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Arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent. Also included are some drafts and carbons of Sillitoe's letters which are filed with the correspondent. A list of the correspondents is available.

  • Box 1: A - S
  • Box 2: T - Z; unidentified


The writings are arranged in the following series: MAJOR WORKS, such as novels, travel books and published plays; ARTICLES AND SHORT STORIES; BOOK REVIEWS; INTRODUCTIONS; POETRY; SCRIPTS, including film, stage and television plays; SPEECHES; TRANSLATIONS; WRITINGS BY OTHERS


Arranged alphabetically by title. Includes both published and unpublished works.

Alan Sillitoe: Life Without Armour

Box 2
  • folder 7: Bound notebook, revised, with some wireless notes. ca.136 pages
  • folder 8: Notebook, first autograph draft of notes, autograph and typed, 100 pages with ca.20 pages of insertions
  • folder 9: Notebook containing 27 pages of autograph manuscript towards the first draft
  • folder 10: Autograph manuscript in a notebook, 174 pages
  • folder 11: Autograph manuscript in a notebook, [261] pages
  • folders 12-17: Disorganized drafts, revised typescripts
  • folder 18: Penultimate draft. Typescript, with corrections
Box 3
  • folder 1: Penultimate draft...
  • folder 2: Computer printouts for The Daily Mail of a series based on the book

The Bandstand

Box 3
  • folder 3: Typescript of an unpublished novel with few revisions, 181 pages. This work was commissioned as a film script by Ulla Jacobson, the Swedish film star, and was taken up by Constantine Films of Stutgart for £50, but was never made. It was written in Soller in 1956/7. Also includes: Autograph and typescript notes on a motor trip on Majorca, on the versos of final pages of draft, with a sketch map and a page of a poem by Ruth Fainlight

By What Road

Box 3
  • folder 4: Unpublished manuscript, autograph with revisions, 295 pages. Sillitoe's first novel, written in Nottingham and dated Oct. 24, 1950. Sillitoe attributes the survival of this manuscript to the fact that he exchanged it with his brother for a suit. He bought it back in 1960 with £50 of the proceeds from Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

Collected Stories

Box 3
  • folder 5: Typescript of Preface

Death of William Posters

Box 3
  • folder 6: Notebook, autograph manuscript with revisions, Vol. I, 94 leaves, with 20 typed pages with autograph revisions, loosely inserted, May 8, 1961
  • folder 7: Notebook, autograph manuscript with revisions, Vol. II, leaves numbered 95-172, 18 pages of autograph manuscript loosely inserted
  • folder 8: Notebook, autograph manuscript with revisions, Vol. III, leaves numbered 174-241, dated 16 December 1963, plus 43 pages of household accounts of 1961-2
  • folder 9: Notebook, autograph manuscript with revisions, Vol. IV, leaves numbered to 242-323, dated July 20, 1964, plus autograph draft of a poem "Tree"
  • folder 10-11: The second draft, revised typescript, ca. 350 pages
  • folder 12-14: Third Draft. Typescript with some autograph revisions, May 31-Nov. 24, 1961, ca.400 pages

The Deserters

Box 3
  • folder 15: Revised typescript of an unpublished novel, with a page of autograph character notes, 401 pages, bound. Written between 1950 and 1953 in Majorca. Includes the following on the versos: (1) "Mr. Allen's Island," fantasy novel, 86 pages; (2) "Once in the weekend," autograph with revisions. Became the first chapter of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, 10 pages, dated 8 Feb 1954; (3) Autograph list of stories on the same theme, with notes of where they were eventually used, including Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; (4) Autograph note on Majorca, comprising two paragraphs of an unfinished story: plus 4 lines later incorporated into Key to the Door (chapter 5); (5) Autograph note on travel from Granada to Malaga 1.5 pages [Sept. 1953]; (6) Autograph notes, with a few revisions, on Letters from Malaya [see Key to the Door], 30 pages; (7) Autograph notes on the scenery of Soller; (8) "Chopin's Winter in Majorca," by Luis Ripoli, autograph notes on a translation by Sillitoe, published in 1955 with an introduction by Robert Graves, 4 pages; (9) Autograph notes of characters and chapters for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, 4 pages; (10) Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Autograph, with light revision, of Chapters 6 to 18 (the end in this version), "First draft 1955-6," 181 pages, and 3 pages of chapter headings and notes. To lighten the load of luggage, Sillitoe at that time was not in the habit of keeping manuscripts. Chapters 6-18 were preserved because they were bound in this volume along with unpublished material; (11) Miscellaneous notes about writing, on Scott FitzGerald's The Beautiful and The Damned, "The Rates," and "What will be the plot of my novel," 8 pages; (12) "On Saturday Afternoon," autograph, 3 pages, late 1957. This story was published in The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner; (13) Key to the Door, autograph manuscript of the first chapter, with light corrections, 12 pages; (14) The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner, autograph chapter for the continuation, with light revision and a list of chapter headings for the continuation, 19 pages. This chapter was not used. It was written in Camden Town in the Summer of 1958; (15) Autograph notes on writing travel books; (16) Autograph story about a kitten, Oct. 21, 1955, 2 pages; (17) "Baedeker to Damascony," autograph notes for a novel. This was eventually used for Travels in Nihilon (1971); (18) Autograph note about feeding a kitten from the back door in Majorca, Oct. 1, 1955.

