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Box 21
  • folders 1-2: Biographical. Includes: "An account of the ancestry of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. by an ancient friend of his family, Indianapolis, 1970"; passports; clippings; copies of entries to various biographical sources.
  • folder 3: Adams, James C., Jr. "Thirteen haiku composed by James C. Adams, Jr., for the seventieth birthday of his uncle Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., November 11th, 1992..."
  • folders 4-6: Artwork. Includes: several original drawings by Vonnegut, catalog of his work, articles about his artwork, materials concerning an exhibition at the Margo Feiden Galleries in New York; two drawings of Vonnegut signed "GR81" (probably drawn from photographs). (3 folders)
  • folder 7: Certificate of birth. Two copies and associated materials.
  • folder 8: Conference Speakers International, Inc. (later: Cosby Bureau International). Includes materials pertaining to speaking engagements.
  • folder 9: GHQ. Description, rules, correspondence, and diagrams in Vonnegut's hand for the boardgame G.H.Q. (General Headquarters) invented by Vonnegut. With the original typed draft of a letter to Mr. Saalfield at Saalfield Game Company in Ohio.
  • folder 10: Jane's Book. Typescript, over 100 pages. Part of a novel by Vonnegut's ex-wife, Jane Cox.
  • folder 11: The Public Concern Foundation, Inc. List of Board of Directors, November 1988.
School Material
  • folder 12: Photocopy of Vonnegut's final high school report card and history of PS43. Both enclosed in letter from Robert Weide at "Whyaduck Productions" to Vonnegut, May 18, 1994.
  • folders 13-20: Anthropology 220, 230, 345, 499 and unidentified classes. Worksheets, notes and papers with notes and doodles throughout; notes, assignments, and charts; papers and exams, some with teacher's comments and grades. (8 folders)
  • folder 21: History 201. Syllabus and Problems. University of Chicago Bookstore, June 1945. 153 pages. Vonnegut's college textbook, with his annotations and doodles. Various related pages laid in.
  • folder 22: Political Science 256. Notes with doodles.
  • folder 23: Thesis, tentatively titled "Mythologies of North American Nativistic Movements." Removed from binder. Summer, 1947. Notes, charts, annotated pages, with doodles throughout. Laid in are a couple of notes from his advisor and an outline for the project.
  • folders 24-25: Thesis "Fluctuations Between Good and Ill Fortune in Simple Tales" written at the Writer's Workshop at University of Iowa, October, 1965. Four copies. (2 folders)
Box 22
  • folder 1: Screen Actors Guild. Materials relating to membership.
  • folders 2-3: Tax materials, paid bills, investment information, life insurance, retirement trust, etc.
  • folders 4-5: Travel ephemera, including maps, Vonnegut's handwritten itineraries and schedules, tickets, visas, etc.
  • folder 6: Vonnegut, Alex (KV's uncle). Letter to Alex from Vonnegut, Nov. 28, 1947 accompanied by anecdote about it written by Vonnegut.
  • folder 7: Vonnegut, Bernard (KV's brother). Material relating to his death, Apr. 25, 1997.
  • folder 8: Vonnegut, Mark (KV's son). Color photocopy of painting with description of why he paints.
  • folder 9: Writer's Guild of America. Materials relating to membership.
  • folder 10: Photographs: Copies of family pictures (9); Vonnegut, et al. taken at breakfast at Gracie Mansion honoring President Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia, 1990; Vonnegut taken at United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1986; scrapbook: photographs taken at Vonnegut's 60th birthday celebration, Nov. 11, 1982; Bound volume: photographs taken in Prague, 1985; Scrapbook: "Vonneguts (from Aunt Raye's Scrapbook)," mostly clippings, a few photographs(see also: Box 23).
  • folder 11: Miscellany.
  • folders 12-31: Clippings - Mostly reviews of Vonnegut's books and some about him.
  • folder 32: Printed
Box 23
  • Awards and degrees:
  • Drama Desk Award, 1970-1971; Grammy Award nomination, 1973; The John Steinbeck Award, 1992; Man of the Year award from General Electric; recognition from Indiana Arts Commission, The New School, Phi Beta Kappa, and The American Civil Liberties Union; honorary degrees from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, University of Rhode Island, and University of Chicago, University of Evansville; Television-Radio Writers' Annual Award, Writers Guild of America for "Auf Wiedersehen, 1957-58"
Box 31
  • Awards and degrees:
  • Trophies: Distinguished Artist Award, North Shore Community Arts Center, Great Neck, NY 1977; Best Science Fiction Film, 1972, Slaughterhouse Five; International Poetry Forum, 11-17-71; Friends of the Chicago Library, Freedom to Read Award Presented by Christie Hefner, Dec. 4, 1982; Annual Playboy Editorial Award, 1976; ILLOWA Library Association, 1989 Intellectual Freedom Award
Box 23
  • Calendar: The Freethinker's Calendar, 1989. Vonnegut's birthday noted on Nov. 11.
  • Photograph of Vonnegut
  • Scrapbook of photographs taken at Butler University, honorary degree presentation, May 11, 1996.
  • Vonnegut, Kurt, Sr. Senior Portfolio, 1908, M.I.T. (yearbook)
Box 24
  • Audio cassettes:
  • Aunt Irma V. Lindener, interview with KV, Jr., May 3, 1984. Side 2: Aunt Irma and Richy
  • Grana/Vonnegut Requiem. Four tapes
  • Jazz Section Interview - NPR. A concert and series of press conferences organized to bring attention the plight of the Jazz Section and it's struggle for cultural freedom in Czechoslovakia, International Jazz Coalition.
  • The players pipe night in honor of Irwin Shaw, Oct. 7, 1979.
  • [God Bless You, Mr.] Rosewater, First Preview, Sept. 1979. Two tapes.
  • Vonnegut on Republican Convention, 1980.
  • Side A: Vonnegut AMF Bluebeard. Side B: Vonnegut NPR ME Feature 12-20-87.
  • Cambridge Forum: I call that mind free "The dignity of human nature," 1980.
  • Voices of freedom. Two cassettes.
  • VHS tapes:
  • Kurt Vonnegut Show at the 1/1 A Gallery in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 7-18, 1996.
  • Donahue Show. Is the pen mightier than the Ayatollah. undated. Letter from Marlo Thomas taped to box.
  • Our Father. Seven episodes from just outside the pearly gates. Dir: Michael Cumming '87.
  • CBS News Nightwatch interview, 2/10/86
  • CBS News Nightwatch with Charlie Rose, March 16-17, 1989
  • Color slides of two pages each of manuscripts: Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions
  • 4x5 transparencies:
  • Kurt Vonnegut art show, NYC, Margo Feiden Gallery, Oct. 10-Nov. 15, 1980 (51)
  • Kurt's paintings (57)

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