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VI. Additions

Contains materials received since 2002. Arranged in the same order as Series I through V.


Arranged chronologically. Not indexed.
  • Box 26: 1952-2007

Writings - major works

. Arranged alphabetically by title
Box 26:
  • God Bless you, Mr. Rosewater: A New Musical, by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, and Dennis Green. Typescript, undated
  • Happy Birthday, Wanda June. Revised ending for operatic version, Feb. 14, 2006; playbill for The Access Theatre, New York City, opening night Apr. 1, 2004; press kit for stage version directed by Robert Weide, Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA, Oct. 26 to Dec. 9, 2001; photocopies of reviews of various productions
  • L'Histoire du Soldat. Revised libretto...prior to publication in The Paris Review, January 1998
  • If God Were Alive Today. Preface only to unpublished novel, Sept. 22, 2002
  • A Man Without a Country. Typescript of preface; mock-up of book jacket
  • Mother Night. Preface to the American Edition in Russian, Feb. 14, 1986; list of credits for staged reading, adapted and directed by Frances Miksits
Box 27:
  • Timequake. Multiple drafts and portions of chapters, master copy and various printer's copies
Box 28:
  • Timequake. Multiple drafts...cont. (9 folders)
  • Timequake. Correspondence and other materials concerning the translation and Vonnegut's tour of Germany in 1998
  • Welcome to the Monkey House. Mock-up of CD cover
  • Welcome to the Monkey House. Revised draft, with photocopy, for Playboy magazine, 1968

Writings - articles, short stories, booklets, etc.

Arranged alphabetically by title or subject. Mostly photocopies of typescripts with some original typescripts unless otherwise indicated
Box 28
  • Al Hirschfeld, The Maker of Icons. For collection in book form of Hirschfeld drawings, June 1998
  • The Art of Kurt Vonnegut: Catalog of Original Silkscreens, with Joe Petro III. 1997
  • April in East Hampton. Catalogue copy for April Gornik Show at Glenn Horowitz Gallery in East Hampton, Summer, 1999.
  • Bernard Vonnegut: The Rainmaker. For The New York Times Magazine, Jan. 4, 1998
  • Can Writing be Taught? For New York Times column on literature, Apr. 28, 1999
  • Enchanted IOUs. Portfolio produced with Joe Petro III. Layout and cover letter. 2001
  • The End Is Near. Web article for "In These Times," Oct. 29, 2004
  • [Festschrift for Morgan Entrekin's birthday] Jan. 8, 2005
  • God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian. Reports on afterlife recorded for PBS station WNYC. Typescript of one report and printer's copy of compilation printed as premium for donation to the station
  • I am here to serve the people of the United States of America...[first line] June 16, 1988
  • In-the-Bone Reading. For unknown magazine, 1999
  • In the Manner That Must Shame God Himself. For Harpers, Nov. 1972
  • [Interviews with]: Joel Bleifus for In These Times magazine, 2003; Joel Bleifus for Playboy magazine, 2005; Walter Miller for Essential Vonnegut - mockup of CD packaging and cover letter only; Eric Solstein, 1999,
  • Knowing What's Nice. For In These Times, Nov. 17, 2003
  • Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@. For In These Times, Feb. 17, 2003
  • The Lake. For Architectural Digest, 1987
  • Last Words for a Century. (aka: Fuh-kar-wee Indians and the Christian Year 2000) For Playboy, Jan. 1999
  • A Midsummer's Night Benefit, first sketch...January 9, 2000 for the book of a musical parody of "A Midsummer's Night Dream," by Shakespeare of course
  • The old university town of Weimar,...[first line] For The Nation, March 12, 1998
  • [Poetry] Typescripts, photocopies of published poems, reprint
  • Preface. Unpublished. undated
  • [Prefaces] Bartlett's Words to Live By and Thornton Wilder's The Ides of March
  • Reunions. For Forbes ASAP, Oct. 4, 1999
  • Stormy Weather. Submitted to The New York Times op ed page, Nov. 3, 1998
  • Strange Weather Lately. For In These Times magazine, June 9, 2003
  • This has always been not only a racist society...[first line] undated
  • Vonnegut's Last Conversation with Kilgore Trout, October 1, 2004
  • Zoology 101. For Forbes ASAP for a collection of essays on biotechnology, Mar. 15, 1999
  • Printed. Magazines, tearsheets and photocopies of articles by KV
Box 32:
  • Printed. Photocopies of columns by KV, from The Cornell Daily Sun, 1941-1943

Writings - quotes

  • Box 28: Includes blurbs on book jackets, group collected for a portfolio, copy for postcards. Printed, typescripts and photocopies