Diary to Israel and Back

Box 3
  • folder 16-17: Corrected typescript

Down from the Hill

Box 4
  • folder 1: Autograph manuscript, July 11, 1983, 61 pages
  • folder 2: Typescript, revised, ca.200 pages
  • folder 3: Third/fourth draft, typescript, revised, 185 pages
  • folders 4-5: Fourth/fifth draft, typescript, revised, 251 pages
  • folders 6-7: Top copy, 258 pages
  • folders 8-9: Second copy, 258 pages
  • folders 10-11: Printer's copy

Every Day of the Week

Box 4
  • folder 12: Autograph copy of contents

Flame of Life (Original title: The Real Thing)

Box 4
  • folders 13-14: Three notebooks, autograph manuscript begun Aug. 16, 1967, finished Apr. 23, 1973, 222 pages
  • folder 15: Revised autograph and typescript pages, ca.100 pages
  • folders 16-18: Second draft, revised typescript, 554 pages
Box 5
  • folders 1-2: Third draft, revised typescript, 484 pages
  • folders 3-5: Fourth and final draft, second carbon, 378 pages
  • folder 6: Uncorrected page proofs

Guzman Go Home and Other Stories

Box 5
  • folders 7-13: Autograph and typescript drafts of the following short stories: Canals; Chicken; Guzman, Go Home; Isaac Starbuck; Revenge; The Road; The Rope Trick
  • folder 14: Draft of Preface; paperback cover; advertisement
  • folder 15: Printer's typescript

Her Victory

Box 5
  • folders 16-20: Four notebooks, autograph manuscript, 410 pages, plus loose leaves, finished 24 June 1980
Box 6
  • folder 1: Pre-first draft writings, ca.120 pages
  • folders 2-7: First draft, revised typescript, 754 pages, plus pages for insertion and rewrites
  • folders 8-10: Third draft, typescript, 738 pages
  • folders 11-12: Third draft,...
  • folders 13-15: Rewrites, typescript and autograph, ca.300 pages
  • folder 16: Printer's copy, largely unrevised, 781 pages
Box 7
  • folders 1-3: Printer's copy,...

Key to the Door

Box 7
  • folders 4-5: Revised typescript, 1954-1956, 311 pages. This is the earliest version of Key to the Door, previously called "Letters from Malaya." The first draft was lost.
  • folder 6: Initial autograph notes, with revisions, [1953], 2 pages; and typescript of early version, 1953, 2 pages, "Soller"
  • folder 7: Notebook, autograph manuscript beginning with Chapter 18 and with an autograph plan for the novel on the front paste down, pagination runs from 390-570. At the end is a first draft of "The Firebug."
  • folder 8: Notebook and some loose leaves, autograph, pages 571-697, Tangiers, Dec. 12, 1960
  • folders 9-13: Revised typescript and autograph pages, ca.400 pages
  • folders 14-15: Printer's copy, with a few autograph revisions, 486 pages; paperback cover

Last Loves

Box 8
  • folders 1-3: Three autograph notebooks, ca.200 pages
  • folders 4-5: Second draft, revised typescript, [255] pages
  • folders 6-7: Third draft, revised typescript, 243 pages, plus 50 pages of notes and additions
  • folders 8-11: Fourth draft, unrevised, 2 copies; book jacket and copies of advertisements

