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The Woodward mss., 1844-1905, consist of the correspondence of John Trotter Woodward, 1819-1877, physician of Buena Vista, Monroe County, Indiana, with his family and friends, accompanied by related family materials. Four letters, 1844-1845, were exchanged between John Trotter Woodward and Lucinda Ann Wolfe, 1825- , of Mauckport, Indiana, prior to their marriage on June 5, 1845. Three letters were sent in 1849 to Elzey Woodward, c1790- , of Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana, father of John Trotter Woodward, from Elzey's brothers John S. requesting financial aid and E. Levi asking about another brother Alexander a physician who later in 1855 wrote "Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin or An Essay on Slavery."

Between November, 1874, and March 1875, John Trotter Woodward spent the winter months in San Antonio, Texas, at the ranch of Hiram H. McLean [sic] for his health. Hiram H. McLane, 1820-1907, author and philanthropist, later in 1886 wrote the novel "Irene Viesca," a story of the Magee expedition. Woodward wrote to his family that McLane's business was so good that he was considering expanding his facilities. Further observations were made about San Antonio, Christmas in Texas, and the people whom Woodward met. Mrs. Lucinda Ann (Wolfe) Woodward wrote to her husband about the work on the farm and the children's education. His son Thaddeus Homer Woodward, 1847- , physician at Bloomfield, Indiana, wrote about his medical practice. Daughter Nancy Margaret Woodward, 1853-1924, later Mrs. George M. Smith, wrote from Bloomington, Indiana, where she was boarding with the Henry Fellows family while attending Indiana State University [sic]. She graduated with the Class of 1881 and a photograph album of that class accompanies the collection. Daughter Mary Salome Woodward, 1851- , married Methodist minister, James W. McCormick who wrote about his church work while she wrote about treatment for a recent illness. Many years later Mrs. McCormick gave to her sister Lucy a Christmas card sent to her in 1903 by Mrs. Annie (Fellows) Johnston, 1863-1931, author of books for children. Daughter Lucy G. Woodward, 1865- , later Mrs. Fletcher Gardner whose husband was donor of the collection, was a child of nine when her sister reported that Santa Claus had brought Lucy a large doll head for Christmas.

Neighborhood friends wrote to John Trotter Woodward about the Grange (S.W. Jones, 1875, Jan. 21), about new ideas in farming (William P. Filbert, 1875, Feb. l5), about the severe winter weather (Thomas Carter, 1875, Feb. 26), about railroad fever (J.T. beard, 1875, Mar. 1).

Other materials included with collection are: School attendance book, 1857; Bible in worn condition, ownership attributed to Elzey Woodward whose children's births are recorded on a blank page; tintype, double photograph, and chalk pictures of Elzey and Mary Elizabeth (Trotter) Woodward; a copy of William J. Monk, Burford, 1897, with notes about the Burford family, ancestors of Lucinda Ann (Wolfe) Woodward; photograph in double frame of Peter and _____ (Haggerday) Wolfe; pair of gloves worn by Lucinda Ann (Wolfe) Woodward on her wedding day to John Trotter Woodward; daguerrotype broach, presumably of John Trotter Woodward, in the opinion of his daughter Lucy (Woodward) Gardner; memorandum book of John Trotter Woodward; framed photographs of an unidentified baby and of two unidentified children.

With the collection is a folder of biographical information.

Collection size: 62 items

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