers, Will. Will Rogers' California Ranch. 1 copy of script
    • Roosevelt, Theodore. Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill. 1 copy of script
    • Sandburg, Carl. Carl Sandburg: Poet of the People. Original typescript and 3 copies of script, letter, production schedule, materials concerning photographs, production schedule and releases (3 folders)
    • Sarnoff, David. Research, including 15 photographs
    • Smith, Joseph. 2 photographs of paintings
    • Sousa, John Phillip. The Man, the Marine, and the Music: John Phillip Sousa Marches to Greatness. 1 copy of script
    • Twain, Mark. Mark Twain's Hartford Home. 2 copies of script
    • Vanderbilts. The Vanderbilts and Newport. 1 copy of script
    • Washington, Booker T. Slave and Statesman and the Back of the Dream: Booker T. Washington's Tuskegee America. Original typescript and 3 copies of script, consumer promo, shooting schedule and index to voice-overs (2 folders)
    • Wilson, Woodrow. Peace & War and the Professor President. 3 copies of script
    • Wright, Frank Lloyd. Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. Original typescript and 2 copies of script, 8 photographs (2 folders)
    • Young, Brigham. Brigham Young's Beehive House. Original typescript and copy of script
    • AIMS Media
    • Book tie-in
    • Copyright
    • The Disney Channel
    • Harmony Gold, Ltd.
    • Hosts
    • List of programs and outline of series
    • Production/distribution
Box 5
  • American Life Style (cont.)
    • Publicity
    • Release forms
    • Storage (4 folders)
    • Vansant Dugdale and Company, Inc.
    • Viacom Enterprises
  • American Rivers (6 one-hour programs). Proposal (2 copies)
  • America's Moment of Truth (TV series). Proposal
  • The Anatomy of a Television Film(series of lectures given at the Beijing Film Academy, Sept. 10-12, 1990). Outline of lectures; correspondence, 1990-1991; brochures; miscellaneous
  • And the Rains Came (TV movie). Proposal
  • Ann Landers (pilot & series). Correspondence, pilot, research, financial (3 folders)
  • Arthur Miller's We'll Make A Killing (film; based on op-ed piece "Get It Right. Privatize Executions," by Arthur Miller). Proposal, 1988; notes; photocopy of article by Miller
  • The Auction Game (TV game show). Proposal, correspondence, financial (2 folders)
  • Australian Life Style (Australian TV series, 1989). Proposal
  • The Australians (book; aka Matilda's Children). Proposal; correspondence, 1990 (2 folders)
  • Australians at War (TV documentary). Proposal, 1990
  • The Avant-Garde in Russia, 1910-1930: New Perspectives (TV documentary). Proposal, 2 scripts, 3 revised scripts, revised pages, contact sheet and shooting schedule, rehearsal and broadcast record, 8 photographs and 32 color slides, National Cable Television Association News, Nov. 15, 1982 and 1982 ACE Awards program (9 folders)
  • Aye, There is the Rubbish (short story; unpublished?). Draft carbon typescript, Spring 1962; typescript
  • Babycise (one hour video for Matchbox Toys), 1985? Script, revisions and budget
  • The Berkshire Institute (not-for-profit corporation or foundation). Proposal; correspondence, 1997-1998
Box 6
  • The Big Deal (aka Game, Set, Match). Contract file, 1988-1989
  • The Big Score (TV game show; aka Win, Place or Show). Proposal
  • Birthday Party (TV series). Proposal
  • Blow Some My Way (article for "My Turn", Newsweek, Feb. 22, 1993; aka Second Thoughts While Smoking). Facsimile typescript, photocopy from Newsweek; letters in response to article, alphabetically arranged by correspondent. (3 folders)
  • Bridal Shower (game show; 1960s?). Proposal
  • The Bright Young Man on the I.R.T. (short story; published). Typescripts, 1959?