Leonard's War

Box 8
  • folder 12: Autograph notebook, 98 numbered pages. Contains 14 pages of notes on the robbing of their car which became an article in The Guardian
  • folders 13-15: Second draft, revised typescript, ca.400 pages
  • folders 16-17: Third draft, revised typescript, 300 pages
Box 9
  • folders 1-2: Fourth draft, revised typescript, 264 pages
  • folders 3-4: Fifth draft, revised typescript, 303 pages

Life Goes On

Box 9
  • folder 5-6: Two autograph notebooks, 1972-1979, 323 pages
  • folder 7: Revised typescript pages removed from above notebook, 59 pages
  • folders 8-11: Second draft, revised typescript, 610 pages
  • folders 12-16: Third draft, revised typescript, 713 pages, plus ca.50 miscellaneous pages
Box 10
  • folder 1: Third draft,...
  • folders 2-5: Final uncorrected typescript version
  • folders 6: Revised autograph and typescript pages. 16 pages
  • folders 7-9: Printer's copy
  • folder 10-11: Proofread copy
  • folder 12: Uncorrected proof of book

The Loneliness of a Long-distance Runner (novella)

Box 10
  • folder 13: Typescript and autograph draft pages and notes
  • folder 14-15: Autograph and typescript notes and pages concerning continuation of LDR as a novel, with revisions, written at Camden Town in 1958, ca. 200 pages
  • folder 16: Proof for paperback cover; poster in German; related photocopy of article

The Loneliness of a Long-distance Runner(short stories)

Box 10
  • folder 17: Revised typescript, 228 pages
  • folder 18: Revised notes for "The Fishing Boat Picture," 6 pages
  • folder 19: Autograph list of the short stories in LDR, 1 page; proofs for paperback covers
  • folder 20: Photocopy of typescript of book, "adapted for Bullseye by Jean Nobes" 103 pages

The Lost Flying Boat

Box 10
  • folders 21-22: Autograph manuscript, 206 pages, loose and notebook, Dec. 1, 1981-July 24, 1982
Box 11
  • folders 1-3: Second draft, revised typescript, ca.550 pages
  • folders 4-7: Third draft, revised typescript, ca.500 pages
  • folders 8-9: Penultimate draft, with some revisions, 383 pages
  • folders 10-11: Final draft of third copy, 338 pages
  • folder 12: Autograph notes, 20 pages
  • folders 13-14: Printer's copy, 338 pages
  • folder 15: Photographs and postcards of flying boats and two examples of the paperback covers; advertisement

The Man Without a Home

Box 11
  • folder 16: Typescript of an unpublished novel with very few revisions, 274 pages. No other version or copy survives. It was written in Menton and Soller in 1952-1953

Men, Women and Children

Box 11
  • folder 17: Drafts of Table of Contents and Foreword
  • folders 18: Autograph and typescript drafts of the following short story: Before Snow Comes
Box 12
  • folder 1-8: Autograph and typescript drafts of the following short stories: The Chiker; The End of Enoch?; Enoch's Two Letters; Mimic; Pit Strike; Scenes from the Life of Margaret; A Trip to Southwell; The View
  • folders 9-10: Printer's copy, 195 pages, including paperback cover

Mountains and Caverns

Box 12
  • folder 11: Drafts of introductions and acknowledgements
  • folders 12-26: Autograph and typescript drafts of the following essays: Arnold Bennett: The Man From the North; 'Che' Guevara; Destiny of Insignificance; Evacuated; Government Forms; Lawrence and District; The Long Piece; Maps; Mountains and Caverns; National Service; Poor People; Robert Tressell; Sport and Nationalism; Through the Tunnel; The Wild Horse
  • folder 27: Typescript of third copy

Mr. Allen's Island

Box 12
  • folder 28: Revised typescript of an unpublished fantasy novel, sketch map, 217 pages, Dec. 20, 1954 (see also: Box 3, folder 15, no. 1)

The Open Door

Box 12
  • folders 29-31: Three notebooks, autograph manuscript, 270 pages, with ca. 15 pages loosely inserted. At the end of vol.3 is a manuscript of a lecture (7 pages), additions to the novel (16 pages), the preface to Collected Stories (4 pages), and My Country Childhood (4 pages)
Box 13
  • folders 1-4: Second draft, revised typescript, 639 pages
  • folders 5-9: Draft (fourth?), revised typescript, 800 pages
  • folders 10-13: Penultimate draft, revised typescript, 549 pages
  • folder 14: Miscellaneous draft pages, revised typescript, ca.900 pages
Box 14
  • folders 1-4: Miscellaneous draft pages,...
  • folder 5: Book jacket; paperback cover

