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Box and Folder List

Box 1:
  • folder 1: The Last Diary of Tsaritsa Alexandra. Yale University Press, 1997. Agreement with YUP; various notes
  • folder 2: The Solzhenitsyn File. Edited by Michael Scammel. Six translators involved, including Laura E. Wolfson. Style sheet; various memos.
  • folders 3-13: Stalin's Secret Pogrom: The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Yale University Press, June 2001
    • Working copy (2 folders)
    • Drafts (6 folders)
    • Correspondence (1 folder)
    • Notes, reviews, etc. (1 folder)
    • Notes for Laura E. Wolfson talk at University of Pennsylvania, 1/24/02 (1 folder)
  • folders 14-16: Berberova, Nina. Roquenval [novella] Translation by Laura E. Wolfson published in Grand Street, Winter 1997. Correspondence, etc.; photocopy of original Russian text; three drafts of translation
  • folder 17: Khurgina, Sarah. Storms and Khamsins of My Life. Translated from the Russian by Estella W. Lupescu (pseud. of Laura E. Wolfson). Notes and final manuscript.
  • folder 18: Klehr, Harvey, et al. The Soviet World of American Communism. Yale University Press, 1998. Correspondence and translation manuscript.
  • folder 19: Kolesnikov, Vladimir. [Excerpts from a travel guide] 3 drafts of translation by Laura E. Wolfson
Box 2:
  • folders 1-4: Polezhayev, Leonid. Proceed with Caution. Translated from the Russian by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick and Laura E. Wolfson. New York: Belka Publishing Co., 1996. Agreement; some correspondence with co-translator and editor; photocopy of original Russian; draft translation
  • folders 6-7: Radyshevsky, Dmitry. The Righteous Horseman. A family memoir commissioned by Radyshevsky. Original Russian text; final draft of Russian text; final draft English translation by Laura E. Wolfson
  • folders 8-11: Solovyov, Vladimir. "Family Secrets." Correspondence, 1995-1996; original Russian text; drafts of English translation
  • folder 12: Solovyov and Yelena Klepikova. Zhirinovsky: Russian Fascism and the Making of a Dictator. Translated by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick in collaboration with the authors. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1995. Notes and draft translation of excerpt done by Laura E. Wolfson.
  • folders 13-24: Topol, Edward. The Real Russian Tolstoy Never Used. Translated by Laura E. Wolfson. New York: Plume, 1997
    • Correspondence, contract (1 folder)
    • First draft (3 folders)
    • Various Russian and English texts (3 folders)
    • English - 1/29/96 - 2 copies (1 folder)
    • Miscellaneous drafts, fragments, etc. (1 folder)
    • Miscellaneous (1 folder)
    • "Murderer for Export" by Edward Topol; translated by Laura E. Wolfson. 2 drafts (1 folder)
    • "Translating a Killer" by Laura E. Wolfson - early draft (1 folder)
  • folders 25-27: Topol. China Lane. [translation never published?] Correspondence; original Russian ms.
  • folders 28-31: Washeleski, Michael. "A.M. Vasilevsky" [not for publication] Correspondence; various Russian and English fragments, 1995.

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