Writings - speeches and lectures

. Mostly typescripts with some correspondence and other related materials.
Box 28:
  • 1986, Jan. 17. The Imagination of the State. Panel discussion at International P.E.N. Congress in New York City
  • 1986, Feb. 11. Tribute to Elsa Bonner
  • 1997, Mar. 21. Florida State University, Tallahassee (see also: poster)
  • 1998. Rice University, Houston, Texas, graduation address
  • 1999, May 15. Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia, graduation address
Box 29:
  • 2000, Jan. 7. Faith Sale, memorial service remarks
  • 2000, Apr. 4. Tribute to Joseph Heller
  • 2000, June 17. Shortridge High School Class of 1940 reunion, Indianapolis
  • 2000, Sept. 5. Smith College
  • 2000, Sept. 16. Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Indianapolis
  • 2001, Oct. 12. Carl Sandburg Award, Chicago
  • 2001, Oct. 23. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York City. September 11 remembrance
  • 2001, ca. June. Beekman School, New York City, graduation address
  • 2002, Sept. 11. St. Marks on the Bowery, New York City. September 11 remembrance
  • 2002, Sept. 29. Tribute to Donald Farber
  • 2003, Apr. 30. Clemens lecture
  • 2003, Oct. 14. Tribute to George Plimpton
  • 2003, Nov. 3. "Listen." Recorded at DG Systems, NYC
  • 2004, Feb. 21. Tribute to Jules Feiffer
  • 2004, May 24. Lehigh University, graduation address
  • 2004, Apr. 17. Eastern Washington University, Spokane
  • 2005, Jan. 28. Ollie M. Lyon, Jr., memorial service remarks.
  • 2006, June 10. Tribute to Dan Berrigan
  • undated. "The Family Business or Cosa Nostra"; tribute to Nelson Algren

Writings by Others

Box 29
  • Blanchard, Duncan. The Lighter Side of a Life in Science
  • Buckman, Robert. What You Really Need to Know About Cancer. Photocopy of cover and dedication to KV
  • Davey, Lynn. Early Childhood Development: What Matters Most?
  • Herzog, Roman. Speech...Dresden on 13 February 1995
  • Kasper, Becky. A letter to Vonnegut, Aug. 1999 (2 folders)
  • Nielsen, Thomas. Caught in a Timequake: Time and History in the Fiction of Kurt Vonnegut. Thesis, Odense Universitet, 1998
  • Reese, Preston. Dear Mr. Vonnegut. 1996
  • Sigler, Sean D. (fifth grade teacher, Gardner Street School, Los Angeles, CA). How to Susvive the Future: The Quotes of Kurt Vonnegut...With the Help from the kids of Room 21 (Gardner Street) School.
  • Szpek, Ervin, Jr. Ex-POWs of Slaughterhouse Five (newsletter). 1997-1999, 2002
  • Thom, James Alexander. A Major League Asterisk. Speech to the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Oct. 10, 2003
  • Weide, Robert B. The Morning after Mother Night.


Box 29
  • Biographical. Photocopy of Alex Vonnegut journal, 1902-1903; photocopy of letter to father, May 29, 1945. Recounts experiences from his capture near Luxemburg on Dec. 19, 1944 to his recuperation, Le Havre P.O.W. repatriation camp; photocopy of newspaper article announcing KV as missing in action, Indianapolis Times Jan. 15, 1945; etc. (2 folders)
  • Artifacts: Three buttons; two copies of sticker: Rare Earth "We could have saved it, but we were too darn cheap and lazy.--Kurt Vonnegut"; two coasters with drawings by KV
  • Family:
    • Krementz, Jill. Reprint of bio, Something about the Author Autobiography Series, Vol. 8
    • Prior, Nanette (daughter). Two poems by NP; announcement of art show; catalog of paintings by husband Scott Prior; etc.
    • Vonnegut, Bernard. Writings by and about BV; memorial service program
    • Vonnegut, Edith. Ad for Domestic Goddess; review of exhibition, 2006; playbill and poster for EV's "Wings and Tails," 1997; announcement for talk, 1995
    • Vonnegut, Lily. Bio in Hampton Classic Horse Show program, 2006 (sang anthem)
    • Vonnegut, Mark. Ad for The Eden Express; "Bird Flu," article by MV
  • Inventory cards: Fortitude (2), 1967-1968; Welcome to the Monkey House, 1968
  • Itineraries
  • Photographs: KV shaking President Bill Clinton's hand at White House State reception for President Vaclav Havel, Sept. 16, 1998; Gold Medal for Drama Committee, 12/4/97, KV, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, Brendan Gill; KV at reunion of boyhood friends, July 10, 1999
  • Printed:
    • Articles about KV, 1997-2007
    • Reviews for various books (7 folders)
    • Miscellaneous
Box 30
  • VHS tapes:
    • Albion College, Apr. 18, 2002
    • Mark Twain House, Apr. 30, 2003
    • New Mexico University, Apr. 26, 2002
    • Spokane, Apr. 17. 2004
Box 32
  • Artwork by KV: One original painting, five silkscreened paintings, one silkscreened quote
  • "I Don't Know What It Is About Hoosiers...." Silkscreen Print
Box 33
  • Posters:
    • Joseph Heller, William Styron, Kurt Vonnegut - War Stories: Reality and Metaphor, A Colloquium...Florida State University, Tallahassee, Mar. 21, 1997
    • One Book One City, Indianapolis, 2007 poster and brochure
Box 34
  • Poster for The Year of Vonnegut 2007, Indianapolis

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