Out of the Whirlpool

Box 14
  • folder 6: First draft, autograph and typescript, ca.210 pages
  • folder 7: Second draft, revised typescript, 152 pages
  • folder 8: Third draft, revised typescript, 123 pages
  • folder 9: Final typescript, no revisions

The Palisade

  • folder 10: Revised typescript of an unpublished novel, lacking Chapter 1 (used in The Open Door), 26 autograph pages, 305 typescript pages. This book was written at Soller in 1957.

The Ragman's Daughter

Box 14
  • folder 11: Typescript of introduction; paperback cover
  • folder 12: The Bike - four unrevised typescripts, 29 pages; revised typescript, 7 pages
  • folders 13-14: The Firebug - second draft, revised typescript, with 8 pages of autograph manuscript, 23 pages; third draft, typescript, no revisions, 25 pages; fourth draft, revised typescript, 24 pages; penultimate draft, revised typescript, 23 pages; final draft, revised typescript, 25 pages; draft, revised typescript, with one page of autograph manuscript, 24 pages; unrevised typescript for the printer of pp. 48-73 of the book
  • folder 15-17: The Good Woman - first draft, autograph manuscript, Jan. 22, 1962, 40 pages; second draft, revised typescript, 1961, 36 pages; draft, revised typescript, 33 pages; three unrevised typescript drafts; incomplete typescript drafts with a few revisions; unrevised typescript for the printer of pp. 171-225 of the book
  • folders 18-20: The Magic Box - autograph, revised manuscript entitled "the Black Box," Dec. 26, 1961, 37 pages; first draft, revised typescript, Dec. 30, 1961, 42 pages; revised typescript; unrevised typescript; unrevised typescript for the printer of pp. 74-118 of the book; printed galley for London Magazine
  • folder 21: The Other John Pell - second draft, revised typescript, 9 pages; third draft, corrected typescript, 7 pages; four typescripts, no revisions
  • folders 22-24: The Ragman's Daughter - autograph, 1st draft, Feb. 20, 1962, 21 pages; revised typescript, Mar. 8, 1962, 26 pages; three revised typescripts; five unrevised typescripts; typescript with revisions and printer's marks, 37 pages
Box 15
  • folders 1: The Ragman's Daughter - autograph,...
  • folders 2-3: To be Collected - first draft, incomplete, mostly autograph, 19 pages; second draft, revised typescript, with one page of autograph manuscript on the verso of "The Rats," 29 pages; third draft, revised typescript, 42 pages; unrevised typescript copy for the printer of pp. 130-170; miscellaneous pages

Raw Material

Box 1
  • folder 4: Notebook and loose autograph pages
  • folder 5: Second draft, revised typescript, ca. 120 pages
  • folders 6-7: Third draft, revised typescript, ca. 200 pages
  • folders 8-9: Fourth draft, revised typescript, ca. 200 pages
  • folders 10-11: Fifth draft, revised typescript, 261 pages
  • folders 12-13: Sixth draft, revised typescript, 264 pages
  • folder 14: Miscellaneous autograph and typescript pages
  • folders 15-16: Printer's copy, ca. 350 pages

Road to Volgagrad

Box 15
  • folder 17: Notebook and loose autograph pages
  • folders 18-19: Two revised typescript drafts
  • folder 20: Printer's copy
Box 16
  • folder 1: Printer's copy

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Box 16
  • folder 2: "Canning Circus," autograph manuscript with two typed pages which became Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Feb. 22, 1953, 10 pages. On versos of pages 3-10 of a story called "Spider's Trap" (only pages extant) and two pages of "Mr. Sing," a very early story set in Malaya.
  • folder 3: Autograph notes on novels made while writing Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, one typescript page on verso of "Mr. Allen's Island"; two autograph notes; paperback covers; transparency for cover art; photocopies of two illustrations

The Second Chance and Other Stories

Box 16
  • folders 4-18: Autograph and typescript drafts of the following short stories: Confrontation; The Devil's Almanack; Ear to the Ground; The Fiddle; The Gate of a Great Mansion; The Meeting; No Name on the Street; A Scream of Toys; The Second Chance; The Sniper; A Time to Keep
  • folders 19-20: Draft of book, typescript
  • folders 21-22: Printer's copy