  • Busted Lives, by Ann Zane Shanks (book). Correspondence, reviews, agreement, contract, production costs, copies of illustrations, list of acknowledgements, epilogue and dust jacket (3 folders)
  • Busted Lives (TV documentary). Proposal, materials on Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • California Jam (rock concert for ABC, 1974). Poster proof, press compilations, production book (4 folders) (see also: Box 47 for two stamped empty binders)
  • California Jam (cont.) Ad proof for Variety, May 8, 1974; photocopy of ad proof for Los Angeles Times, Feb. 17, 1974
Box 6
  • Cannon's Knights (TV series; aka Kramer's Knights). Proposal; correspondence, 1983
  • The Character of the Giver (short story; unpublished?). Typescript and 2 copies
  • Chloe's Magical Shrinking Parent (TV movie). Holograph and original typescript treatment, three copies of typescript treatment, script, correspondence, contracts. (6 folders)
  • Clinton's Gilt (article - unpublished). Holograph and typescript copies, submission and rejection letters, 1997
  • Coco Chanel (screenplay). 1st typescript, later typescript, typescript copy, draft pages, holograph casting list, correspondence, research (5 folders)
Box 7
  • Coco Chanel (cont.). (7 folders)
  • The Collectors (TV series). Proposal, letter, Jan. 25, 1989
  • Come Happy December (play; first play Bob wrote? at I.U. 1953 or 1954?). 2 typescripts (2 folders)
  • The Contender, by Bob Lipute (TV movie). Proposal; correspondence; "Lacrosse: All-American Game," article by Bob Lipute.
  • The Cool Fire: Television and How to Make It (book by Bob Shanks). Publicity, reviews, related clippings (see also: Love is Not Enough... Ideas)
  • The Day After Tomorrow (short story; unpublished?). Corrected typescript, Fall 1958
  • A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French (TV documentary; aka Eyes of Light: The French Impressionist Painters). Draft pages; complete scripts; clips - clearances; contacts; contracts; correspondence - general, 1980-1984; credits; Douglas, Kirk (host); "A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French landscape" exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June 28-September 16, 1984; "Eyes of Light: The French Impressionist Painters - television hour, proposal; France - correspondence, etc.; French consulate: art films; galleries - checklist; Harmony Gold; Lloyd Enterprises, Inc - distributor; locations and personnel clearances; paintings - checklist; post-production; production; proposal; publicity; research; shooting/taping schedules; shot sheets; clippings (22 folders)
Box 8
  • A Day in the Country:... (cont.) (12 folders)
  • The Day the Earth Died (TV movie). Draft pages; finished first draft script; proposal; research; treatment - American version; treatment - Australian version (6 folders)
  • Devereaux's Gil (novel; unpublished). Photocopy of typescript
  • Dirt (movie). Proposal, notes, correspondence, etc.
  • The Distant Brag (short story; published in Swank). Carbon typescripts, 1958-1959?
  • Dr. Jonathan Miller (TV special). Proposal, correspondence, Saturday Review featuring article about Miller
  • The Draft and Other Hot Air (article). Typescript, photocopy
  • Drop-Out Father (TV movie). Script (4/9/81); cast and crew list; party materials; press release and clippings (4 folders)
  • Drop-Out Mother (TV movie; aired CBS 1987). Scripts; cast; correspondence; credits; outline; proposal and budget; sets; title graphics; treatment; clippings (see also: Box 47 for stamped empty binder) (7 folders)
Box 9
  • Drop-Out Mother (cont.) (17 folders)
  • The Duke and I (TV series). Proposal
  • Eden High(TV series for Nine Network, Australia). Proposal; notes, research, etc. (2 folders)
  • Enemies (TV movie). Proposal
  • Epilogue (TV drama; co-written with John Corry). Script
  • The Established Order (short story; unpublished?). Carbon typescripts, Fall 1958; revised Apr. 1963
  • Eulogy for Dr. Lee Salk (eulogy). Drafts and typescript copies, delivered May 6, 1992; printed material concerning Salk Institute
  • An Evening at Monticello (play). Scripts
  • Every Month of May (TV drama about the Indianapolis 500; co-written with John Corry; aired in Richmond, VA on local TV station). 1st draft script
  • The Exposers (TV series). Proposal, related material
  • Eyes of Light: The French Impressionist Painters (TV program; aka 12 Impressionists of The Museum of the Jeu de Paume). Proposals
  • Family's Where You Find It(TV comedy series). Proposal
  • Featureach (TV daily feature service). Proposal, budget, bios of potential featured personalities, research (2 folders)
  • First Ladies (TV special). Proposals for one-hour and two-hour versions, correspondence, 1988, 1992, 2001-2004, miscellaneous (6 folders)
  • First Person (TV series proposed to PBS, hosted by George McGovern). Proposal; includes proposal for several programs to be hosted by George McGovern and related 1983 correspondence (see also: America in the 21st Century and See How They Run:...)
