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I. Correspondence

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Individual names with significant number of letters may have separate folders and are filed immediately after the folder in which they would have been included.

A complete list of names is available.

Box 1
  • A - Porter, Andrew
Box 2
  • Porter, Andrew (cont.) - Z
  • Personal ads correspondence
  • First names and/or illegible names

II. Writings

  • Organized into the following sections: articles; books; Grove's; lectures; scripts; notebooks.
Box 2 (cont.)
Articles. Arranged alphabetically by title.
  • Beno Blachut - tenor. photocopy, 5pp.
  • Benjamin Britten. holograph, 11pp.; two carbon typescripts, 7pp. each; one holograph of an additional article, 21pp.; holograph of an outline, 6pp. (1 folder)
  • Bernard Shaw as Music Critic. two carbon typescripts, 63pp. and 25pp.
  • Extending the Opera Repertory. corrected printer's copy, 8pp.
  • Manon Lescaut: The Novel and the Operas. holograph, 21pp.
  • Mathis der Maler. holograph, 10pp.
  • The Music of Roberto Gerhard. holograph, 17pp.
  • Musical Chaos. carbon typescript, 9pp. (incomplete)
  • The Musical Theatre in London Since 1947. carbon typescript, 5pp.
  • New Music. galley
  • Noel Mewton-Wood. holograph, 6pp.
  • A Nordic Diary. carbon typescript, 4pp. (incomplete) (on verso of: Musical Chaos
  • The Operas of Leoš Janácek. Proof
  • An Outburst of Opera. carbon typescript, 5pp.
  • Personal Preference. carbon typescript, 6pp.
  • An Urgent Appeal to Every Reader of the Gramophone. carbon typescript, 7pp.
  • Vaughan Williams. holograph, 9pp.
  • What Matters Most in Opera? typescript, 7pp.
  • [untitled record reviews]. carbon typescript and mimeograph, 6pp.
  • Covent Garden. Contains: Bibliography, several draft pages, an insert, etc. (1 folder)
  • Research and proofs for entries in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1 folder)
Box 3
  • Grove's (cont.) (3 folders)