Box 16
  • folders 23-25: Three notebooks, autograph, ca.300 pages, with inserted notes and an introduction to an atlas of trench maps by Peter Chasseaud
Box 17
  • folders 1-2: Second draft, revised typescript, 435 pages
  • folders 3-5: Third draft, revised typescript, ca. 500 pages
  • folders 6-10: Fourth draft, two copies, revised typescripts, Oct. 22, 1991
  • folders 11-13: Printer's copy
  • folder 14: Uncorrected proof, including book jacket proof

A Start in Life

Box 17
  • folders 15-17: Autograph manuscript, 474 pages, and cards and notes
Box 18
  • folders 1-3: Second draft, revised typescript, 628 pages
  • folder 4-8: Final draft, revised typescript and photocopy, ca.600 pages each

A Stay of Some Time

  • folder 9: Revised typescript of an unpublished travel book, the title of which was taken from the 1913 edition of Baedeker's Spain and Portugal. Lacks Chapter 1 (the scenic notes from which were used in Death of William Posters), 248 pages.

The Storyteller

Box 18
  • folders 10-14: Miscellaneous autograph and typescript pages
Box 19
  • folders 1-3: "Ante penultimate draft," revised typescript, 407 pages
  • folders 4-6: Final draft, revised typescript, 431 pages

Three Plays

Box 19
  • folders 7-16: Autograph and typescript drafts for the following plays: The Interview; Pit Strike; and The Slot Machine (formerly: This Foreign Field), with photograph of Sillitoe beginning to write it on Sept. 28, 1964 in Shropshire
  • folder 17: Preface, four revised autograph and typescript copies; invitation to first performance
  • folder 18-19: Printer's copy

Travels in Nihilon

Box 19
  • folder 20: Notes, loose and notebook
  • folders 21: Autograph manuscript, loose and notebook, 262 pages
Box 20
  • folders 1: Autograph manuscript,...
  • folders 2-3: Second draft, revised typescript, 300 pages
  • folders 4-5: Third draft, revised typescript, 323 pages
  • folder 6: Final draft(?), pp. 402-410 only

Tree on Fire

Oversize: Autograph first draft, 181 pages, folio volume (16 x 12 inches), Apr. 8, 1965-Jan. 15, 1967
Box 20
  • folders 7-9: Second draft, revised typescript, finished in one of Grave's houses, revisions finished Apr. 17, 1967, 436 pages
  • folders 10-11: Final draft, revised typescript, 406 pages
  • folder 12: Chapter XIV, galley
  • folder 13: Map of the Soller/Deya area with passages of the novel on it, 1965-1966

The Widower's Son

Box 20
  • folders 14-16: Second draft, autograph
  • folders 17-18: Third draft, revised typescript
  • folder 19: Fourth draft, revised typescript
Box 21
  • folder 1-2: Fourth draft,...
  • folders 3-4: Draft, revised typescript
  • folders 5-7: Miscellaneous draft pages, revised typescript
  • folders 8-10: Printer's copy


Autograph and typed revised drafts of articles, introductions, scripts, speeches, reviews, contributions to books and newspapers including the following titles:

Box 21
  • Abstract and Modern
  • Against Ideology
  • The Air Conditioned Sauna
  • The Artist and His Relationship with Society
  • The Baikal Hound
  • Bennett's Letters
  • Bernard Sindall
  • Biking in France
  • The Book I Never Wrote
  • The Burren
  • Catalina (unpublished)
  • A Century of Baedeker
  • Chance Reading
  • Chauvinistic
  • Comments on the Struga Festival
  • The Confidence Trick
  • Contemporary Proletarian Novelists
  • Dear Six Writers
  • Derbyshire
  • Diary for Guardian
  • Distance
  • Dobris
  • The Ebro, Not Wigan Pier
  • Education
  • Egypt
  • Eight Golden Sovereigns
  • First Day in Israel
  • The Flight of Arrows
  • The Freedom Games
  • The Freedom of the Individual in Society
  • Gift of Stones
  • Good Books
  • Happy Families
  • Have Soul, Will Travel
  • Helen Marshall
  • Israel and Lebanon
  • Jack London
  • Japan Journal
  • The Last Romantic
  • London
  • The Long Distance Runner Today
  • Lowestoft
  • Luxury at Luxor
Box 22
  • Macbett [review of the Ionesco play]
  • Malayan Jungle
  • Mons-Ham Walk
  • Mother and Son
  • My Country Childhood
  • My Favourite Magazine
  • My First Job
  • My First Novel
  • My Moment of Success
  • My Opinion of Opinions
  • 1940s, 1950s
  • Notes on the Painting of Phillip Martin
  • On Che Guevara
  • On the Tribulations of Translating
  • One Germany - Almost
  • Orwell
  • Patterson, Friend of Zion
  • Peterborough
  • A Plain Man's Guide to the Soul
  • Plays or Novels
  • The Poachers
  • Politics
  • Raleigh
  • Reflections on Zurich
  • Responsibility
  • Robbed!
  • Robert Graves
  • Robert Graves: King Jesus
  • Saint Pargoire and the Revolution
  • The Scarlet Town
  • The Second Birth of Children
  • Sergeant Mud (Jones)
  • Shorts and Long Shorts
  • Spycatcher
  • Support for Israel
  • To Wake Up Living
  • Travel and Art
  • Tribulations Seen in the Picture of a Great Lord
  • Under Spiritual Horizons
  • Underground is Where it Happens
  • A Visit to Lod Youth Day Centre and Neve Village
  • A way for Writers in the Admass Age
  • What Comes on Monday?
  • Wolstonecraft
  • Work
  • Untitled articles and fragments, including one folder of autobiographical writings (3 folders)


Arranged alphabetically by author and book reviewed (3 folders):

Box 22
  • Baroja, Pio. The Troubled World
  • Callow, Phillip. Native Ground
  • Carras, Jacques. Beyond the Tunnel of History
  • Dixon, Norman F. On the Psychology of National Incompetence
  • Durrell, Lawrence. Collected Poems
  • Fink, Ida. Scrap of Time and Other Stories [?]
  • Flender, Harold. Rescue in Denmark and Warmbrunn, Werner. The Dutch Under German Occupation, 1940-1945
  • Frank, Anne. Tales from the Secret Annexe, translated by Talph Manheim and Michel Mok
  • Galey, John. Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine
  • Gericault. A Horse Frightened by Lightning
  • Gosling, Ray. Personal Copy
  • Greave, Peter. The Painted Leopard
  • Harris, Frank. Bomb
  • Hassel, Sven. The Wheels of Terror and Sentjurc, Igor. Prayer for an Assassin and Braun, Andrei. The Paving Stones of Hell
  • Hattersley, Roy. The Maker's Mark
  • Hilton, Enid. More Than One Life
  • Jones, Glyn. The Learning Lark
  • King, Robin. The Angry Sun
  • Kolar, Jean. Return Fare
  • Lanzmann, Jacques. The American Rat
  • Lassell, Margaret. Wellington Road
  • Lawrence, D.H. Fantasia of the Unconscious and Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious
  • Mitford, Nancy. Don't Tell Alfred
  • Morton, H.V. In Search of the Holy Land
  • Nixon, Edna. Voltaire and the Calas Case
  • Norman, Frank. Stand on Me
  • Plomer, William. Collected Poems
  • Priestley, J.B. Literature and Western Man and Hadgraft, Cecil. Australian Literature
  • Pudney, John. Home and Away: An Autobiographical Gambit
  • Sagan, Francoise. Aimez-vous Brahms and Connell, Evan S. Mrs. Bridge and Durrell, Lawrence. Clea and Walser, Martin. The Gadarene Club
  • Salivarova, Zdena. Summer in Prague
  • Saroyan, William. The Human Comedy
  • Shah, Idris. Wisdom of the Idiots
  • Shadbolt, Maurice. The New Zealanders
  • Sher, Anthony. Middlepost
  • Sigal, Clancy. Weekend in Dinlock
  • Singer, I.J. The Brothers Ashkenazi
  • Storey, David. This Sporting Life
  • Trease, Geoffrey. Nottingham: A Biography
  • Trevor, William. A Writer's Ireland
  • Updike, John. A Month of Sundays
  • van der Post, Laurence. Journey Into Russia
  • Voynich, E.L. The Gadfly
  • Waugh, Evelyn. A Tourist in Africa
  • Wyndham, John. Trouble With Lichen


Introductions written by Sillitoe for the following books (17 folders):