Box 10
  • The Flying Doctors (TV series). Script for Episode 173
  • Focus Group (TV program). Proposal, 1993
  • For Ed Spitzer (eulogy). Draft and typescript copy, July 11, 1996
  • Forbidden Love: Pocahontas and John Smith (screenplay). Extended treatment, draft pages, scripts, correspondence, contracts (10 folders)
  • Forever Is Now (screenplay - American version). Treatment - early version, draft and final; draft pages of script and final (July 1991); casting (7 folders)
  • Forever Is Now (screenplay - Australia version). Treatment - American to Australian, draft and final; script (2002?) (3 folders)
Box 11
  • Forever Is Now (screenplay - Australia version) (cont.) (2 folders)
  • Forever Is Now (screenplay - miscellaneous). Correspondence, Aug. 1991-June 1992 (3 folders)
  • 41 Reasons to Vote Against Bob Dole (article-Berkshire Eagle, Friday, September 27, 1996). Correspondence, 1996; holograph; typescript; photocopy of printed article
  • Frank Lloyd Wright (TV movie) Proposal, Mar. 10, 1982; letter, Jan. 31, 1985
  • Funny Business (movie for Jackie Mason, 1988). Proposal, outline script, treatment - draft and final (2 folders)
  • G'day, Beverly Hill (Australian film; see also American version: Once Upon a Beverly Hills). Scripts; draft pages; miscellaneous: budget, characters, notes, clippings (9 folders)
  • G'day, Beverly Hills (Australian TV series; see also: American version: Hey--It's Beverly Hills and American feature-length film: Once Upon a Beverly Hills). Scripts of Episode 1: Crocodile Sheila (4 folders)
  • The Genesis Scroll (TV movie). Treatment
  • A Gift of Time, by Garson Kanin (TV film; unproduced). Script; correspondence, Apr. 1988-Feb. 1989, including letters from actors Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck and John Forsythe
  • Golden Beach (TV soap opera for Nine Network Australia; see also: Love County). Series: story outline and treatment - drafts and final; Episode 1: story outline and treatment - draft and final; Episode 1: draft and final script; Episode 2: treatment, draft and final script (3 folders)
Box 12
  • Golden Beach (cont.) (3 folders)
  • Good Afternoon America (TV talk show). Proposal
  • Good Afternoon Detroit (TV talk show. Five-a-week show Ann & Bob created for ABC-owned stations). Script #82-008 (Oct. 26, 1982); photograph; list of interviews; clippings (2 folders)
  • Good Morning America (TV talk show). Production book; Neilsen ratings, 1975-1977 (3 folders)
  • Good Morning Britain (TV talk show adopted from Good Morning America. Bob consulted). Script format; correspondence, 1988, 1992-1993; agreement with CBS; notes; "Some Acquired Breakfast Wisdom, by Bob; run-down (5 folders)
  • Gore Vidal's American Presidency (three-part TV series). Proposals; outlines; scripts; drafts; Hugh Downs version; correspondence, 1991-1996; Optomen Television correspondence, 1992-1996; reviews; miscellaneous (16 folders)
Box 13
  • Gore Vidal's American Presidency (cont.) (12 folders)
  • Great and Terrible Land Battles (TV series for ABC; aka Great Battlefields; not produced). Proposal; correspondence, 1988-1989; research (3 folders)
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (TV series). Proposal; correspondence, 1988
  • Half-Time (short story; unpublished?). Carbon typescripts, Fall 1958
  • Hello? (op-ed piece). Autograph and typescripts, correspondence, 2003
  • He's Fired, She's Hired (TV movie; aka Paper Castles). Script, final draft, May 13, 1984; revised final script, June 19, 1984; credits; invitation to viewing, publicity, reviews, Nielsen ratings (4 folders)
  • Hey--It's Beverly Hills (TV series; see also: Australian version: G'day, Beverly Hills and American feature-length version: Once Upon a Beverly Hills). Scripts of Episode 1: Teenage Lifeguards; proposal to CBS (2 folders)