  • Benjamin Britten. typescript, 12pp.
  • Mozart as Opera Composer. typescript, 11pp.
  • Style in the Singing of Mozart. holograph, 5pp.; typescript, 9pp.; printed syllabus from the University of London (1953-1954) which includes this title
  • Yvette Guilbert. Given Apr. 19, 1980. typescript, 16pp. and various research materials.
  • Mostly BBC broadcast scripts. Transmission date given, when known.
  • Adelina Patti (1843-1919). mimeograph 6pp..
  • Arabella. carbon typescript, 10pp.
  • The Art of Beno Blachut. For Radio 3, May 20, 1977. mimeograph, 12pp.
  • The Art of Ivan Kozlovsky. Recorded Jan. 9, 1979. typescript, 8pp.
  • The Art of Lotte Lehmann. For BBC World Sevice, recorded Mar. 28, 1972. mimeograph, 7pp.
  • Beniamino Gigli (1). Apr. 19, 1971. mimeograph, 6pp.
  • Benjamin Britten: A Retrospective Survey. For BBC Home Service, Nov. 21, 1963. carbon typescript, 12pp. and mimeograph, 18pp. (1 folder)
  • Benjamin Britten and English Poetry. typescript and carbon typescript, 24pp. each(1 folder)
  • La Cenerentola and Its Interpreters. photocopy, 5pp.
  • Changing Styles in Mozart Singing. typescript, 12pp. and carbon typescript, 11pp.
  • Characterisation in Mozart's Operas: 1 - Con Giovanni. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 22, 1948. carbon typescript
  • Characterisation in Mozart's Operas: 2 - The Marriage of Figaro. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 29, 1948. two typescripts and carbon typescript, 5pp. each
  • The Classical Style, by Charles Rosen. Book review by Shawe-Taylor. mimeograph, 8pp.
  • Conchita Supervia (5). May 18, 1971. carbon typescript, 5pp.; mimeograph, 7pp.; and 3pp. of notes
  • Conchita Supervia and Rossini. carbon typescript, 9pp.
  • Discovering Opera. Series of six programs, Oct.-Nov. 1945. typescripts. 10pp., 9pp., 8pp., 7pp., 7pp., 8pp.
  • Dvorak's The Jacobin. typescript, 3pp.
  • Enrico Caruso (1873-1921). For Music Magazine, Feb. 20, 1973. carbon typescript 4pp.; mimeograph, 8pp. and one page of holograph notes
  • Feodor Chaliapin (1873-1938). For Music Magazine, Feb. 6, 1973. mimeograph, 8pp.
  • The First Version of Fidelio. typescript, 5pp.
  • The Flying Dutchman. For BBC Home Service, Jan. 19, 1961. carbon typescript, 4pp.
  • Four Great Singers. For BBC Third Programme, Sept.-Oct. 1947 (1 folder)
  • 1. Nellie Melba (1859-1931). two typescripts, 6pp. and 7pp.
  • 2. Ernestine Schumann-Heink (1861-1936). two typescripts, 6pp. and 5pp.; carbon typescript, 6pp.
  • 3. John McCormack. typescript, 5pp.; carbon typescript, 6pp.; one page of discography
  • 4. Pol Plançon (1854-1914). typescript, 6pp.; carbon typescript, 6pp.; typescript, with holograph sections, 6pp.
  • Frida Leider and Jahhie Teyte: Two Birthday Tributes. mimeograph, 7pp. and 4pp. of holograph notes
  • Frida Leider in Some of Famous Roles (series: Historic Performances on Record). For BBC Third Programme, Mar. 21, 1964. mimeograph, 7pp.
  • Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962). Jan. 18, 1972. mimeograph, 6pp.
  • Gigli. For BBC Home Service: Dec. 25, 1957. carbon typescript, 5pp.; Mar. 17, 1958. typescript, 6pp.
  • Giovanni Martinelli. For BBC Home Service, Aug. 9, 1960. carbon typescript, 6pp.
  • Handel's Messiah. photocopy, 4pp.
  • The Interpreters of Gluck's Orpheus. For BBC Radio 3, Jan. 31, 1971. mimeograph, 6pp.
  • Ivor Newton. For Music Magazine, Dec. 10, 1972. carbon typescript, 4pp.
  • Janacek's Jenufa. For Music Weekly, Mar. 2, 1975. mimeograph, 5pp.
  • Janacek's Operas. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 13, 1959. mimeograph, 17pp.
  • Kirsten Flagstad. typescript, 4pp.
  • Lakmé: Interval Talk. Aug. 22, 1971. photocopy, 4pp.
  • Lucia di Lammermoor and its Interpreters. typescript, 4pp.
  • Manon and its Interpreters. photocopy, 4pp.
  • Mary Garden (1874-1967). mimeograph, 5pp. and 3 pp. of holograph notes
  • Mattia Battistini. Famous Singers series. For BBC Third Programme, Oct. 2, 1956. mimeograph, 6pp.
  • A Melba Biography, book review. carbon typescript, 3pp.; mimeograph, 6pp.; and one page of holograph notes
  • The Metropolitan Opera. For BBC Third Programme, Oct. 7, 1954. two carbon typescripts, 10pp. each
  • Music-Lovers' Calendar [Verdi's early operas]. For BBC Home Service, Oct. 1, 1944. carbon typescript, 7pp.
  • Music Magazine extracts: [L'Enfant et les Sortilèges], Dec. 12, 1948, typescript; [review of biography of Enrico Caruso, by T.R. Ybarra], Feb. 27, 1955, carbon typescript; [review of book Leos Janacek, His Life and Works, translated from the Czech of Jaroslav Vogel by Geraldine Thomsen-Muchová], June 23, 1963, mimeograph; [Donizetti], undated, typescript (1 folder)
  • Music of the Western Masters. For BBC Eastern Service (1 folder)
  • Verdi and Rossini, Nov. 12, [1947]. typescript, 6pp.
  • Gluck, Nov. 19, [1947]. typescript, 5pp.
  • Johann Strauss, Jan. 21, 1948. typescript, 4pp.; carbon typescript, 5pp.
  • Musical Profile: Geraldine Farrar. Pre-recorded May 24, 1967. typescript, 4pp.; carbon typescript, 6pp.; and two pages of holograph notes
  • On Wings of Song. For BBC Home Service, Sept. 24, 1956. typescript, carbon typescript, 8pp. each and one page of holograph notes
  • Scenes from Bellini's Opera La Sonnambula. For BBC Home Service, Jan. 26, 1960. mimeograph, 5pp. and two pages of holograph notes
  • Siegfried - Narration. carbon typescript, 7pp.
  • Singer and Accompanist: book review. For Music Magazine. carbon typescript, 3pp.; mimeograph, 6pp.; and one page of holograph notes
  • Sounds of Music. Two part programme for BBC Third Programme. June 20, 1966. two mimeographs, 11pp. and 15pp.; three pages of holograph notes; The Acoustics of Concert Halls, by Peter Parkin, mimeograph, 19pp. (1 folder)
  • Studies in Interpretation: Three talks. For BBC Third Programme, May 18, Nov. 16, 23, 1950. mimeographs, 8pp., 6pp., 6pp. (1 folder)
  • Til Eulenspiegel. For BBC Light Programme, July 8, 1946. carbon typescript, 6pp.
  • Il Trovatore and its Interpreters. For Music Magazine. 6pp.
  • Turandot and the Gramophone. For Radio Three, Mar. 9, 1972. carbon typescript, 4pp.; and mimeograph, 5pp.
  • The Two Ariadnes. For BBC Third Programme, Aug, 21, 1950. mimeograph, 7pp.
  • A Vanished Style. typescript, 2pp.
  • Voice and Style. For BBC Third Programme. Three talks, Oct.-Nov. 1951 (1 folder)
  • 1. Giovanni Martinelli. two mimeographs, 11pp. each
  • 2. Conchita Supervia. two mimeographs, 10pp. each
  • 3. Giuseppe de Luca. mimeograph, 8pp.
  • Voice and Style. For BBC Third Programme. Four talks, Feb. 1953. (1 folder)
  • 1. L'Eloge des Vieux. two mimeographs, 7pp. each
  • 2. A Vanished Style. mimeograph, 7pp.
  • 3. The Voice of France. mimeograph, 7pp.
  • 4. Three Lieder Singers. carbon typescript, 7pp.
  • Die Walküre and Its Interpreters. carbon typescript, 4pp.
  • Walton's Operas. For Music Magazine, Mar. 26, 1972. photocopy, 4pp.
  • War and Peace. mimeograph, 9pp.
  • Miscellaneous notes.
  • 1) Brief critiques of recordings and live performances; 2) Lists of recordings, operas and opera singers.
Writings by others.
  • Mostly mimeograph articles, but also includes: Uncorrected copy of Hans Werner Henze's We Come to the River; interview with Sir Edward Downes about the Australian Opera