Box 22
  • Allen, Walter. All in a Lifetime
  • Bryson, Emrys. Portrait of Nottingham
  • Chasseaud, Peter. Topological Atlas of 1914-18
  • Dor, Moshe. The Burning Bush
  • Green, G.F. Land Without Heroes
  • Hamilton, Alex. As If She Were Mine
  • Longman Education. [group of stories by Sillitoe used in untitled collection]
  • McGrath, Pat. The Green Leaves of Nottingham
  • Perret, Christopher. Memory of a Parasite
  • Sawkins, John. Poetry
  • Toft, John. The Wedge
  • White, Gilbert. The Journals of Gilbert White
  • Unidentified authors and books (5 folders)


Box 22

Individual poems. Arranged alphabetically by title. Contains autograph and typescript drafts and final copies. A complete list of these titles is available. Additional poems may be found in the "published collections of poetry" section following the individual poems. These poems are not listed.

A - C
  • Box 23
D - Z
  • Group of poems sent to Madge Hale (?) to critique
  • Portuguese translations of poems by Sillitoe
  • Russian translations of poems by Sillitoe
  • untitled poems
Box 23
  • Published collections of poetry. Contains autograph and typescript drafts and final copies of individual poems, as well as drafts, proofs and printer's copies of the collections:
  • Alan Sillitoe: Collected Poems (1 folder)
  • A Falling Out of Love (2 folders)
  • Love in the Environs of Voronezh (3 folders)
  • Poems for Shakespeare, by Sillitoe, et al. (1 folder)
  • The Rats and Other Poems (1 folder)
  • Snow on the North Side of Lucifer (3 folders)
Box 24
  • Snow on the North Side (cont.) (2 folders)
  • Storm and Other Poems
  • Sun Before Departure (4 folders)
  • Tides and Stone Walls (5 folders)


Box 24
  • Che. Autograph and corrected typescripts of film script (3 folders)
  • The Fishing Boat Picture. Corrected typescript of an early draft of film script, headed "Uncle Harry," 6 pages (not complete)
  • Fuente Ovejuna, by Lope de Vega. Autograph, corrected typescripts and mimeographs. Translated and adapted by Sillitoe and Ruth Fainlight, and titled "Citizens as Soldiers." (5 folders)
  • Hail to the Globoes! A one act play. Carbon typescript
  • The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner:
  • Typescript of a play, adapted by Stephen Jameson and Paul Brennen
  • Corrected typescript of a film-script, 162 pages
  • Carbon typescript and photocopy of a multi-media stage play, by Harry L. Murray. Including contents, stage directions and drawings (2 folders)
Box 25
  • On Saturday Afternoon. Mimeograph of broadcast script of a short story from "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Third Programme, Transmission: 16 Nov. 1959
  • Pit Strike. Typescript and carbon of television script.
  • The Ragman's Daughter. Film script. First draft, autograph and typescript copies; second draft, revised typescript, including excised passages, four pages of loose autograph notes; third draft, revised typescript; draft, mimeograph, Apr. 26, 1970, with undated letter from Harold Becker; Harold Becker's notes on the script; notes by Sillitoe; autograph plan for the film script (5 folders)
  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Incomplete autograph and typescript film script. The first page has suggestions by Karel Reisz. Includes program for 1990 showing at the Mediatheque Gutenberg and a showbill for The Baronet Theatre, New York City
  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Typescript of play script, some pages revised in another hand (probably made at the suggestion of Frank Dunlop) at the Prince of Wales Theatre in 1965.
  • A Start in Life. Autograph and typescript of synopsis for film


Box 25
  • 1959-1989. Arranged chronologically by date given. Followed by several interviews. (8 folders)


  • Botev, Khristo. Translations of various poems from Bulgarian
  • Martin, Collete. Journey to Morocco. Including Sillitoe's translation of Martin's article "A Woman in the Desert." The article was published in The Geographical Magazine, without Sillitoe recognized as the translator


  • Unfinished or fragments of articles and other writings (1 folder)


  • Articles, broadcasts and other writings about Sillitoe. Other writings such as poetry not related to Sillitoe. (2 folders)



Box 25
  • Includes bank receipts, tax papers, royalty statements, correspondence with accountants, financial statements (4 folders)


Box 25
  • Contains flyers announcing speaking engagements for Sillitoe and brochures for festivals, symposia, etc. where Sillitoe was a participant (6 folders)


Boxes 25-27
  • Contains news clippings of articles both by and about Sillitoe, as well as of reviews of his works.

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