  • Hiroshima (TV movie; based on book by John Hersey). Correspondence, 1985 and Newsweek (July 29, 1985)
  • History 101 (TV pilot for ABC, with Robert Wahl; pilot aired Summer 1980?). Revised script, Feb. 4, 1980; 3rd revised script, Feb. 28, 1980; undated script; photographs, negatives, short rundown and staff contact sheet (4 folders)
  • The Holiday Visitor (short film?). Script
  • Hoosier Hysteria (TV program). Holograph and typescript proposal
  • A House Divided (TV movie). Proposal and related letter, 1985
  • The Hugh Hefner Story (TV movie). Proposal; correspondence, 1985; research
  • Human Relations (TV series for ABC, hosted by Lee Salk; aka Relationships). Proposal and budget; correspondence and contracts, 1981-1982; ideas for minute spots; releases (3 folders)
  • I Am Woman, I Am King (TV series). Proposal
  • I Can Make It Without You (screenplay of novel Love is Not Enough). Three scripts; proposal, Mar. 14, 1983; treatment (2 folders)
Box 14
  • I Can Make It Without You (cont.) (3 folders)
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (movie). Proposal
  • Idiot's Deligt (musical adaptation of play by Robert Sherwood; not produced). Bob's version of script for Phillip and Marilyn Langner, 1964 or 1965; Robert Arthur's version of script, Jan. 24, 1964 (2 folders)
  • In Concert From London. Empty script binder only
  • The Interview (short story; unpublished?). Corrected typescripts, Sept. 1961
  • It's a Man's World (TV movie and TV comedy series). Proposals
  • Iwo Jima (TV mini-series, 3-hour) Treatment: draft pages, corrections, drafts and finished treatment; correspondence, 1992; clipping (8 folders)
  • Jane's Weapons of War (series of TV specials). Holograph and typescript proposal, receipts, 1989
  • The Johnny Carson Show (TV talk show). Proposal to move from NBC to ABC
  • The Johnny Carson Show - "Figleaf Follies" (show routine). Outline
  • KAL 007. Holograph and typescript proposal; correspondence, 1984-1986; research (3 folders)
  • Kreutzer's Sonata (narration for "Close Encounters With Music" concert, Feb. 7, 1998). Holograph and typescript script; letter, 1998
  • Lady Doctor Wings (TV drama series). Proposal: proof copy, Aug. 20, [1985] and revised copy, Sept. 10, 1985
  • Lillian, by William Luce (stage play; directed by Ann Shanks). Scripts; correspondence, 1992; flyer for Dec. 1, 1992 performance; photocopy of notes on "Lillian" from Hellman; resume of actress Marian Seldes; review/clippings; miscellaneous (2 folders)
  • Lillian (cont.) Review; title for Barrymore Theatre marquee
Box 15
  • Lip Service (movie?). Proposal by Marilyn Anderson & Renee Orin-Hague, produced by Ann Shanks
  • Livin' the Dream (TV series; aka Movin' Up; partner Julian Fowles, Pilot script deal only via MGM & CBS). Scripts: Oct.-Nov. 1983, Sept. 1985 and draft pages; contracts; correspondence; short outline of scenes; story lines, cast and set lists; treatment (10 folders)
  • Looking for Elvis (TV movie; aka Wanted: Elvis Alive). Proposal; correspondence, 1988
  • Love County (TV late night soap opera for CBS; see also: Golden Beach). Proposal for series; proposal for 2-part, 2-hour pilot; scripts and drafts for pilot, 1980; scripts and drafts for Episode 2, 1980; 2nd draft of Episode 3; various notes and draft pages; correspondence, 1979-1981, 1987; credits (13 folders)
Box 16
  • Love County (cont.) (6 folders)
  • Love Is Not Enough (novel; see also: I Can Make it Without You). Correspondence, 1981-1982; corrections; ideas (notebook; also contains drafts of blurbs for The Cool Fire); promotion; "Questions and Answers About..."; reviews (6 folders)
  • Love is Sleeping Together (short story; unpublished?). Carbon typescript, Fall 1958
  • Maggie Kuhn: Wrinkled Radical(movie; Gray Panthers project). Correspondence, photographs, research
