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The Starr mss., 19th century, are holograph copies and originals of vocal and instrumental music and one letter collected by Saul Starr, 1907-1964, physician of Eastchester, New York. Most of the pieces are undated but appear to belong to the nineteenth century era of transcribing and composing dances and songs for entertainment at home or before local groups. Some compositions are copies of works by Lady John Scott or Anton Wallerstein or of well-known tunes such as Yankee Doodle Dandy and Blue Eyed Mary. Others were efforts by local music teachers or dignitaries such as the French consul at New Orleans, Henri Merou. The major portion contains two or three sheets, a few are complete albums of music (the oblong music books), and some were parts of larger albums at one time.

Contents: A) Album (incomplete, 12 leaves) beginning Blue Eyed Mary (see Wolfe, 893-905) which was published in 1817, and other songs and dances; Album (incomplete, leaves 342-345) containing Eilleen Allana and Sweet Spirit hear my prayer, words in pencil, score in ink; Album, labeled Flauto (10 leaves) arranged for flute, piano, and voice, including Hail, Columbia (instrumental only) and Gentle Hallie; Album (20 leaves), arranged for mandolin, including the Washington Post March with some pieces noted as being copyrighted in 1890 and 1893; Album (incomplete, leaves 92-121) beginning Megen oh oh Megen which was published in 1799 (see Sonneck, page 258); Album (incomplete, pp. 101-104) beginning Salve Megina del Maestro [Lorenzio Vincenzo] Ciampi [1719-1762]; Album (incomplete, pp. 371-[406]) beginning When thou art near me, music by Lady John Scott (1810-1900), with one piece dated Naples, Nov. 10, 1851; Album (incomplete, 4 leaves) arranged for piano, including Woodville Cotillion and the name of B.E. Ratliff; Alice E. Downs, Oberlin, Ohio, Music exercise book (7 leaves) including Class Song with separate page of words laid in; Oblong music book of dances, vols. 1 and 2 as companion volumes containing waltzes, galloppades, cotillions, polkas, schottisches, (14 and 13 leaves); Oblong music book of marches and dances (84pp.) with an index, beginning with a Cotillion by F. Pohlman, including Yankee Doodle with variations on pages 42-43 and having the name Geo[rge] W.B. Felten on the cover.

Contents: B) Individual pieces as follows--A Toi, Romance, (2 leaves); American March, (1 leaf) in pencil, with the name of W. Naze appended; L'Anglais an ball!! (Scena comique) Parizot, (3pp.), with the name A. Vulliet appended, the label of the Orpheon Francais de la Novelle Orleans Bibliotheque attached and noted as a part of the James H. Snakenberg music collection from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Auld Robin Gray (2pp.) sung by Miss A. Fenner, Portsmouth, Ohio, Jan. 3, 1867 (see Wolfe 346-353); The Bohemian Polka (1 leaf) dated 6 May [18]46, Anna Edna VanderKiste; Cantique pour Noel par ADAM dedve a Mademoiselle Marie Woodruff (2 leaves), with appended songs "Friendship you canst balm impart..." from Guy Mannering (1 leaf) and La Prenata del Hondurano arranged by Walter Katte, signed by Mary B. Woodruff, November 1859, New York; Caroussel Polka (2 leaves), Miss Mary Hills Catskill with the compliments of W. [Athfo?]; Chinese Dance & Rondo, composed by M[attias von] Holst (1797-1854) (4pp.); Della Eve (4pp.), words and music composed and inscribed to Miss Augusta H. Farrar by Benjamin K. Browne; Le Drapeau (1 leaf), words by Henri Merou and music by Antoine Merou-Grevemeyer, accompanied by a clipping referring to its composition by the wife of the French consul, and an arrangement for voice and piano (2 leaves), from the James H. Snakenberg music collection at Baton Rouge, Louisiana; German Song (4pp.); The Gypsie Polka (2pp.) composed and arranged for the Piano Forte by H. Piano and respectfully dedicated to Miss Ann Agusta Chattle of Middletown Orange County, N.Y. (H. Piano, teacher of music); Let the dead & beautiful rest (1 leaf), three verses and chorus, words only; Mary (4pp.), words by E.L.B., music by Dr. Callcott; Memories, beginning "Those dear old songs of home," arranged for four voices, 2 copies (3pp. each) signed J.J. Kimball, Apr. 12, 1892, and one copy (4pp.) copyright 1895 by Oliver Ditson Company; "Oh! give me a home if in foreign land" [first line] (4pp.) arranged for voice and piano, in pencil; "O how I love thy law" [first line] 3 copies (3pp. each) each in a different hand, arranged for three voices and piano; "O lone is the spirit on life's troubled ocean" [first line] (1 leaf); "Les pinceaux, la lyre" [first line] (2pp.) and on verso "Is there a heart that never loved"; Polka-Mazurka (1 leaf); The Ring My Mother Wore (3pp.) words by Louis Dela, music by Mary; Russian Gipsey, Primo and Secundo (2 leaves), Joseph Low, Op. 318; Solitude (1 leaf) Hymn 309, Presbyterian Hymn Book, V[irgil] C[orydon] Taylor (1817-); The Spinning Wheel (1 leaf) by Mrs. D.V.T., arranged by Finlay Dun, beginning "As I sat at my spinning wheel"; 'Tis Home Where is the Heart is' (2 leaves) in pencil; A Waltz (1 leaf) in pencil; The Wedding Polka (2pp.) [Anton] Wallerstein (1813-1892); Weeping for Thee (3pp.), appended on verso of Romance sans paroles par Medelssohn-Bartholdy; Yankee Doodle Dandy (1 leaf) words only.

Other materials relating to Part B include: The Heart bow'd Down, by [Michael William] Balfe (see Grove's 1:370), for harp, (1 leaf), paper watermarked 1843; Ode on Science [words and music by Jezaniah Sumner, 1798] (see Sonneck 311), (1 leaf), beginning "The morning shines from the east," autographed by Joseph Snively, September, 1820; President Monroe's Walz [sic] by an Amateur, New York [Published by Geib & Co., 23 Maiden, Copyright 1817?] (see Sonneck 110), (3pp.).

Some of the pieces had been bound in boards with the name of Fannie C. Johnson on the cover.

Contents: C) See the Manuscripts Catalog for further details of the letter of Sir Henry Rowley Bishop.

References used were Richard J. Wolfe, Secular Music in America...New York Public Library, 1964 (Lilly ML120 .U5 W8), Oscar Sonneck, A Bibliography of Early Secular Music...Da Capo Press, 1974 (Lilly ML120 .U5 S6 1964), and Grove's Dictionary of Music...London, Macmillan & Co., 1954 (Lilly ML100 .G883 1954).

Collection size: 46 items

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