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The Untermeyer mss. III, 1917-1977, are the papers of Louis Untermeyer, 1885-1977, author of Newtown, Connecticut.

The collection is organized into the following series: I. Biographical; II. Correspondence; III. Writings; IV. Printed.

The early part of the correspondence consists of two letters, for 1917 and 1928; the bulk of the letters begins in 1945 and extends through 1977. They refer to the All India Writers' Conference and other conferences, the blacklisting of writers, the celebration of Untermeyer's 80th and 85th birthdays, the presentation of the letters of Robert Frost to Untermeyer to the Library of Congress in 1963, the protest of the writers against the Vietnamese Conflict, and the publication of several books.

The correspondents are: Conrad Potter Aiken, Mary (Hoover) Aiken, Abe Ajay, Signe Anderson, Anthony Edward, Jonathan Bartlett, Roy Prentice Basler, Enid (Nordeen) Beagle, Peter Soyer Beagle, Ralph A. Beebe, Ann (Keay) Beneduce, Shauna Bernacchi, Doris Elsa (Fleishman) Bernays, Edward L. Bernays, Francis Biddle, Wallace Brockway, Gladys (Rice) Brooks, Donald Brown, Lyman Bryson, Stanley Burnshaw, John Mack Carter, Richard P. Cecil, Cyril Clemens, Ralph Frederick Colin, George Collins, Saxe Commins, George Colman de Kay, Babette Deutsch, Anne Ophelia (Todd) Dowden, Pierre Dussert, Paul Erik Edlund, Alfred Conway Edwards, Nathan R. Einhorn, Mel Evans, Charles E. Feinberg, Nan Findlow, Barthold Fles, Louis Alexander Freedman, Greer Garson, Elinor (Steiner) Gimbel, Mark Goodson, Molly Harrington, John Hohenberg, Frank Orville Holmes, Richard Huett, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Anne (Bernays) Kaplan, Justin Kaplan, Elizabeth (Edwards) Hamer Kegan, Gilbert Kerr, Alfred Kreymborg, Krishna R. Kripalani, Robert Hunt Land, Elizabeth Mott Lee, William Colston Leigh, Leo Lerman, Albert Rice Leventhal, Eva (Garson) Levy, Newman Levy, Nicolas Vachel Lindsay, Jack Long, Anna D. McNeil, Marianne (Roney) Mantell, David Chambers Mearns, Francis Trevelyan Miller, Lawrence Quincy Mumford, Robert Nathan, George M. Nicholson, Laurel Overman, Allen (Talmey) Plaut, Richard Laurance Plaut, Tom Prideaux, David Anton Randall, Samson Raphaelson, Joseph H. Ream, James Malcolm Reid, John Turner Reid, William W. Rossiter, Frances Clarke Sayers, Gladys Schmitt, Alice Schryver, Elliott W. Schryver, Peter Schwed, Harlow Shapley, Donald Taylor Shea, Ralph E. Shikes, Arthur Shimkin, Henry Williams Simon, D. Fred Slota, William Jay Smith, Sophia Sorkin, Howard Marget Spiro, Lawrence Edmund Spivak, Yoshihiro Taguchi, Frank Stacy Tavenner, Bryna (Ivens) Untermeyer, Louis Untermeyer, Martin E. Untermeyer, Enrique Uribe White, Pamela Veley, Eugenio C. Villicana, James O'Shea Wade, Louise (Hetzel) Waller, George William Walsh, Harriett (Sherwood) Weaver, John Downing Weaver, Ann L. Weingarden, Rosalind Wells, Mary Charlotte Hayes (Ward) Wilbur, Richard Wilbur, Jennings Wood, and Lydia Zelaya.

The writings, which include collected materials concerning the blacklisting of writers, conference materials, interviews, lectures and speeches, poems and prose, projects, and scripts for Voice of America, range from 1924 to 1977. Some of these are: The Best Humor Annual, Burning Bush, Bygones, The Changing Voices of America (lectures at Kyoto, Japan), Haiku, How to Hate Poetry in One Easy Lesson, How to Kill a Poem (lecture at Suffield Conference), How to Misunderstand Poetry without Really Trying, Marionettes, On the Birth of a Child, On the Eve of New Wars, Music Tour on the Renaissance (diary), The Poets Speak (for Voice of America), Response to The People's Almanac poll on Utopia, Said I to Myself..., These Bones, and This is Christmas. A bibliographical folder notes titles by year of publication, 1919-1955 and copies sold to June 30, 1959.

Thirteen photographs are filed with the letters and writings, 1961-1965. A complete list of photographs is available in the inventory.

Printed materials include biographical clippings, 1917-1978; scrapbooks of poems, 1907-1922 and 1924-1963; prose, 1932-1976; reviews or promotional clippings for Untermeyer's writings, 1917-1965; and clippings reporting his 80th birthday celebration, 1965.

Gift. Mrs. Bryna (Ivens) Untermeyer, Newtown, Connecticut. 1978, 1983

Collection size: 654 items

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