  • The Magic Room (TV series with Keshia Knight Pulliam). Agreements only, 1988
  • Makelita: Margaret Mead (movie; aka Coming of Age and Rites of Passage). Treatments: Jan.-Feb. 1990; scripts: Apr.-Dec. 1990; script: draft pages and notes; general correspondence, 1989-1992; casting/personnel; contracts; funding applications; production: locations, scene breakdown, etc.; research; rights and funding; miscellaneous (15 folders)
Box 17
  • Makelita: Margaret Mead (cont.) (24 folders)
Box 18
  • Makelita: Margaret Mead (cont.) (4 folders)
  • Making Movies: Australian-Style ("term paper": analysis and plan of film-making in Australia written for Kerry Packer, 1991 or 1992?). Typescript and research (2 folders)
  • Matters of Necessity(short story; published in Swank). Carbon typescripts, Fall 1961
  • Me, Myself, and Murder(screenplay by Leonard Britton). Treatment, script, act outline (3 folders)
  • Merv Griffin Show (CBS, 1969/1970). Booking, including binder stamped "The Master Booker Bob Shanks Producer..." given to Bob by Merv Griffin; staff contact sheets; Trans-American Video letter and article; press release and printed items (5 folders)
  • Midday (TV talk show for Nine Network Australia). Draft of analysis for Kerry Packer
  • The Middle Age of Daniel Ellsberg (article for California magazine). 4 drafts; correspondence, 1985; photocopy of article; miscellaneous (6 folders)
  • The Millionaire's Guide To... (TV series). Proposal; letter June 5, 1981
  • Miss Bannister's Girls (musical, based on book by Louise Tanner; aka The Class of '39 or We're All Getting Younger). Two scripts (2 folders)
  • The Modern Art Collection of the Georges Pompidou Centre (TV program). Proposal
  • The Morning Program (CBS, 1986-87) (8 folders) A detailed list of contents is available
Box 19
  • The Morning Program (cont.) (52 folders)
Box 20
  • The Morning Program (cont.) (21 folders)
  • The Morning Show (ABC). Proposal; press (4 folders)
  • Mousie Baby (movie; Ann's 1st film as director, produced and financed by the Shankses). Treatment; actors and production staff; correspondence and agreements, 1978-1985; promotion and study guide; royalties (5 folders)
  • Murder in the Park (movie; screenplay by Donald MacDonald; aka The Park and Shadows in the Park). Scripts, 1988, 1990-1991; application - Australia; correspondence, 1991-1993; personnel; production (6 folders)
Box 21
  • Murder in the Park (cont.) (3 folders)
  • My Father, Josef Stalin (movie). Proposal; correspondence, 1983; articles
  • Name Droppers (game show). Proposal; correspondence, 1961-1962
  • The National Cultural Test: What Every Australian Needs To Know (2-hour TV special). Proposal
  • The Necessary Man: James K. Polk & America's Emerging Empire (book by Bob Shanks). Typescript of book; draft pages; correspondence and agreements with Tom Wallace (17 folders)
Box 22
  • The Necessary Man: (cont.) (8 folders)
  • Nights of a Full Moon (short story; unpublished?). Holograph, typescript, carbon typescript, Fall 1958
  • The 1954 Jordan River Revue: "Welcome to France" (musical comedy, by Bob Shanks and Donald Glancy). Bill Kinzer's script (presented to Shanks at 1988 performance of "Perelman" - see accompanying note from Mary Kinzer), program, cast list rehearsal schedule, song times, order of music, clipping
  • The 1977 Tony Awards. Empty script binder
  • No Cure in Sight (play). Scripts: early, Mar. 18, 2002, rev. Mar. 18, 2002, undated; playwright's script book; draft pages; general correspondence, 1997-2004; actors; New York reading; Bennington, Vermont production; miscellaneous (10 folders)
Box 23
  • No Cure in Sight (cont.) (24 folders)
  • Novelas (TV series). Correspondence and agreements towards getting rights from Central and South America for Asia and English-speaking adaptations
Box 24
  • Numbers (TV movie). Proposal