III. Financial/legal

Box 3 (cont.)
  • E.S. Cope estate. Chiefly correspondence with lawyers and relatives concerning the settlement of estate.
  • Insurance. Property, vehicle and home insurance policies and related correspondence
  • Lloyd's Bank. Statements, 1935-1988 (4 folders)
Box 4
  • Lloyd's Bank (cont.). (2 folders)
  • Rathbone. Correspondence, 1942-1995, with "Rathbone Bros. & Co. (investors)" (3 folders)
  • Statements of investments, 1940-1995. (3 folders)
  • Miscellaneous financial materials.

IV. Photographs

Box 4 (cont.)
  • Shawe-Taylor, Desmond. 16 photographs, including one snapshot. see also: Snapshots
  • Shawe-Taylor, Fannie (Mrs. Wm. C. Trench). Shawe-Taylor's aunt, holding tennis racket about 1890
  • Military. 35 snapshots of unidentified men in military uniforms
  • Singers. 19 photographs of various operatic singers, mostly in costume. Includes seven portraits of Emma Eames
  • Snapshots. 99 photographs, mostly of friends. A few include Shawe-Taylor (2 folders)

V. Miscellaneous

  • Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 4 (cont.)
  • Historic Masters Ltd., 1984-1995. (Issues 78rpm records in their original form.) Shawe-Taylor was on the Board of Directors. Contains correspondence, minutes of board and general meetings and financial accounts. Arranged chronologically. (2 folders)
  • Oxford. Programs and menus from Shawe-Taylor's college years at Oxford University
  • Personal. Materials unrelated to Shawe-Taylor's writing career, such as receipts concerning utilities, membership in The Wine Society, BUPA, etc.
  • Postcards. 75 postcards, chiefly depicting scenery.
  • Press releases. English National Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, The Royal Opera, and The Welsh National Opera
  • Programs. Chiefly music programs
  • Record catalogs. Includes catalogs from: Collector's Corner, The Complete Record Company, EMI, Harmonia Mundi, and many other record selling companies (5 folders)
Box 5
  • Record catalogs (cont.) (2 folders)
  • Travel. Notes, maps, brochures, notebook of contacts in the U.S. and Mexico for trips to Iran, U.S., Australia and Europe (2 folders)
  • Miscellany. (2 folders)

VI. Clippings

Box 5 (cont.)
  • Articles written by Shawe-Taylor, 1930-1966. (4 folders)
  • Letters to editors, or articles about Shawe-Taylor. (1 folder)
  • Articles by and about others (4 folders)
  • Scrapbook of articles by Edward Sackville-West

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