  • Omnibus (TV program). 1979-1980, including correspondence, contract, ideas for future programs, news release, photographs, show staff list, clippings
  • Once Upon a Beverly Hills (film; aka Rodeo High; see also: Australian version: G'day Beverly Hills and TV series versions: Hey, It's Beverly Hills and G'day Beverly Hills). Scripts; draft pages; correspondence for Australian version, and American and Australian TV series, 1988-1992; proposal to ITV (British network); synopsis (20 folders)
  • One-Eyed Kings (TV mini-series). Proposal
  • The One Minute Work of Art (short story; unpublished?). Corrected typescripts, Fall 1958
Box 25
  • Only the Best (TV shopping show; developed for Harrod's and Bloomingdale's in collaboration with Burt Wolfe - pilot shot for Warner-Amex, 1981; aka Shop America). Proposal; Shop America artwork; Shop America script; artwork; budget; correspondence, 1988-1989; marketing options for Bloomingdale's; miscellaneous (10 folders)
  • Our Fourth-Rate Fourth Estate, by Jack Paar (article for Esquire; ghost-written by Bob Shanks). Letter from Esquire, Dec. 11, 1961; typescript
  • Oxford: The Mother of Universities (TV documentary). Proposal; correspondence, 1989; research
  • The People Puzzle (quiz show). Proposal
  • The People Show with Ann Shanks (radio show, 13 weeks, June-Aug. 2000). Format, Primal Screen (book). Correspondence, 1984-1987, 1989; reviews (2 folders)
  • Re-building America (article). Corrected typescript, photocopy
  • The Red Leather Chair (short story; unpublished?). Typescript, corrected typescript
  • Reflections: Profiles of Great American Photographers (six half-hour TV programs). Proposal; correspondence, 1979-1981 (2 folders)
  • The Right to Die (movie). Proposal; correspondence, 1985; research
  • The Ringling Brothers (mini-series). Proposal for 1980-1981
  • S.J. Perelman in Person (play). Scripts, including Ann's director's production book; actors (proposed); "Commentary by the Playwright"; contracts; correspondence, 1981-1997; Kanin, Garson - letters and article; notes by unidentified author; Performance - June 18, 1985, Orson Bean, Los Angeles, CA; Performance - 1988, Indiana University Theatre; Performance - Cherry Theatre, New York City; research; reviews; reviews and publicity; Stadlen, Lewis J.; miscellaneous (19 folders)
Box 26
  • S.J. Perelman in Person (cont.) (13 folders)
  • See How They Run: Racing to be President (TV program; hosted by George McGovern). Proposal
  • 1787: A Nation Born. (TV movie). Proposal; correspondence, 1985 (2 folders)
  • Shared America (article). Letter, 1996; photocopied typescript
  • Shtuss (comedy series). Proposal
  • Sister Ruthie (musical comedy; aka Rusty and We Want Rusty). Scripts; draft pages (3 folders)
  • Skyscraper (movie; based on novel Skyscraper, by Robert Byrne). Proposal
  • Small World (TV special for NBC or Playboy channel; possible series). Scripts, 1981; credits (5 folders)
  • Stages (arts magazine for CBS Cable; produced one show, 1980, city cancelled the network). Proposal; correspondence, 1980-1981; contracts and release forms; miscellaneous (4 folders)
  • Startalk (TV talk show). Publicity; agreement, 1988; contact sheet; credits; draft scripts of pilot with guests Boy George and Charleton Heston; photographs; miscellaneous (2 folders)
  • Story of Civilization (TV series; aka Will and Ariel Durant's "The Story of Civilization). Proposal; correspondence, 1992-1993
  • The Story of Joseph (TV movie). Proposal
  • Strange World (TV series; aka Strange But True!, The Enigma File, and It's a Strange World; hosted by William Shatner, 1988). Proposal; script; shooting scripts/production books; general correspondence, 1988; edit decisions; footage logs; ideas; press release; production materials; release forms; rundowns; Saltman, David; Shatner, William; shooting schedule; title suggestions and report; miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 27
  • Strange World (cont.) (17 folders)
  • Studs Terkel's Race (adaptation for TV documentary). Proposal; annotated pages from book; script and drafts; correspondence, 1994; contract (10 folders)
  • Sunday at the Center (Oldcastle Theatre Company talk). Program, announcement and clipping for Jan. 20, 2002 talk
  • Take Stock (game show). Proposal; letter from SEC, Sept. 15, 1961
  • Tell Us Where It Hurts (daily advice program; aka Tell Me Where It Hurts). Proposal
  • 30 Minutes (comedy news show). Proposal
  • Thomas Hoving's Lives of the Artists (13 one-hour TV series). Proposal
  • The Thorn Birds (stage musical). Correspondence, 1991, concerning acquiring rights
  • Thoughts About Political Correctness (article). Corrected typescript
  • Three Childhoods: Cesar Chavez, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (movie for PBS's Wonderworks). Proposal - draft Jan. 15, 1985; letters, 1985
  • Today Show (TV talk show for Nine Network Australia). Analysis (incomplete) for Kerry Packer of Channel 9
  • Today Show (TV talk show, NBC). Typescript of New York Times, Jan. 20, 1952 article by Jack Gold; Typescript of New York Times, Nov. 4, 1975 article by John O'Connor; American Film magazine, Dec. 1986 containing article quoting Today Show executive producer Stephen Friedman
  • Tom Swift, Jr. Adventures In Tomorrow (TV serial). Proposal; pilot script for part I of 5-part story: Tom Swift and the Asteroid Pirates; schedule and proposed episodes (4 folders)
  • Track Down (TV series) Proposal and research, 1988
Box 28
  • TV-am: Video Library Analysis. Analysis; correspondence with Bruce Gyngell at TV-am; bio of Gyngell
  • 20/20. Proposal; artwork; Chappaquidick segment; contracts; memos, from Harold Hayes memo concerning first 3 20/20s, from Roone Arledge, and from Bob Hughes concerning set; photograph of Hugh Downs on set; press releases; Shanks speech before affiliates; miscellaneous, including format, ad insert, printed (9 folders)
  • Under Oath (Australian TV series; re-creation court program). Proposal; background; "The Manly Murder" episode: draft, background, notes, contract with writer (Chris Peacock); "Mr. Bubbles" episode: drafts, draft pages, background, synopsis, notes, cast, contract with writer (Steve Wright); general correspondence, 1990-1992; ideas for future episodes (17 folders)
  • Upwind of Munich (short story; unpublished?). Typescript
  • Vet-nam-Post 87 (TV series). Proposal; letters, 1985
  • When Cinderella Married (film; aka Cinderella Confidential). Scripts; drafts; draft pages; cast and notes; correspondence, 1991-1993, 2002-2003 (3 folders)
Box 29
  • When Cinderella Married (cont.) (7 folders)
  • When Jefferson Dined Alone (play). Scripts, 1994-1995, undated, author's proof; actors, directors,...; background; Berkshire Theatre Festival, 1998; correspondence, 1995-2003; Indiana University staged reading, April 1996; notes; script submissions; synopsis; miscellaneous (24 folders)
Box 30
  • When Jefferson Dined Alone (cont.) (16 folders)
  • When Jefferson Dined Alone (cont.) Poster of stage reading, April 21, [1996]...Indiana University
Box 30
  • The White Mouse: The Nancy Wake Story (film). Treatment; notes on the treatment by John Misto; correspondence, 1990-1991
  • Winning Isn't Everything (movie-of-the-week). Proposal
  • Winter Wonderland (short story; unpublished?). Corrected typescript, carbon typescripts, Spring 1962
  • Yearning to Breathe Free (TV movie; true story--Vietnamese in U.S.). Proposal; letters, 1986
  • The Zodiac Tapes (12 home videos). Proposal
Box 47
  • Binders. Empty binders for: 1) "California Jam, Ontario Motor Speedway, April 6, 1974, Public Relations,..."; 2) "In Concert/California Jam, Bob Shanks"; 3) "Drop-Out Mother, June 1, 1987, Ann Shanks"
Box 30
  • Company- or product-sponsored projects:
    • American Express. "Magazines: A Television Show." Proposal; letters, Mar. 1989
    • Bloomingdale's. "Only the Best." see: Only the Best
    • Budweiser. "The Budweiser Collegiate Decathlon" and "The National Homecoming Queen Pageant." Proposals
    • Chevrolet. Comedy show. Proposal; letters, 1988
    • Chrysler. "The National Homecoming Queen Pageant." Proposal
    • Coca Cola. Comedy show. Proposal; letters, 1988
    • Coors. Comedy show, "Coors Collegiate Decathlon," "Coors Presents the National Homecoming Queen Pageant," Hoosier Hysteria." Proposals; letters, 1988; news clipping
    • Dr. Pepper. "The Dr. Pepper Comedy Show" and "Dr. Pepper's Comedy Minute." Proposals
    • Ford. "The Ford Collegiate Decathlon" and "The National Homecoming Queen Pageant." Proposals
    • Liberty Mutual (TV-America and Gordon Hyatt, Inc.). Proposals; contracts, correspondence, etc. (2 folders)
    • Lipton. Comedy show and "Lipton's Comedy Minute." Proposals; letters, 1988
    • Pepsi. "Pepsi's Comedy Minute." Proposal
    • Slice. Comedy show. Proposal; letters, 1988-1989
    • Ideas and projects. Includes ideas for TV projects with Rita Rudner and Ennio Marchetto (5 folders)
Box 31
  • Ideas and projects (cont.) (9 folders)
  • Lyrics. Pre-1960
  • Poetry. Pre-1960 and undated. (2 folders)
  • Short Stories (unpublished). Untitled and/or fragments
  • Speech. Untitled
  • Reference. (2 folders)

Writings by others (alphabetical by author)

Box 31
  • Berstein, Richard and John Allen, music by Victor Ziskin; lyrics by Joan Javits. Young Abe Lincoln. Script, correspondence, chorus vocal book, programs, brochures, etc.
  • Black, Shane. The Last Boy Scout. Script
  • Chemers, Michael (IU grad). Mommy Abula's Miraculous Traveling Carnival of Wonders. Letter, Apr. 12, 1997; script, 1996
  • Ephron, Nora. Harry, This is Sally. Script - 12th revision (aka When Harry Met Sally)
  • Felshman, Neil. Pasternak Speaks. Corrected typescript; The Twisted Road to Democracy. Corrected typescript, Feb. 25, 1994; letter from BS, Mar. 1, 1994
  • Goldsmith, Gloria. Imminent Danger. Film script - 1st draft, Mar. 1987
  • Goncharov, Ivan. Son of Oblomov. Script of Spike Milligan play
  • Goulet, Robert. The Violent Season. Photocopy of book
  • Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur, music by Rodgers and Hart, Jumbo. Script, undated
  • Holbrook, Hal. Mark Twain Tonight. Tape transcript
  • Kalisher, David. Never Surrender. Film script, Sept. 1995
  • Kasdan, Lawrence and Meg Kasdan. Grand Canyon. Script, Dec. 12, 1990

Writings by others (cont.)

Box 31
  • Kirgo, George. Priceless. Two scripts of play, 1983
  • Luce, William. Luce Women. Script, 1985
  • Luedtke, Kurt. Out of Africa. Notes and summary of screenplay
  • Margulies, Donald. What's Wrong With This Picture? Script
  • O'Malley, Thomas and Renee Orin. Three Part Harmony. Script of screenplay
  • Orin, Renee and Albert Haig. Teacher, Teacher. Musical adaptation of "The Corn Is Green." Letter, 1993; script
  • Perelman, Adam W. (son of S.J. Perelman). The Flute I Could Not Hear. Letter, 1985; corrections; synopsis; typescript of book
  • Puzo, Mario and Francis Coppola. The Godfather, Part III. Copy of first draft of script, May 10, 1989
  • Rintels, David W. Clarence Darrow, starring Henry Fonda. Script, 1974
  • See, Carolyn and Jackie Joseph. The Silent Accuse, episode of Barnaby Jones TV drama. Final draft of script, Sept. 6, 1979
  • Richards, Gary. Butch and Kiki. Film script, 1995
  • Sahl, Benjamin ( I.U. grad). The Weight of Breath. Undated letter; corrections by Bob; play script, 1996
  • Unknown author and title, script of unknown origin: "Bob did not write"

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